Merry Thanksgiving

This post has nothing to do with Thanksgiving, but i wanted to put it out on front street.

Yesterday for lunch the wife and i headed to Sonic, she wanted corndogs and i have been craving chili dogs for months. Get there before the lunch rush. We are trained to eat at 11:30 or so. Anyway place our order, the girl reads it back to us and everything sounds right to the TWO of us. That bit is important because when we get our food we notice a missing drink right away. After a moment talking to the bellhop our 3rd drink arrives and we head home to eat.

Getting home we divide to order and realize the entire issues has to due with the fact that she didn’t ENTER my chili dog combo. Aka my food is missing. Grumble. Double check the ticket and yep it is just missing. Funny how she read the order back to me at the car right also…. No big i can just make something real fast.

Jump to about 4 am this morning.

By the way i explained the above so i could tell this.

I have a dream where i design a way for tablets and smart phones can be used for drive ins and drive throughs. Basically using your smart device you visit the restaurant’s web page and start an order either as a guest or better yet set up an account. At each menu thingy (where people enter the orders) you have an number generator. You need a number generator to help prevent order spoofing, in addition to that you also need to set the generator up with a motion detector to “activate” the number you also need that number to identify your location. At the drive through menu you just tell the order taker that you are blasting (or what ever marketing buzz word is hot right then) enter your number the cashier reads back your order prompts you for the up sale and finalizes the order. At a place like Sonic, you wouldn’t even need to talk to anyone until they delivered the food.

I know right now some places are adding touch screens at drive throughs but that seems like pushing the problems not fixing them. Also the nice thing about this idea could be special “apps” for each restaurant chain. I know that is not a good thing on the end user side but from a marketing side that is sweet. Free ad on everyone’s phone/tablet that orders via blast…

Okay time to make a turkey.


Viable Thrower….

One of the builds i have wanted for a while is a good thrower build. So much so i have laid out 3 or 4 different throwing builds over the years. But i have rolled up exactly 0 of them…. Why? They just weren’t viable. And while i have a few different ideas now that might be more do able, but Tobril pointed me at one of Distributed’s recent builds.

Shurikens, pew pew! – Over on the Vault. Go a head and take a quick look. I will be here when you get back.

First impression is Wow this is really close to my latest “build” (12mnk, 4{6} ftr, 2 rgr or rog) but his works while i keep mentally ruling my builds out for not being dps enough.

Long story short i am really debating on burning my 20 heart to pick up another melee past life say ranger on Samius then TRing to try this build. Sure i would have a ton of useless gear (aka my caster gear) but it would be a change of pace, right?

But i guess none of my builds are doing anything except getting to or staying staying over level 20 until i get my Epic Hearts….

Pew Pew Pew



This week has been a strange one. First of all i haven’t been playing a ton of DDo, hence the lack of While We R Playings. I hope to record a few hours worth this weekend for new week if you one enjoying the show. Second of all I got a “conditional” offer to join the USPS aka the post office. I had to go in and fill out more paperwork to be pushed up the chain a little more then assuming that last bit of red tape is cut then i can head to training then some more training and then a little more. The weather turned some and it has been cold, windy, cold and now freezing ice aka winter in Kansas, but that is fine as i learned of and applied for a job at one of GreatPlains’s competitors in their programming department. If i can get that then i can build some real QA/tester experience for when Turbine comes calling.  Then more or less right below the job at AGCO, I found my former job listed. Lots of strange ups and downs. And to top things off i got my anniversary gift from Great Plains (they like to hand them out at the office Christmas party each year). Good times.

Well that counts as content, right? At least a little i think. Here after lunch i plan to DDo some and then maybe i will have some worth wild things to say but right now i am mostly just reading or sitting around watching different shows. Not shitty day time television don’t worry about my sanity yet. I am not watching 15 hours of Oprah or anything. I am re-watching Stargate: Atlantis and just getting into Rescue Me. First time on Rescue Me, it is real good and Callie Thorne does’t hurt the old eyes if you know what i mean.

Well time for lunch,


U20 Loot, Like there are Other Things.

For today’s post i want to look at the new loot in U20. With 2 quests there is not that much to examine but what the hell. To be lazy i am just going to run the link out to the wiki and then just reference as needed.

Golem’s Heart: An augment…Blue? Good start. ml 28? Boo. Proc 2% does some damage heals some damage. Think that 2% is a little low but for the most part it is cute. Not worth farming for but i would be super happy to have one in the chest.

Hunter’s Slayer: Silver Greatsword.. Wish i would have caught this before Monday’s While We R Playing as an option to eSOS, not in raw power but with the much easier ability to farm up. 3.5[2d6] 17-20×2 is a respectable damage profile atleast while farming up that SOS shard. As a all in plan it wouldn’t be bad but i think some of its properties makes it more appealing to people that are not 100% dps all the time or for those that want to add it to their golf bag vs a fairly large subset of mobs.

Cyran Guard: This is a docent right? So it is meant for arty pets? Because it doesn’t DOOOOO anything. I wouldn’t even give it to my robot dog….

Deconstructor: Another augment, this one gives 2 worth wild properties in the right slot.  ml 26? Fuck yeah! Much better.  Adamantine and 3d6 damage to constructs… So Ady is lvl 12 so 3d6 TO CONSTRUCTS IS WORTH 14 MORE LEVELS to the minimum level? wtf…. /facepalm wtf? But on the flip side it is LEVEL FUCKEN 26 which is 2 lower then the other new named augment but it is +1 than Draconic Soul Gem. Yeah makes sense.


Well that was fun times. Agree/Disagree? Comment Below.



Life is Coming Around to the Idea of Me being Amazing.

If you have been following along you all know my personal woes in the last few weeks. But things are feeling better. To start off i got called in for an interview with the post office. I know it sounds strange but i have been doing a lot of thinking about what i want to do and what i wanted to due when i was little.

And i remembered in the way way back……. Back in first grade my school was close to the post office and one day we walked over for a field trip. I remember loving the idea of delivering letters and packages. Then later in way back when I was looking for my first job i wanted to be a postman but that finishing school thing got in the way. Then i meet my wife and my life took a lot of turns and twists. So i have the feeling that my interview will be good tomorrow and i will have that under my belt.

But I haven’t given up on a maybe moving in to QA @ Turbine. I took yesterday and started playing with perl. Yes the P in perl is lower case why i am not sure… But i can say i like it. I am a PHP guy through and through, syntax-wise any how, and perl is like the love child between Java and PHP. Or that is how i see the syntax… I am barely (less then 6 hours) into  it but i have gotten most of my simple starting scripts to work easily enough. I am missing something in the way libraries are called i think, skipping ahead on my reading some, and i am having issues sending an email but i am sure that will be explained soon enough.

What has happened that i am not please about happened in the greenhouse… During the day it has been sunny enough most days that someone (me) has to go and open it up as to take the internal temp down to a reasonable temp. But then with the last 2-4 hours of sunlight left someone (aka the son) needs to go and close it up. Well the Monday night i sent him out and reminded him that i had pulled the window and he needed to close it. Well he didn’t. Tuesday in the early hours it frosted and killed almost everything in the greenhouse. So i got to take a few hours and do some tearing the old plants out. So much waste because a window didn’t get closed. I should have checked on it myself i guess. Live and learn.  That said as i was cleaning out the aquaponics flood and drain bed i noticed that some of the cold hearty lettuces are coming in. Maybe there will be something growing in to eat the fish shit so they don’t all die to ammonia bloom… Woot?

Okay looks like a worth wild post. Now i need to go do some more cleaning in the green house, it was really packed and there is a lot to remove before i can work on more recovery. Then i need to hit the stores. I need to get some not jeans for my interview and with the cold some of the hose in the aquaponics got brittle and broke when i was cleaning so i need to fix that up too. Also gives me a window to make some layout changes… Maybe get that other bed setup…


While We R Playing ep 3 (DG and NEW Content)

Hi all. Yep time for ep 3, this time we get most of the guild on not everyone but most. We saddle up and rock one of the new quests even now i am not 100% what it’s name was… But that is all in the show. There could be spoilers but i don’t think so. Anyway show link: Here!

EDITED: Paid for the upgrade to host from here and there was much rejoicing.

Or Download: whilewerplayingep3


Day 12, Baby Eagles

Today’s chapter was a short one, with the moral of never rest for long on one’s laurels. To this end the author told the story of baby eagles. How the nest is built out of thorns and then covered with not so pointy stuff. Then as the babies grow they remove the soft outer layer to motivated the little pen stickers to get them out of the nest. Then they tease the little guys by bringing them food just out of reach until the little buggers go for it and fly…. or not and we have less eagles. Okay so i added that last little bit. But you see the point, live is a unconformable struggle prompting us to grow and fly.

Wow that was good, i need to write that down…


12.1, What can i do in the next 48 hours to put me on the path for what i want to accomplish?

Start to read up on Perl, C# and QA best practices for Turbine, get an opening and closing on the new pod i have done with Tobril and company and get that up someplace. And compose my list of topics for my adult book idea. Wow that was a lot and it didn’t that very long to have answers.  Does that mean something?

12.2, What idea have i gotten that could be worth more then a life time of hard work.

Well i don’t want to go in to too many details but have i talked about a my card sorting machine?

12.3, Am i the creator of circumstances or a their creation?

Both i think, right? I mean aren’t we all? There are times when we grab life by the horns and then times when we are getting dragged out of the arena.  Think the trick is to keep getting up after we get speared and try again.

12.4, What seeds did i plant in my mind 5 years ago that brought me here today?

Well for one i thought that i had a life time career at Great Plains, think that was some soft bedding in my nest.  I also think that i had the notion that as long as i was a certain level of profitable that i was golden. But if you challenge the wrong person while they are in the wrong state of mind then that is not true. I need that lesson in more often in less world crushing doses.


Oh shit that is the end of the book. Guess the time of reading and putting my mind at ease is over. Time to take what i have learned and fly.  Guess tomorrow starts a dev diary?