Melee Weapon for a Ranged Build

So Monday afternoon, on twitter, I started asking about rogue builds and was debating pausing Samiusbot for some other easier to level sans invis build. I have been really inspired by a few of the Brits to try my hand at a full time rogue. But I was mentally building and gearing out this for fun build I started wondering if there was something I could do to push Samiusbot on into the post BB/Recon levels. And I started thinking about pasting on some mild melee skills for some encounters…

So I started looking at weapons, focusing on the Sora Katra stuff at first. I had a few reasons; first I had a ton of the different items clogging up my TR cache on more then one alt making it hard to find items in said caches. And second I know that at some point real soon I will be ready to go back to more of a ranged arty (maybe) and I want to be able to throw everything away at any moment.

So after much debate with myself and looking at the mats I had on hand I made a Maiming Rockspliter and a Petrifying War Axe. I wanted both a one handed and two handed weapon, my thought was the Rockspliter would be good for most of my melee needs, leaving me a trail of numbers behind it and using insightful weapons an elemental d6 as needed for monster type the force rune arm it would be good enough for solo work. Where the War axe would be more for times when I have one or two guys to clear and I want to use the axe for more of a CC weapon. If I could have made a Petrifying Rockspliter (which you can’t) I would have made one of those. But over all I really liked how they handled.

What was funny was I took all that time and made those weapons and half the time I ended up using the xbow for the quests I was doing. (Attack on Stormreach chain) but when I did use them they worked as intended. Well enough I have even been thinking about making a main one handed dps weapon for this guy.

Now that I am 14 and Tome turn ins are both so much better/ easier to get I am thinking about making Samiusbot one of them for leveling. No one a Skiver, believe it or not there is more then one option in Tome weapons now depending on your needs. I am leaning towards making a Phosphor.

+5 Heavy mace (1.5[2d4], 18-20×2): Sun Burst, Righteous, Coruscating, Red Slot

I can add a spell power boost to it and make a fairly solid melee/caster stick or go more damage and add an d4/d6 of some other element. I also really like how it has an extended crit range with out being keen so I could work in IC:B and have a simi solid dps simple weapon that can grow with my guy. Also the artwork is Bad Ass!

But I will hold off making anything that is not super easy to replace for a little bit as I have lots of old Reaver loot to look at and possibly use as a make shift melee weapon… although none of them are as smexy as the Phosphor….

And yes I would just try making a green steel xbow, but I hadn’t picked which one to make before TRing but I did check that I had everything to make a double shard green steel weapon before TRing but the middle shard is either hiding in the TR cache or got lost in the TR possess. I have lost many items in while tring, but most of the time missing items are just hiding in a full cache and as the bot had all my scrolls/dragon shard stockpile his cache is super full. Much time will be wasted soon digging through the bank…

Anyway back to work,

Turning 20 Weapons for JavaBot

Most of you know that I have been fairly focused on a few main alts. Foremost after Samius is Javabot, not that you would know as the playtime that is being shared between him, Darth and Samiusbot right now. But its true. The only major player that hasn’t been getting the love is Samyus just because what is there to tank atm?? Not a lot, unless I want to ready for EE DQ, but why bother with that right now? Java on the other hand will have a need to do some of the content that I haven’t really bothered with, looking at you Lob and Mad Arty. A crystal fire/air aka seeker+10/ 6% double strike shield sounds mighty fine when I don’t need to worry about amp/DR.

But I want to talk weapons.

So last live Java’s main weapon was a simple pos/pos GS great sword, nothing fancy or frilly about it. As I don’t have another tr plan for him at this time I am inclined to make him a few toys that have been burning a hole in my pocket as it were. And I have touched on this a few times but not from the point of view of 20 plus.

So keeping my mind that Tod rings work like they work in animal form and that I want to get a VoN red docent this is my list of possible toys.

Epic Sirroco:
Longsword: Base (+6), Air Guard, Epic Telekinetic, Force Burst, Sirocco, Smoke Screen, Vertigo (+10) and a Red slot. So with the new augment system I could slot an extra d10…

Very tasty CC weapon and happens to boosts takedown very nicely, but not the king of the DPS.

Kron’zek’s Cruelty:
Scimitar: Base (+6), Shocking Burst, Maiming, Keen, Lightning Strike, Improved Destruction, Red

Like my Lig2 but works with my Holy burst Tod ring while swapping holy for maiming and shocking blast for Imp Dest. Also happens to be a weapon druids are proficient with so it is like +4 to hit as well as a simi viable weapon when out of form. Don’t think the keen will work in animal form but what are the odds I can find something like this that has impact?

Epic Timeblade was on the list but I think I have leaned more to the Sirroco + a Lob shield for CC.

Drow of X weapon master trash weapon types were also on the maybe list for a long time like daggers and whatnot. But as most of their effects come from their base being changed it is not worth the hassle.

I had been looking at the Web weapons but I just don’t see them being better now that the set bonus is being changed to no longer stack with other like set bonuses. Yes Java runs a claw set.

Tobril wants me to look at the throwing weapons from the Evening star Challenges, depending on how fate is feeling the day I do some testing I might give them a try.

I also have been looking at the Lam forums to see if there is a one handed weapon that gives me a hard on with the GH update, and there is not. ☹ There is lots of nice gear for other slots but weapons have just been bad lately, in my eyes.

As all ways if I am missing a killer 1 handed weapon let me know.


Project Dps, p3

So I don’t have a full build laid out yet. And odds are I wont. I play kind loose and fast with my builds but I am really warming to that 18/1/1 fighter/barb/arty. As for leveling order it would be arty, barb, and finishing out fighter. Seems simple enough.

But the question becomes what weapon? I mean if your Kensei you have to pick one, right?

Well sort of…. You have to pick a type of weapon. And all the best 2 handers for max dps are slashing weapons so that is easy. But remember you can reset enchantments every 3 days so switching from say a falchion while leveling to a great axe because you have an epic one at 20 and then back to falchion after pulling a Breach, The Dividing Blade works.

So my current plan is big two handers with the plan to at least tear two my green steel falchion blank as holy/good burst giving me a res clickly if needed. Meaning I need to run the shroud some…. Well once and get passed power shards. Have to see about getting some guildies together or hitting up some of my Sarlona buds…

Basic leveling gear should be fairly simple, I might take the time to casual run Threnal chain for a cloak and maybe a few look for the blood rage but other then that I think most of my misc gear should work to power him up.

Although with Mabar is right around the corner an a few epic cloaks of night might need to be farmed up. As well as some leveling robes of night, think they have the night shield clicklys…

Well assuming I don’t decide at the last sec to go dual wielding heavy picks and cashing in some tome pages for Deathnips….

Also I am looking a little at the elemental weapons via the Cannith challenge system and some of them look fairly solid at T2 and T3…..