Back on Track?

I more or less took last week off from DDo. When my current project wraps up (and this is on anything real world or not) i either need a new project or i hit a new level on the old apathetic meter and i need to find a new project right away. And i am just not an end game grinder but no one other then Samius seemed worthy of my (ddo) time at the moment and i wanted to epic TR him but i wanted to save him for raiding with the guild this last weekend.

Guess on the bright side that keeps me moving. The Samius Shark can’t stop doing something…. somewhere….

Insert the go to image for not making any sense.

Insert my go to image for not making any sense.

So instead of finding something in DDo  last week i focused on the “farm” and i will have and update later in the week on how things are growing.

In DDo news Samius Epic TRed on Sunday once it was clear that there would be no raids and talked the other 2 guys that were on into helping me farm up a copy of the Guardian’s Ring so i epic tred as they started the quest. Forgetting that Turbine forces a re-level up from level 1 even when doing just an epic TR it took me a min or two. More or less naked and enchantment less i keyed over to Evening Star ran to the first quest and locked out… Under Quest level… DAMN IT!

No xps. NO LOOTS.


Oh well, so now i am just leveling up again. I just need to get back to 23, shouldn’t take all that long but i feel silly not have much in the way of gear from 20 to 23. Thinking i might try and find a gear setup from 20 to 23 (like including a heroic Guardian’s Ring) where most of my good stuff starts to come back online. Might even have to do a few Lobs and make a little throwing star after all for 20 to 22, i don’t know. But at least i have a project in game again.

Wish me the fast xps!



First of all, no I am not running out and changing my gear right this minute. But I am starting to form a plan that I could swap to if there is not a lot of amazing new loot drops in the update. And having meet Solar the odds of there being anything other then the liner progression of what is currently around are slim to none. And a gear layout even in progress as this one will be is a helpful exercise for us MMo players.

Lets see this is for Samius and I am just hitting the thought process.

The key aka the catalyst for change in my current list:
Stormreaver Tablecloth (yellow slot 1st upgrade)

Once a fairly stable Int+8 slot is chosen in this case the cloak we need to slot in the +3 exp int. Currently that is filled with a Spidersilk Robes, which has a few perks to take into account but is 0 help in the PRR department. And right now PRR is king, well PRR and Displacement….

SO lets look at armors to add in a little PRR.

Blue Dragon armor
+7 Enhancement Bonus
Draconic Mind
Greater Spell Penetration IX
Greater Arcane Lore
Potency +80
Superior Lightning Resistance
Blue Augment Slot

Once you add in the Armor you almost have to work in the matching helm.

Blue Dragon helm
Draconic Mind:+15 artifact Universal Spell Power.Int +3, Green Augment Slot, Yellow (colorless) Augment Slot

Thing is this hat is rare and pricey. When I looked there was on on the SH for 1000 shards. Not sure what that is in $s but as I have like 180 shards and 300tp it is out of my range. But when you start looking at the item its self other then the greater lore and the Superior Lightning Resistance the Belt of Seven Ideals does the same work costs a ton less and adds an extra colorless slot.

Add in the swap to the Blue helm would remove my Green Steel Helm (Min2) that is out of date but would mean making a replacement HP item some place. All for 15 spell power and Lore?

Now hear this out. If I used the goggle slot for my 3 exp Int aka eH or better Field Optics I could swap to the Bo7I covering most of the Blue powers and making room for the White dragon set.

White Dragon armor
+7 Enhancement Bonus
Draconic Resilience
Heavy Fortification
Protection +7
Shield +6
Superior Cold Resistance
Blue Augment Slot

White Dragon hat
Draconic Resilience +50 artifact bonus to Hit Points.Con 8, Green Augment Slot, (Yellow or Colorless) Augment Slot

Meaning I still need that replacement GS, but I will have slots for things that I am currently doing with out as well as things I would like to have room for like MORE PRR. Also happens to have the added perk of 50 more Hps…

Might sound silly, but if there is not a worth wild reason to change in the update you might see at least one really strange fat Halfling wizard running around yelling GREAT WHITE LAND SHARK!


FoT number 20 == Lots of Work for Me

One of the many things that Samius has been waiting on for his gear load out changes has been the Stormreaver’s Napkin. It more or less is the key to a totally new gear layout. Well it took 20 runs but I finally have one. Now all the gear hunting/farming that I have been putting off needs to happen.


The thing is I really don’t know what to do.

I can wear my blue dragon armor now and dig up +3 int goggles or even better a eH or better blue helm. But honestly I am debating a change to white???

Long story short I just don’t know how to lay out anything right now. I know that the cloak is my base aka a non-swapping point for the base int/chr and I have to go from there.


Mystical Magical Cosmic Thingy

Today I want to invent a new item and maybe make a few new powers for DDo items. First of all, I want my item to have that super chaotic feeling but still be useful.

So the first useful power/random power I want to add is a guard style effect that moves your attacker to a random “empty” spot when it procs. But something I really want to add is when you equip this item you get an iu box with a few options like this”

1% Very far away
3% fairly far away
5% simi far away
10% not all that far away…

This will allow you to scale the proc% but moving the distance where the monster is moved away to further or closer to you. So say if you select the 1% rate the mob could be moved any place in the dungeon zone. Where the 10% moves the mob to an empty area with in 30’ of you. The 5% would be between 30 and 60 feet where the 3% would be 60 to 90 feet. The proc might also have some kind of Dot given incase you some how moved a mob to a place where you couldn’t reach it/it can’t reach you (say behind a door) but you need to kill said mob to open the door.

In my mind this power would be desired by either a caster or a ranged build. Any one that wants to have mobs away from them could make fair use of this item. At first I was thinking an orb. But maybe this would make more since as an item. Maybe if we can make this something really good we can create a torc replacement. So lets look a making it amazing for a necklace.

Okay so lets give it another guard effect that has a list of buffs effects.

Rejuvenation Cocoon is the nuts, I can see this one of many on proc effects.
The Sp regen song as if it was from a Spell Singer would also be very impressive proc.
Other buff (think tea with the queen) effects that are stupid powerful but having a small percent proc rate and then a simi long list of random or simi random effects.

I don’t know about you, but I might move my torc out of my neck slot for this super mystical magical cosmic thingy necklace….



Royal Scimitar, Sleeper Druid Weapon?

So I was just thinking about gear for next level and my brain stumbled into Royal Scimitar (elite).

+5 Enhancement Bonus
Red Augment Slot aka good, d4 elemental dice or some spell power….

Glue that onto the wolf frame +5, 2[1d10] 19-20, Destruction, Bloodletter…

Right now I am using a Lit2 green steel khopesh or +5, 1.5[1d10] 19-20 Shock, Good burst, shocking blast, lighting strike.

Sure there is more damage in the Lig2 but having to deal with no prof penalty means there are lots of missed attacks. So wouldn’t that make the scimmy a little bit better?

But hey, I have a Skullsmasher (elite) maybe it will be the better weapon… But in this lower level content with the less then ideal attack bonus Destruction seems better then Intim +13.

Just food for thought…


Lets Call Today Friday

So first of al; Sorry for not getting a post out on Friday, work was really nuts and by the time I got home I was wiped and just wanted to go play Magic. Btw drafted a sick blue/black deck loaded with counters removal and other control. Rocked Agro decks but had issues with live gain as my men were kinda slow and small….

Second of all I still love Reaving Roar!

While this stance is active, killing an enemy grants you a 6% competence bonus to threat generation for 10 seconds, and creates a burst of sonic damage that damages all nearby enemies for 13d6 sonic damage. Killing an enemy your own level or higher has a 100% chance of activating this ability. For every level below you, the chances are reduced by 20%. A monster two levels lower then you only has a 60% chance of creating this effect. This stance dispels Fatal Harrier, but stacks with all other stances.

That means the current TR train has been moving at a solid pace I know I took level 9 and then spent 30 mins looking for gear that should have been easy to find (BtA +6 stat gear) but I ended up just crafting them again in poopy BtC throwaway blanks. But that is fine what else am I doing with my crafting levels? Nothing and from what I have heard Lam doesn’t have any new Cannith Recipes anyway so I got the feeling it will just be another uncompleted system like every other new system from Turbine.

Dreaming is easy and fun, DOING IS HARD…. – any dev @ Turbine Ever!

So I just want to do a quick layout for any other people looking at doing a dog melee/caster hybrid. I am still using my shocking burst/icy burst/of pure good Scimmy paired with a +2 wooded shield with a blue slot (heavy fort) I also have a weapon set with the Sun flask/shield and the dagger from Threnial (cold 54 in the red slot and I haven’t slotted the orange yet.) My main spells are the melee attack spells Ice storm and Cold Breath. Cold Breath is a monster, as it has like a 4 sec cool down and with Maximize turned on it does like a 150-200 easy. Not bad for lvl 9.

Not bad at all.

Guess I need to wrap this up real fast, I got Netbeans actually working again so time to recreate the hours of step up I did this morning right before it crashed and died and maybe get some momentum going again.

Guess I have this on the brain, my wife is playing a FvS stick build (not sure what the class split is) but I can see some kind of not animal form druid dual wielding the flame blades with a big Wis for DPS for my epic healer. I expect Healzyounot to have a make over in the coming weeks.


Gear and Other Kicks in the Nuts

So I have been rocking the gear plan for my rogue build McPlunderer and last night I sat down and made a BIG push.

Now equipped:

eE Black Dragon Helm (dex 8, death block and something slotted)
Int 8 goggles.
Exceptional Fort of Protection 6 necklace (Not sure what other then EE J Collar to put here)
T3 Eye Glass (PRR slotted)
Black armor (epic is a comm away thanks to a eN FoT)
eE Mantel of the Dragonfriend (Fort and exceptional int+1)
eN Girdle of Giants’ Brawn, Yeah a eH brings a green slot which would be cool but the eN was handy. (Wisdom 7 and exceptional Strength +1)
eH Bracers of Twisting Shade (NO swap Skills, some seeker, Resist +7)
A cannith crafted Con6/GFL with a slot (Insightful Con 2 slotted)
eN Ring of Shadows (+20 HP)
eE Backstabber’s (fear immunity)
Cannith Boots of Propulsion

Main weapons are the Epic Mighnight and the Agony. Would like to go Balizard and eMidnight. Balizard brings some goodies that are more then just weapon procs. And who is 50% ranged DPS that doesn’t want a Pinion but the eE Tortured Livewood Bow is not that far behind (not that I have one of them handy though)

The right eH or eE Intricate Field Optics could make some swaps happen but really are not supper important. And getting a 3rd comm would let me make that black armor and give me a place to slot the 35 hp and go to a Con 8 ring (with a slot ???? for Insightful Con 2)

And a GS hp pair of boots could/would be made if I had a shard of power. ☺

Also for those that missed my angry tweet last night, pulled a Napkin on McPlunderer (after I made all the other gear fit) when I really need one on Samius.

Look for a rant on not having an option for moving raid loot soon.

Now Back to work for meetings!

Ps if you have feed back use the comments or send me a mail.

Bots like Gear Too

So I think everyone knows I have been leveling up a main account Artificer. And I really like him/ I am doing things I normally would not, like soloing 2/3s of the DQ flagging quests.

But life is not all rainbows and lollypops, gear is a major hurtle for this guy as he is not one of the super 3 (Samius, Javabot, Darth Samius). Even Samyus has fallen out of favor for Darth as the tanking role in our group has been taken over by Grim, aka just fine to me. I am hoping my Rog will turn my Super 3 in to the Fantastic Four but I don’t think it will, but maybe…

So I have been pondering the where I stop giving a shit gear list for Samiusbot. This is a magic spot for me as once things are close enough I tend to let guys slide and just make due until more things fall into place. I also need to use things that I have or will be grinding almost by happenstance. Like right now EH/EE Tor items are a safe bet as I need a few things for other more loved alts right now like int+3 helms and all that.

So this is what I am thinking, kinda in a nutshell. Keep in mind lots of gear are also this would be cool to finally use…

Main weapon: Needle, this is a no brainer clearly the best DPS repeater at the moment. Boy do we need better repeaters as this is the best and it is not amazing/uber/wonderful.

Main rune arm: I have EE Arcing Sky used the lower level verson it was okay but the range is not uber. Think I can get a EE Turmoil from someone I know we have some in the DG/HoDW. Still kinda meh like all the Tor run arms. I see people running the Corruption of Nature I assume for the rune arm int but I think a +2 some place might be fine… Idk…

Goggles: I am thinking the EH/EE field optics with Int 8 or 3 it don’t matter as I can just slot the other lesser bonus to save slots for now.

Helm: Inclined to do a White or Black dragon helm as both have Con as options so it is a matter of +2 damage and armor-piercing vs 50 more Hp and AC boost. Either is fine.

Body: As I hinted I could White or Black to match a helm OR I could stay in the Epic Blademark. I like it a lot but I think when I am ready I can move it to my Dog and be just as happy and truth the +15 trip would be huge on the dog.

Rings: A Ring of Shadows and Ring of Master Artifice would be great. Filling out the defensive channels in a non dispel able way as well as helping with slots and self repairing…

Belt: EE Seven Ideals is the way to go, potency and slots hello. They seem to be cheep so I think I can pick one up easy enough.

Bracers: Wind Howler seems to remain the best for DPS don’t know if I need to swap them out. Maybe a twisted shade would be better in a group but if I get a EE one Darth has first dibs.

Gloves: Right now I am rocking the Epic Bramble Casters. One because it is cool and two because If I am shooting someone odds are good they are shooting me back if they are hitting me so it is an easy way to fit in 10 piercing DR. Did I say they are cool? But a set of epic charged gauntlets would also hit the DPS boost list.

So in the Cloak, boot slots I have room for GS SP and HP items.

Okay I need to run, but if you have thoughts as always please let me know.


Better to Look Good then be Effective?

Something weird has been happened in the DG and I want to say HoDW. Not that I have see this happen to a Hero’s member but I wouldn’t put it past them in hindsight….. I really don’t like this opening, but I think it captures my struggle with describing this phenomena.


Take two:

A few weeks back Tobril’s FvS started its epic gear up. He was able to swap out his leveling armor and weapons and put on his new post 20 armor. Think he is using the Epic Vambraces from the desert but he didn’t like the look so he hit the DDo store for a little cosmetic skin. Some how “Hey Sam, look at this!”  Turned into a full-blown fashion show for about 20-30 mins until a finial “very straight” look was decided upon. He landed on a very purple color scheme. He now joins the ranks of those such as Barney, Grimace and the Great Ape! Oh I forgot to mention that he has now dyed this hair purple AND uses the Antique Great Axe… He needs to change his name from Holybott to Fabulousbott Ohsnapgirlfiriend!

But that was just Tobril, he is the straightest arrow after all … Then it happened to me.

Which I had an excuse, but I really don’t. Samiusbot took level 21 and picked up Mithral Body to get a little PRR. Taking his just fine on a composite body Epic Blademark’s Docent and made it look funky. So I hit the Store as well, didn’t hurt that the armor kits were on sale…

As I start previewing kits and it happens. I ask for an opinion while someone is buffing and BAM, full on fashion show begins.  It felt weird trying on old standby skins but on a different body type so they were all different and new. And the commentary was nuts. Some of it was from me, some from them. Worf belts and pointing out massive belt buckles stand out in my brain, but there were many comments.

Finally I landed on a vest/backpack docent done in black. It goes well with my S&M mask according to Grim… Wonder if i can talk a dev into a spiked whip….

Earlier in the day Row’s new armor got the run down as well but not a fashion show. Think we missed it. But her new cat woman outfit was not to be missed.

Had I nabbed a screen shot I would have shared it with you all. But there was a moment when we were waiting for Holybott to get to Impossible Demands were I noticed everyone else was in black and were standing next to a purple flower bed and I made a joke able how Holybott was in 2 places at once. Taking a nap in front of the quest and running to it at the same time. I also pointed out that we were all in ninja outfits, well everyone but him and made some one of these things were not like the other. Need to get some Screen Shots….

Long story short we all look fabulous now.


PS, Our normal eh Von run finally dropped the shard of the dragon and to Tobril’s credit he offered it up for roll as he knew we all “ME THE MOST” wanted it. So naturally Row won the roll with the rule that she can’t cover it up with an armor skin, at least for now. So soon there we be 4 ninja’s and a couple of standouts in glowing armor!

Soon Java, soon you will have a new fiery docent then we will burn them all!

As Promised More Gear List

This last week in my “spare” time I have been looking at and planning a gear list for Javabot and to some extent Samius. But today I want to share where I am at on Java’s possible gear list. Let me just post the SS from my Google doc and then we can jump into the list.

Javabot gear

Okay so number one, right off the bat, what is the best way to fit in wisdom and matinee as much dps as possible? Last night I picked up a pair of Intricate Field Optics (3 Ins Wis) so that leaves a few options to round out wisdom. We could do an 8 trinket from the Demon web but I swap trinkets a lot and there is that whole cleaned Litany Java happens to already have… We can do a dragon helm and that might be one of the better options but I can’t rule out using a colorless slot like the one in the Field Optics and being 1 down from an 8 item.

Lets look at gear set-up for Spellpower, in order of importance Java needs cold, devotion, elec then the rest… Using this I want to use a 24/7 item for cold to me the least likely item to get swapped around would be the shield. So it is easy to fill the red slot on a LoB shield. But after that things get fuzzy, I could break the Claw set and make Bracers of Air and use one of the devotion trinkets then start on the rest. OR I could wear a Loth trinket, keep the claw set use the Darkstorm Helm, Rock Boots and find a EE Belt of Seven Ideals. Keep in mind that swapping belts would loose my con6/gfl back up and the Barb set… But hey Green and a colorless slot…

Any way the options are getting huge that is why I made a spreadsheet right? To try and hit a moving target…

Well as always leave thoughts or suggestions in the comments.