Supporter Shoutouts!

Confucius is attributed with the line “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” I don’t know how true that is for everyone, but for me, it is a goal as well as a mantra. I do love entertaining people, even when it is hard. Maybe, even more so, when it is hard.

To everyone that has/continues to support me with hard-earned dollars, many Thank Yous. It is the support from people like you (And the wife) that allow me to give my all to make the stream as good as I can make it. Without your love and support, it and I would be less.

Heroic Level of Support!

  • LoadBeef (Twitch Sub)(Patreon)
  • Lord of Duke (Twitch Sub)
  • Rorrance28 (Twitch Sub)
  • Tobril (Twitch Sub)
  • Mehavclap (Twitch Sub)
  • Trilogy (Twitch Sub)
  • Banthaf0dd3r (Twitch Sub)
  • SlackerX(Twitch Sub)(Patreon)
  • Splashmaster(Twitch Sub)
  • YourFavoriteBard(Twitch Sub)
  • Varsh1(Twitch Sub)
  • Strimtom(Twitch Sub)
  • Legion of the Onyx Tower(Twitch Sub)(Patreon)
  • Shadow0727(Twitch Sub)
  • Woodh(Twitch Sub)(Patreon)
  • Deanodon(Twitch Sub)
  • Titan Junior(Twitch Sub)
  • Maxxrancor(Twitch Sub)
  • Pektoy(Twitch Sub)
  • Top Hat Tolab(Twitch Sub)(Patreon)
  • Technical 13(Twitch Sub)
  • Rikitikkitarvi(Twitch Sub)
  • Bracaster(Twitch Sub)
  • Fi_do(Twitch Sub)
  • Teg101(Twitch Sub)(Patreon)

I also want to shout out to those that have donated sizable one-off amounts to the stream (Doubles were removed, but double accounts remained)

  • Lord of Duke
  • Top Hat Tolab
  • Jbob
  • Mockduck
  • Loadbeef
  • Reaberryx
  • Julian_Orteil
  • RaspberryX
  • Ninthpawn
  • JbobPlays
  • Brando52
  • Jb_talloway
  • Technical_13  aka ShoeMaker all the time with Discord is amazingly helpful!
  • Banthaf0ff3r *

And many Anonymous donors to whom are also important, Thank You!