New Watermarks

This weekend began what I can only think of as making headway to the new watermarks. Currently Sam has about a 43 Spell Pen and a 50ish removal DC and around 45ish web depending on what is equipped.

I still have a little wiggle room left (mostly with twists and a few minor gear shuffles that would fuck my whole gear setup) but not a ton but I find myself asking, where are the new watermarks? Once I twist in 3 more Spell Pen is that good enough for now? Do I need to get to 55 or 60 necro DC to be super caster man?? I just don’t know…

After this weekend I feel I cover the eH marks just fine. I don’t remember many Spell Pen checks failed on eH and few saves vs fingers/wails/circles mostly high fort save mobs. And I really like how the Nullmagic stuff from Magister is interacting with the mobs even if I am missing the raw damage boosts/SLAs that the Draconic Incarnation had.

eE on the other hand I still feel a little short, I can throw a few un-metaed magic missals and for the most part get lower the mobs SR so I can get through easy enough but then my DCs seem to be hit or miss for mid fort save guys. I am catching about 70% of the mobs in my webs with the DC as is and I have used the Magister boost to raise my DCs by 5, wail, circle, finger and then re-web. So even in places where we have issues I have been able to push through.

We only did one eE this weekend, if I remember right. And that went pair shaped at the end as I tried to kite the end trash as the melee killed the boss hopefully far enough away from the trash that the end boss couldn’t sac a guy and regen to full. We were also a man short so over all I think we did really well.

That said I still think I might need to switch over to PM at some point. The AM is working well for eN and eH but that is not where I plan to spend all my time. I plan to rock the eEs when able and while we are doing well on the weekend when the Brits are on I hope at some point to round out weeknights with channel people. But before that can happen I want to be at the top level and I just don’t know if the Evocation AM can do that…

More or less PM means 3 more to my necro DCs 4 from Int, 2 from Lich and 2 from Yogo pots (I drink very sparingly as I get sneak attacked for tons of damage making it easier for the mobs doesn’t sound like fun times) and +1 dc from Lich. It would also free up a feat…

Feat: (Selected) Insightful Reflexes
Feat: (Wizard Bonus) Maximize Spell
Feat: (Selected) Past Life: Berserker’s Fury (needs 2b Toughness post 20)
Feat: (Selected) Past Life: Arcane Prodigy
Feat: (Wizard Bonus) Spell Focus: Evoc
Feat: (Selected) Completionist
Feat: (Selected) Greater Spell Focus: Evoc
Feat: (Wizard Bonus) Empower Spell
Feat: (Selected) Past Life: Arcane Initiate
Feat: (Wizard Bonus) Heighten Spell
Feat: (Selected) Quicken Spell
Epic Feat 1: Spell Pen
Epic Feat 2: Spell Focus: Necro

Over the weekend I switched from Greater Spell Pen to Spell Focus: Necro so I could pick up Secondary Spell Mastery: Necro for 2 more DC + the 3 SS Specialist so 5 more overall. But if I was a PM I would have a free feat I could set that last feat back to Greater Spell Pen or set it to epic Toughness or Epic Neco focus, or Spell Focus: Conj and twist in PCasting: Conj for bigger webs … So many options for loosing lots and lots of Force damage… ;’(

Anyway, Do you have any watermarks set for eEs?


A Night of the Mad Lootz, Yo!

So epic Tuesday started of well enough, once we started up. Tobril and I headed off to do a DQ. With the changes epic hard is about the right amount of work/challenge for the two of us to solo on melee alts. Turns out we didn’t need to plan on just the two of us as a few more people jumped in as we were flagging. And they joined us for the raid.

We mostly got skunked in the raid chest but it turns out to be a 20th for Tobril and he ended up taking a piece of gear he was missing from his collection. My reward list was fairly solid and I almost took a random drop that looked solid enough to use on an alt or two that is kinda gearless over a chr tome but going a double check that tome was +3 and unbound. Hmmm think that tome might be a little more of a help…

We loose some and gain some as the rest of the mountain time people get logged in as we wrap up a chrono. Stole a cloak scroll from a random trash mob in the sewer. And I picked up a seal I didn’t have so even thou there wasn’t any shards worth anything (think the staff was in the chest..) I was happy.

Moved on to some loot running type epics in hope of getting some more parts for the tower shield by running Lords of Dust and Servants of the Overload. Don’t remember any worth wild pulls seal or shard wise but hey you never win if you don’t try. I did pull a ring with a large guild slot in it ☺ from the reward giver.

I also noticed over the night it seem like everyone in the group pulled at least 2 epic scrolls, one guy got 3 and another 4 I think. Not a horrible pull record from where it was before, now if we can just get some seals and shards…

Then we moved into the FR and knocked out that first chain. After the first three quests we went back and gathered our rewards and got ready for the capstone quest and in my first reward list was a +3 con tome. Winner Winner.

So my hall for the night was 2 +3 tomes, a large guild slot ring one good Chrono scroll and some random Web scroll. All in all: Mad Lootz Yo.

Btw, I am watching Breaking Bad (it is a new show to me, Netflix streaming Ftw) so Yo might work its way into my writing some…

So <3s Yo!

As I struggle for a topic…

So here we are at 2:30 my time and I still haven’t written any thing for today. I have been playing with work stuff. My work Mac came the other day and I have been trying to use it some just to try and get a feel for things. But that is no excuse. The werds must go on. But I still don’t have much of a topic to focus on.

I could try an talk about the failed eDQ runs last night. But they might come across as whiny. And who wants to hear about how the healers failed to heal a raid, or fail to throw a rez with the queen’s bar all but totally gone? And please don’t get me started on how the raid leaders had real leadership issues. How many people can BYOH in and eDQ? Answer not many. And loosing a Sorc for a fighter because you don’t like how the sorc might play is crappy. Trust me one more caster would have won that second run hands down. That wipe was totally on the leader being an a$$.

Or I could talk a little about how I hit two epic Small Problems and in the second with Oncler he bitched me out for pikeing a fight. I was on Java healing btw. When I said I do that part of the quest all the time and there is not a fight he informed me there was and I told him I ran it the night before and there wasn’t. After about a min of arguing someone said that fight was only on epic and we both felt dumb. No seals for me on either run so my dry streak on seals continues.

I could run down how Phlor did his first night as a WF and a none Pally class. But as he was fresh off the boat (level 7) all we did was run the Ataraxia’s Haven loop and he did fine. Learned that rust monsters are bad which was funny. But nothing really worthy of a whole post.

Here is some good news Seth MacFarlane’s ‘Ted’ Moves Up to June 29. Think it will be a blast if the wife will never go. Tobril might be around for the 4th of July it might be just the movie to get us away from the computers and Ddo.

In other movie news Iron Man 3 started shooting yesterday and just got their budget increased (60 Million), hmm Iron Mans. Speaking of Iron Man and the Avengers (I was too talking about the Avengers) here is a sweet tee I am about to order.

While I am on the movie kick. Please someone tell me who thinks Kristen Stewart is hotter then Charlize Theron so I can kick that person in the nuts. The wife as informed me that I am taking her to see Snow White and the Huntsman, and before it even starts the realism is gone…. And I like brunettes over blondes.

Well I think that is enough rambling to make this count as a post. If you want to hear about something specific tomorrow you better use the comments.

Another Night in Stormreach

After a quick Elite Pit run and a mad dash Tear run the TR train swapped to epics and raiding. Epice Tuesday is a maybe once again…

Anyway after swapping and forming up we ran a quick eSnitch. Had two scrolls drop, both for Brawn’s Spirts. And One for me. So double win. 🙂 Still can’t get the axe seal to drop though….

Then a quick eDA, two full tokens are tasty. Someone got a Devil’s Run shard but it wasn’t me. But I did get a ring clickly with 3 uses of Pro Evil level 1. Did I say it has a large Augment slot? No..

After eDA it was time for our “Teach Samius how to Tank again” Class. Aka a Tod run. This time with an Arty and me on Horoth. It went well enough. Damage in felt good, Damage out could have been a little better… I did get stunned a lot more then I would have liked but what can you do if there is not a light monk? Any way the hate is there just need to fine tune a bit more.

Got the AC to 89 with Haste and Bard song. That leaves me with 1 more from dex if I reset my enchantments and take the last tear of the more dex in armor line. +2 when I get my defender set put together, and +3 if I ever get the epic tower shield built. Hope that is still good enough with the new changes on the way.

After Tod, “Teach Samius how to Tank again” Class rolled on to a Hard Vod where we lost our Arty. So I was in power attack/double strike shield mode trying to hold agro with 15-20 points of damage with my hate sword. Did well expect once fairly quickly after a port I got chained and Dots or a rogue with his full hate on got it and I had intim. Speaking of intims, I had to do some running after a port to imtim. Casters didn’t want to bring Sully over or let me bring her to me via my silver bow 😦 but it was fun. And when it was all over I got passed an Omniscience, which will let me swap swords and keep my AC the same.

After Vod the guild formed up again for another eSnitch, Still no seal for the axe.

Finally before bed there was time to ransack the first chest in Servants of the Overlord. We even had a few goodies drop. I just really want to try and get that Shield done. To that end I will need to flag a few more guys to hit that chest and maybe even run the first one for seals some….