Random Thoughts: Weapon Changes

I have been looking at gear for my rogue. One of the really great things about TRing an unloved under geared alt into something totally different is you can think about gear from a totally fresh place. Ie this guy was a clonk so almost none of his old gear aligns with his new life, unlike say Javabot going from Wizard to Pally to Fvs to Druid. All caster melee dps typed/geared builds. So being untangled can be a good thing.

So what do I do when my amazing level 4 gear starts to feel old? Hit the DDowiki. In this case I am looking at minimum 6-8 weapons.

Vorpal sickle of haggling: Man I would like to have one of these now between the vorpal changes and it would be a great off hand weapon.

But this is about changes not things I can’t get anymore.

Xoriat Forged Blade: Man this guy is real good now, +3 flaming, anarchic and a red slot long sword. Good but not super impressive until you notice that its damage dice is now 2d5… Yep it is almost a one handed greatsword. At level 6 this guy is fairly impressive.

Serpentbranch: +3, poison +6 to poison saves, purple and a red slot long bow 1.25[d8] but it is still BtA. Think I will farm one of these up super fast. I have an alt on my main account parked on the last bit I can use her or I can burn threw real fast on a capped alt.

Mace of Smiting: It picked up a red slot and is now a d10. That d10 change should have been applied to your old maces so getting a new one for a red slot is not really necessary.

Mace of Wrath: +3, ghost touch, force and a red heavy mace d8 just a really solid ghost killer think I will stick with a cannith crafted ghost touch flametouched iron X of everbright but this is a solid toy for breaking ghost bone times.

Sword of the Thirty: This is a real sleeper. +3, keen with a red slot greatsword 1.25[3d4] this is a really excellent no gear having Alt weapon. Stick one of the force rituals on it and your under geared melees are good to go.

Level 8s

Nightforged: All the Nightforged weapons got a nice boost. Most of them are now 1.5[d] and picked up a red slot want to say they picked up profile boosts. Like the avenger blade is now 18-20 and the hammer is x4 the dagger got the biggest boost in my eyes as they are slashing and piercing and extended crit range. Oh and the other stuff is nice too but I will save not weapon stuff for later.
Luckblade: This guy is a leveling casters dream as it picked up red, orange and purple slots. It is only +2 so adding spell power only gives a small implement bonus but hey 3 slots for spellpower are covered. Melees might like it as it is [d7] now and 3 slots cover a lot of stuff…

Most of the Tempest Spine stuff got a big boost. Enough I might even do some loot runs now at least for newer alts. The Nightblade and the Star of Irian got a real power boost.

Threnalian War X: These are with getting now. Red and purple slots on +5 weapons they both got a die step up AND 1.5[]ed. Casters if you only need two slots for spellpower then these guys are your leveling implements.

Okay I have covered my quota for the day. I will keep running this down in the coming weeks but lets just say there are some winners and some not winners in the loot changes. And if they are good I will let you know.


As Promised More Gear List

This last week in my “spare” time I have been looking at and planning a gear list for Javabot and to some extent Samius. But today I want to share where I am at on Java’s possible gear list. Let me just post the SS from my Google doc and then we can jump into the list.

Javabot gear

Okay so number one, right off the bat, what is the best way to fit in wisdom and matinee as much dps as possible? Last night I picked up a pair of Intricate Field Optics (3 Ins Wis) so that leaves a few options to round out wisdom. We could do an 8 trinket from the Demon web but I swap trinkets a lot and there is that whole cleaned Litany Java happens to already have… We can do a dragon helm and that might be one of the better options but I can’t rule out using a colorless slot like the one in the Field Optics and being 1 down from an 8 item.

Lets look at gear set-up for Spellpower, in order of importance Java needs cold, devotion, elec then the rest… Using this I want to use a 24/7 item for cold to me the least likely item to get swapped around would be the shield. So it is easy to fill the red slot on a LoB shield. But after that things get fuzzy, I could break the Claw set and make Bracers of Air and use one of the devotion trinkets then start on the rest. OR I could wear a Loth trinket, keep the claw set use the Darkstorm Helm, Rock Boots and find a EE Belt of Seven Ideals. Keep in mind that swapping belts would loose my con6/gfl back up and the Barb set… But hey Green and a colorless slot…

Any way the options are getting huge that is why I made a spreadsheet right? To try and hit a moving target…

Well as always leave thoughts or suggestions in the comments.