The Slow Down

I am the De facto“leader” of the my TR Train. As I my have said before there are 3 core people, Myself, Torance and Fopo. We have others join for a life or a long weekend, Tobril does this often when he feels like knocking out a TR. It allows people to wax and wain as they feel like it. As long as they can finish what they start.

Also we have picked up 2 or 3 others this life. Phlor and Evan are playing again, as well as Stiner has moved his original ddo alt to Sarlona and hopes to cap him out. But he is currently 7 levels behind us. We might catch him on the relap.

So the xp train is full steam ahead or is it? Some of our group would rather watch TV some nights and don’t long on at all. Cou-torrance-gh cough! Others each have their own little weekly scheduled nights off. Fopo bowls on Wednesdays or Thursdays depending on what league is running. Phlor has an agreement with his GF/finance/wife ( that is how he types it) to really play a few nights a week. I know he hasn’t gotten married, but his balls are in a vice as bad as any married man. 🙂 Thankfully he still manages to play some on his nights off.

Mainly I want to keep people on the same quest chain. When we move to Orchard quests and the hunt to fill people’s frames. I don’t want to have to repeat any more then we have to; filling 5-6 frames will be more then a few repeats. So no need to do so because someone missed an important night.

Right now I am working out a weekly plan to allow for people to get some raids/epics in. Think most of you know about Epic Tuesday. I have talked about it enough on other posts that it might be ingrained.

But I am using Monday as a free for all. Last night I did some raids with Oncler and others, good times. And then the TR group formed up and we xped some. Which was also good times. I logged waiting for a ToD to fill, just needed one more healer. After 40 mins, I was done waiting.

We covered Epic Tuesdays.

XP Wednesdays, at least until Fopo’s bowling night switches back to summer league.

Thursday another free night, but I think Tobril and I have Raids planed. Tods maybe a titan/shrouds or Evon6. Also TV night with the wife. So I have to split the night somehow.

Friday more XP, with the weekend falling to free time/xp hunt depending on people logged on.

That doesn’t sound like a slow down to a lot of you, I know. But most of those free nights normally only have a few hours of play time. During the summer when new “shows” aren’t on I get to play a little longer due to not having TV time.

More Gear Talk, Must be Monday

Happy Monday peeps. As what is becoming quickly a simi tradition here I am going to talk about gearing up Samius at level 14.

Over the weekend the TR train picked up some more people and lost a little momentum. Think I will talk about the momentum loss on tomorrow’s post. But we still had level 14 on Sunday afternoon. And I logged for the night with 15 banked. But I think I am a little ahead of everyone.

So I am fine tuning my gear setup for the bowonk shell as I level up.

By the way I ended up taking fighter levels when it was time to level. I still haven’t decided what this life is going to count for fighter or ranger I still have some wiggle room. I miss the bad touch a lot, but I am getting feed back from some of the group members that my dps is good with out it. So going taking a few fighter level is not the end all, if I decided to go ranger and not fighter. I love having room for quick draw, however, and I might need to try harder to fit it in more often.

So gear, I have my 3 green steel hp items. Hat (Min2), Goggles (Nx3) they are also a swap spot for a Airx2 that are not quite what I want and I will fix them once we can deconstruct them, and boots (waterx3). Remember I spread out my hp items to make swapping any given item less painful. Like if I need to swap to the Royal Guard Mask in a bug out about to die situation I have less of a chance to kill myself with a sudden loss of HP if say my Min2 hat was all Hp.

I have +6 wis, dex, con in the neck, ring, belt(med guild -HP) slots. Mantel, Jungle, Twilight in the cloak slot. Jidz for bracers, yes I am in Earth stance.

Then I have the Icy, Chattering, and a crafted trinkets (+4 attack/ +3 natural armor) (+3 natural armor +1 dodge). Putting my AC at 55, 60 with a shield spell via wand.

See anything major missing? I can wait, think it over.

Yep no False Life. At 12 I was using a GFL robe, or a life shield of FL making my HP around 400 unraged.

But my Ac then was 4 less. Worked most of the time but not all the time. I could do some AC boosting, hear me out and tell me what you think. If I upgraded my Head of Good Fortune that is +2 dodge and drink Bark pots. And craft up a Cloak of the Flames level 12 t3 has Heightened Awareness II and crafting +3 for say dusk or something. That should be 4 more AC.

If we could put dodge on a cloak that would be 1 more Ac or maybe false life of some kind. Maybe with the new update and the new less restrictive crafting shards this can happen. Or maybe the shards count as a trinket. That would be full of win.

Lam Notes Reviewed

I am taking a look at the Lamannia Release Notes: Update 13 right now. So as I see something that stands out I will copy and paste it and make my comment for you all.

“Monk melee attack ranges have been increased while moving forward or chasing a target.” – This is a good change. I don’t know about you, but unless I have a mob tripped or stunned I am moving to the next as my monk kills super fast.

“Monks and unarmed characters will no longer proc dual wield or double strike attacks when using Trip, Sunder, Stunning Blow, or other special attacks.. “ But “Special “monk-only” abilities are unaffected by this change.” – So a stunning nerf but the bad touch is the same. I can live with it.

“Monks will now resume their attack sequence a little faster after performing a buff-style finishing move.” – This is one I am happy about. I use the Walk of the Sun and Blur moves a lot. And not spending 2-4 sec waiting to get back to attacking again is good.

“Cannith Crafting recipes now have higher-level versions with less restrictive equipment slot restrictions.” – This is great news, as I kinda thought the whole idea was to fit things in where you needed them.

“The House Phiarlan Retainer’s buff for Enchantment Save DC’s is now a Morale bonus instead of an Enhancement bonus, to allow it to better stack with items.” – Wait, will this guy be useful now?

Skipping Madstone for now.

“Many adventures will now offer special end reward lists when players complete their quest arcs for the third time (and every three times thereafter!)” – this is a super long list of chains getting a huge boost. Maybe I can take a life and get the Sword from Threnal.

“Completing the final quest in this series three times (and every third time thereafter) will offer players a single random Ioun Stone, crafting items, and random loot from its end reward list.” – might run this for more then the upgrade run or Ear Farming…. Maybe.

“Characters level 4 and higher can now enter the Inspired Quarter.” and “Completing the final quest in this series three times (and every third time thereafter) will offer characters the option to select several shards or disks, and offer the chance for named items that normally appear in the Mindsunder chest, in its end reward list.” So now farming for a Mindsunder item will be a hair easier. As Mindsunder is one of my TR groups go to xp quests, I am behind this 100%.

“All chests in the Orchard of the Macabre that had a chance to drop Sigil pieces,” STOP! There is more but I don’t care. Now doing farming/slayer runs might help with Sigil pieces. Many times have we ran the 4 flagging quests into the ground looking for a random drop. Thank you.

“Shavarath Blades will no longer strike as rapidly, do less damage on all difficulties, and display a warning when they first enter the game.” – If they stop the little lag bump you got when the blades hit you the damage and whatnot could have stayed as was. It was the “fuck hit a blade, freeze… Unfreeze, Tic, Tic, Tic, Tic, Tic, Tic, Tic die that pissed me off.
“Ability Tome benefits are now preserved after True Reincarnation.” Mixed feelings, One hand it is a little less pnp feel. But on the other hand why sweet the small stuff. Once I know it is working I will eat my +3 tomes chilling in the TR bank.

“Item enchantment spells like Elemental Weapons and Lucky Cape now display a buff icon in the upper-right corner of the screen while an enchanted item is equipped.” – This will be very nice.

“Necrotic Ray is no longer subject to Spell Resistance” – Bout time.

“Conjure Bolts now creates more powerful bolts when cast by a more powerful caster.“ Makes since, but why are they not 50% + returnable?

“Deadly Weapons has been temporarily changed to address balance and other issues. The spell now adds +1d8 force damage to a target’s main hand weapon. This spell will undergo further changes in the future.” – Sounds like a fair option to me.

“The Auction House UI will now display remaining times more precisely.” – I ❤ this change! If it does Mins fine. If Seconds, Joygasium!

Okay the biggie – “The effects of Madstone Rage have been changed so that its bonuses to Strength and Constitution are Morale-based, it no longer prevents spellcasting, it inflicts penalties to Will Saves, Intelligence, Charisma, and Wisdom, and it bestows a 30-second Shaken effect when the buff wears off.” – I am fine with it. Really. I love Madstone boots. The people that have a pair Samius, Java, Butters, Healz, AS400 see a pattern? No? Let me tell you then: They all have blue bars. I will have to watch the debuff but with a little practice I can use them more then I got to use them before. So I am good. Add in upgrading them with the new alters makes them totally bad ass, double win and more Reaver raids for me again. May need to set a “raid” night again.

Those are my stand outs. Feel free to comment below.

Little Australia

As I have gotten older I my childhood dreams have come to the forefront and morphed into something new.

When I was a kid I dreamed of being a pilot. Namely a island hopper/guide around the Caribbeans or Hawaii islands. And for a while i wanted to be a wild life expert. Then i wanted to own a restaurant. Back then the idea of a wife and kid were not a notion I considered. For a while I went to flight school and got instrument rated. And learned that while it is a dream, there is way to much BS for me to ever make that dream real. And i ran a small food stand and that was boring and paid so so. But ate my whole life. And i would rather eat something small and furry rather then watch it for hours.

Lets just say my dreams has waxed and twisted over the years. Here is my dream/s as it stands today.

I want to open an exotic animal ranch in Arizona. Namely, Kangaroo and Emus. But other animals will be a must, Rabbit, chickens, Guinea-pigs. I am sure most of you have no idea that Kangaroo and Emus are very popular meats and Guinea-pigs are very popular food around the globe. And they are fun to watch, the Kangaroos and Kangaroo not the Guinea-pigs so mush. And I wont stop with animals, I want a huge aquaponics system with lots of different fishes and veggies.

But I am sure you know my ideas don’t stop there.

I want to build this ranch in to my commune. I know I am nuts for wanting a commune. But why not? To me a commune is just a small village with like goals and a more of a family is the village mindset then we currently have in America today. A bit of a through back.

I want to have a “bedroom” houses around a larger “living” area. Picture an old summer camp like feel but with everything covered with solar panels and rain catches. My hopes would be to be like that small town in Europe that makes a profit for the people by selling power to the grid as everyone and everything has solar panels everywhere..

My other idea would be to make the place a bed and breakfast. With an amazing environment with non standard animals and this super village environment.

What do you think? Are my dreams a little far fetch?

GDF: Gamer Divorce Fund

Don’t panic if I get time I will do a real post later today also. But if not then I got tomorrow’s topic ready to go.

I am starting a “fund”. Charity is defiantly not the right word. Grant maybe?

Anyway this is the Gamer Divorce Fund. It is a small fund to help out a friend of mine play while he is in the throws of separating from a bad marriage. Atm he doesn’t even have a computer, and is forced to live at home with is mom as he is covering all his old house hold expenses as well as attorney fees as he fights to get full custody of his kids.

I can’t go into too many detail. But I will say is this guy is one of the best men I have ever known. He left the game a while ago to focus on his marriage. I want to say they had been in counseling for a few weeks/months before he left. And I don’t think it stopped until (as I understand it) his wife surprised filed on him.

I knew she had some issues, as I always thought she was a little nuts. (The crazy ones are the best at… bed room activities.) But turns out she has a substance abuse problem and that is a major issue as she currently has temporary custody of the kids. Despite testing positive for drug use twice in court appointed drug tests.

We would often play ddo after he got home from work for the day, overseeing/helping with dinner that the oldest daughter cooked. While the youngest daughter sat on his lap.

I remember once I was pissed at something that happened in game, and I said something like “What a Penis!” over mic. And his youngest came back over mic “Did he just say Penis, daddy?” He replied “He meant scientifically. So it is okay.”

Sometimes we add “scientifically” to the end of a slue of swear words. In a kind of joke/homage.

Anyway I explained that to say this:

The newest Circle Jerk is ready to go. I just need to put it someplace to host it so you guys can download it but keeping the url to myself until you PayPal some money to For the record you can send in any amount and I will send you the link. One dollar or hundred dollars, really don’t send in hundred dollars.

When you buy the Circle Jerk, you can win a copy of the Shard Axe by Marsheila Rockwell. Personalized by her as well! I don’t know what that means exactly. But in that same conversation she said she was easy. So I am not sure, sounds like it could be real sexy. 🙂

To win get your copy of the Circle Jerk 2 and email/pm me your guess as to where Skaggy keeps is Dr. Who tattoo. Every one that guesses correct will be entered into a drawing and a winner will be randomly selected.

All proceeds will go to the Gamer Divorce Fund to help my friend get a small gaming rig running, and a few Tps.

So I Lied

I need to get back to work asap, but if I don’t do my blog post it will bother me and keep me from working very quickly. So I will be simi short.

You might remember a little more then a week ago I did a post about crafting an green steel item for Butterz. Coming Together Where I talked a lot about How I didn’t need CordOp for her and ran the gauntlet of other possible items. And then how to build one of them and my thought process.

Well I made a CordOp.


Well I was 100% sure it would always be helpful. I was not so sure about the other items. So that is why. When push comes to shove I went back to what I could trust for the long term. Take that however you like.

For the record the item looks a lot like the Trap the Soul item I made. Going Neg,Hp (+1Str skills) – Pos,Hp (+2 Con skills) – Pos/Neg Sp (+3 Chr skills) So the same logic stands, minus that not needing Cord Op.

The first tear was built on the boat. I do enjoy having a the guild up enough to craft on the boat. Then I went out to Shavrath to do the second tear. But we are a little short to do the last tear with out spending TP.

So I formed/lead a shroud the other day to finish my crafting. But I ended up being short on energy cells and I didn’t notice until everyone was already gone. And my buy back was mostly empty. Also something I noticed last night, I left my Supreme Shards in the bank. So I was super full of fail. But the run was fast 20 mins and super pleasant considering I was leading, ie took the first 10 people that hit the lfm. Fopo was already in the group when it was formed.

So last night to do something different. Remember the TR Train leveled our balls off over the weekend. I talked everyone in to doing some “loot” runs in the IQ for vendor trash. With Fopo helping by passing over any +8 weapons and my own pulls when there wasn’t 4k+ renown in the reward list I got my cells charged in 20 mins or so.

I don’t know about Fopo but the wife said she made just under half a million plat during those runs. Think I will end up making that run once or twice a week to save up for silver wraps….The wife and I both need a pair or two…. Plat Mondays?

Fully celled up, I do my crafting on the boat. The wife made a GS bastard sword when her Arty hit 12. having banked shards before TRing. But being a little short of scales when TR time rolled around. So she footed the bill for the third tear crafting alter. Saved me from having to wait an extra few days to craft.


Decision Time

Thanks to the xp bonus weekend and the TR train being real troopers and being willing to kill quests for xp, well at least most of the time. We went from 9 to banking 13 over the weekend. Not all that far away from having to take 13 in fact. There was some big pay offs along the way, 43K with out optionals in Shadow Crypt and more then 30K from Von3. You got to love that bravery bonus + bonus xp + the best Xp pot TP points can buy. I was a bit of a slave driver only stopping for sleep, poop, and food. Truth be told I did take a little longer food breaks in hope that people would have that little extra time to sort their gear. But there was some waiting around waiting.

Any way I am sitting at level 12, meaning that my Bowonk shell is fully on line. The next 8 levels can be almost anything. I have Fighter, Pally, Ranger, Rouge and Arty left to live. And they all can go on this shell and other then Arty they probably will. I am inclined to try arty as a straight up 20 level build. I might also make a rog build that will let me play with the Assassin PRE. I think i might really like it.

So it is the matter of what will give the biggest benefit to having been done for the next life while letting me enjoy this life?

Ranger lets me work my monk levels up to 9 and the bad touch. I really like the bad touch. And ranged damage from the past life is good once you have Manyshot/10kStars, aka lvl 7 and 12 of the bowonk shell.

Fighter, opens up a lot of feats and Hps now. Making next life a little smoother in the to hit/stun/trip departments.

Pally, is more amp now and more next life. But I will need to eat a Chr Tome and find room for an item if I want any of the chr powers to work at all…. Did I forget more AC?

So in my mind they are all tied up. If you have a suggestion let me know other wise I will have to go with my gut when I need to level.

Some Guild Stuff

The number of “active” accounts in a guild for maxim renown is 6. This gives a 300% bonus to any renown earned. Not that 7 “active” accounts is that much worse at 285%. Or 8 for that matter at 270%.

But it all comes down to that meaning of “active”. The game uses something called a Modified Guild Size to determine the number of your “active” guildies.

The DdoWiki saids the following about Modified Guild Size :
Modified Guild Size = Total Active Accounts – Inactive Accounts (>30 days since any character has logged in on that account. These accounts do not count at all for anything.) + Recent Departures (<14 days since the last character in that account left the guild. Willingly or not.)

Note: Inactive accounts do not hurt your guild renown production or decay. However recent departures do. Thus booting inactive accounts actually hurts your guilds overall renown production. As your modified account size will go up by one for 2 weeks after the last character from that account is removed from the guild. You’ll also lose 25% of the renown that character gained while a member of the guild.

I know you all are thinking “That is all well and good Samius but why do you care?”

Let me tell you. We have had a few old members returned in the last few days.

Current guild policy is if an old member returns to game and wants an invite into the guild they get one. Unless they were removed for some reason other then to help with the Modified Guild Size. People that have been gone for a long time get removed if we are doing a mass purging. Unless they worked out an extended leave before hand.

That was a lot of nothing, so let me see if I can get this out in a way that makes sense.

We have the core: Tobril, Torance (the wife) and myself. The Renown Earners.

Then we have the next class, Guildies that play on sparingly. Normaly we can count on this once a week any time they are one beyond that is a bonus: Rostin, Steiner and Tim. Renown break eveners.

Then we have the 3rd string, account that are super active for a few days/weeks every few weeks or so but removing and adding around there play would make for an active player anyway. This is my other/son’s account, and Micheal (although he has had longer breaks also). Renown Net Loss, but short term gains.

As you can see that gives us 8. But there has been a lot of things happening in the last few days/weeks and I think there will need to be some shake ups in the next few days, to get the Modified Guild Size stable as we can again in the next 2 weeks.

The First is Phlor is back. If your a long time reader you might remember a few Phlor stories. If not let me say at his prime he played more then core member. But he doesn’t like leveling and TRing burnt him out. So keeping his game play high requires getting him capped out. And he is notoriously Flaky. He is totally into what he is into at that moment until he sees some other shinny and then he is into that thing. So that is a worry.

Tim hasn’t been on line since the new Star wars Mmo released. But Micheal resubed for at least a month and has played everyday for the last 8 or 9 days and I fully expect him to do so at least until his sub is out. Maybe longer.

One of the things the core DG members have been working on doing is get our ship up. We just don’t have all the slots we want. So we need a bigger boat. Every “active” member needs to make 1k renown a day to make up for their decay.

So I think what will happen is I will either remove my other account or make sure it is actively getting renown 2 or 3 days a week trying for at least 10k renown a week. To net a little gain.

More then you ever wanted to know about Me.

Inspired by RaspberryX on her non- Ddo blog I want to do 101 things about me. Some will be Ddo related others will be personal. Be warned some things will follow a pattern others will seem totally random.

Lets do this.

My main account was given to me by a friend who played for a few months and then quit.
Since then he as returned (part time) and i kept the account.
My first DDo character was a 28point halfing Samius, He now lives on Thelanis and never gets played. 😦
My current Samius has been a Wiz(3 lives), Clr, Fvs, Bard, Sorc, Barb, Monk.
I am undecided as to what class to make this life. Fighter, Pally, or Ranger?
I was 3 years old when i first tried to drive. I kicked the running car in to drive and rolled down the street with my father chasing me on foot down the road. I crashed into the front porch. At least I turned into the right driveway.
My first dog was named Snickers, I hear she was more of a parent then a pet. I don’t remember her at all.
I put down the next two dogs I had myself when the time came.
Their names where Sami and Bull.
Yes, I am named after the dog.
I am allergic to cats.
We have two.
If i thought I could get away with shooting them, I would.
I proposed to my wife durning the first month of dating.
This will make 13 years of marrage.
When asked my age, I have to do the math.
My favorte TV Show ever is Coupling (British version).
More then anything i want to run away and become an exotic pet rancher. Manly for food stuffs.
I am not a fan of “Reality Tv” but I love Swamp People and Sons og Guns. And am looking forward to Comic Book Men.
I am an Instrument rated Pilot. Not current atm…
My parents divorced when i was super young. Like when i was 1-2.
My father demanded and got full custody of me, then married a 6’2″ pissed of German woman that hated me.
I still have dreams were i put her head on a stick in my front yard, Conan Style.
I think some times that the Aborigines right, and this is just a dream world.
I am a really bad Christan. I think that you believe is more important then what. And that God has a kind of Multiple Personality. And the one God is all the Gods but just playing pretend.
I also believe in Evolution.
Also the Bible is full of shit that was added by men and edited by men. So it is full of crap.
But I still think of myself as a Christan. A horable shitty one.
Oh, I believe in Aliens and Bigfoot and all that shit. Why do we have to “know” something to believe? I can’t “prove” one way or the other, so why not go for it?
That said I don’t believe in Man made Global Warming… By CO2.
And i think that environmentalism is a religion. Not a bad one, but it meets my definition of a religion.
I am for smaller goverment.
Pro Choice
Pro Legalize ALL drugs.
Anti-Goverment Health care
And ❤ the Movie PCU!
I am not a rasicst, Unless we are talking Drow then i hate those guys. Stupid SR! 🙂 But i can play the part when needed. Like when there is a dwarf in the party.
I have had a hard on for Alison Hanagion since she was 13. I was 12 at the time so it is Okay.
I want to roll up a female Elf, because i think they are sexy.
But haven’t found a build for one yet.
I have more Divine casters then Arcaine ones if you don’t count bards as Arcane. Other wise they might be tied.
I like to do quests with no voice chat so i can can play a podcast or a show or something.
Build talk while questing pisses me off.
I have done LoB twice, and MA never.
I like Eberron more than any other not home brewed setting.
And really dislike Forgotten Realms.
But i did like the first Neverwinter Nights game.
In fact if we ever had a daughter her name would be Emowyn after the NPC.
I think i have a monthly cycle when i just don’t give a crud about anyone or anything.
That cycle lines up to my wife’s cycle almost 100% of the time. Making it a real hard time of the month.
It takes me about 2-3 mins to get to work.
I leave with 5-6 mins to get to work every day. But some how i am always end up 2-3 mins late.
I go home for lunch almost every work day, unless it is the odd Thursday, then I go to the Hibachi Grill place in town.
I don’t have a sense of smell. Don’t ever remeber having one.
I also can’t spell well at all.
I play the Cello. Not as well as I did. But I do.
I broke my arm once, And it took me 3 days to convence my step mother to take me to the doctor.
I have been ran over with a car, twice. Same car, different days. Same Driver too….
I dated a girl once where we hung out in a church all the time. Yes I got my freak on some. 🙂
I have been shot a few times. Only once was an issue. The rest was during Pheasant season but i did have to dig out shot many a times.
I like veggies. Peas, broccoli cauliflower and cucumber are all good here.
I have never completed all the explores in the Sub.
I have soloed Garamol many times.
Javabot almost soloed Tempest Spine at level. Was on the way to the Marut when i ran out of time to finish and had to log. 😦
My highest bravery bonus so far is hundred eighty something.
Angelina Jolie is on my NO list because of Billy Bob Thornton.
I swore a lot at Chester in Acute Delirium the first time, over mic, in a full party.
I rolled on the seven fingered gloves mainly for the -10 SPF, and won them. Pissing off a real A$$hole.
I ❤ Defending your Life, I try to live life overcoming my fears because of that movie.
My gay song is “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor. I love that song.
Iron man/ Tony Stark is my super hero.
The greatest story of all time is Hands of the Mandarin, with a close runner up Maximum Carnage.
I really like Carnage/Cletus Kasady. And want to see that “super hero” Movie. Eating babies and all.
I cried the on day during first week of third grade in school. Because I missed pissing my day away.
I got 3 days of ISS a few months later when I took a dirty mag to school.
I read the book My Side of the Mountian so many times I think i have it mostly memorized.
Kulgan from Magican by Raymond E. Feist is my favorte Wizard ever.
I once had a job where would play DDo and say things like AFK for live weather report while pugs fell over the fact i was live on the radio while playing DDo.
I have never dated out side of my race. Kinda sad about that now. 😦
I have never dated a dog. Not so sad about that.
I do kiss a little girl with a beard and take her to bed with me. But she is my puppy so it is cool.
I grow stuff in my basement. But that stuff is Peppers and Mint so it is cool.
I hate it when a mob is Deaths Warded.
But love it when they fail a Flesh to Stone.
My favorte food is my Grandmother’s Mac and Cheese. Followed up with a old spicy chicken sandwich from Wendy’s.
I kicked around the idea of buying a Wendy’s once.
Speaking of Wendy’s I worked at the one in Great Bend, KS for 3 years. I was fired 4 times by the owner in one day. Then as i was leaving i was told not to be late for my shift the next day.
I have been playing some kind of DnD since i was 14-15. That is about 20 years.
Clankenbeard sent me a box of Fallen Empires, I took them to OK last weekend and did notheing with them. They are still in the drunk of the car.
I had a Ford Festiva. I didn’t know how to drive stick when i bought it. I did by the time i got it home that day.
I haven’t done any epic raids since i Lessered Butters to do epic raids.
I think Katerina is hotter then Elena in the CWs The Vampire Diaries, even though they are played by the same actress.
Yes I watch The Vampire Diaries and One Tree Hill, No you can’t have my man card!
I can’t watch Tom Cruse movies any more. Speaking i watched a couple having “relations” while the rest of the room watched the first Mission Imposible. Movie was so so the “show” was good.
Fin Fang Foom is the best dragon ever, Vela is only kinda scary compared to him.
When i was 12 i stayed up for 50 hours to beat Shining Force 2 before I had to return it.
My longest PnP combat lasted for 6 hours. Counted up the rounds, it was 3 mins in game time.
I want to see a good aerial combat in DDo, and gnomes. Mostly Gnomes.
It took me almost 2 hours to do my list.
I want to develop a cult like commune before the poo hits the fan.


I want to take 10 mins and talk about how the change in my diet is going. I say change in vs just diet because I am going to try to make this a fairly permanent change. I am 17 day ish into eating like a caveman. I have cheated some, like when a salad has cheese on it. I try to weed out any big chunks but if some gets in there I am down with that little bit of cow love. Hmmm Blue Cheese.

Over all I am feeling good, better then any “diet” before in fact. That is good because shrinking my waist line was not my main goal. But feeling better, so in that case it is working. Not that my waist isn’t also shrinking.

I do miss some things. Like Cheese, oh Grandma’s mac and cheese and milk. I love big bowls of cereal and a glass of milk with cookies. Oh Cookies. Well I think I have the cookie thing handled. There is a place called the Caveman Bakery. And they make baked goods for peleo brothers that need a bit of a bread fix.*Update* The cookies came last night. They are ground nuts into a powder/flour with chopped nuts and dry fruits held together with a little honey. They are dense and chewy kinda like good fruit cake.

Speaking of Peleo no nos, I found a place online that makes a chip out of plantains. And now that I have had eaten a bag (they come in little 4 oz bags) they have totally replaced normal chips for me. I let the boy and wife eat one and the look on their faces was like they were chewing on a turd. But you know what? I have always had a borked sniffer. And food as never tasted the same to me as it does to other people. And these are good to me. If that is because of my lack of smell or that I haven’t had a chip in a month or more I don’t know.

I have even learned to make some food things that I had never known before. Like how to use a Nut Squash in a simple soup, home made mayonnaise or sausage.

For years my household didn’t have a scale. I think mainly weight was never something we wanted to know; and we/I still don’t. To me it is a number, I would rather know in a meaningful way. Like how I have to add another notch in my belt or how a pair of sweat pants that has its draw string tied in a knot for years to be the right size, are now way to big. Lets just say at some point I will use my scale if only to get to the “safe” weight for my Wii board. I use it rarely now with no issues but when I stand on one foot I think it is plotting my swift death. I know if was standing on my back I would be looking to kill me.

Okay, Talk some more in a few days when it has been 30 days.