So I Lied

I need to get back to work asap, but if I don’t do my blog post it will bother me and keep me from working very quickly. So I will be simi short.

You might remember a little more then a week ago I did a post about crafting an green steel item for Butterz. Coming Together Where I talked a lot about How I didn’t need CordOp for her and ran the gauntlet of other possible items. And then how to build one of them and my thought process.

Well I made a CordOp.


Well I was 100% sure it would always be helpful. I was not so sure about the other items. So that is why. When push comes to shove I went back to what I could trust for the long term. Take that however you like.

For the record the item looks a lot like the Trap the Soul item I made. Going Neg,Hp (+1Str skills) – Pos,Hp (+2 Con skills) – Pos/Neg Sp (+3 Chr skills) So the same logic stands, minus that not needing Cord Op.

The first tear was built on the boat. I do enjoy having a the guild up enough to craft on the boat. Then I went out to Shavrath to do the second tear. But we are a little short to do the last tear with out spending TP.

So I formed/lead a shroud the other day to finish my crafting. But I ended up being short on energy cells and I didn’t notice until everyone was already gone. And my buy back was mostly empty. Also something I noticed last night, I left my Supreme Shards in the bank. So I was super full of fail. But the run was fast 20 mins and super pleasant considering I was leading, ie took the first 10 people that hit the lfm. Fopo was already in the group when it was formed.

So last night to do something different. Remember the TR Train leveled our balls off over the weekend. I talked everyone in to doing some “loot” runs in the IQ for vendor trash. With Fopo helping by passing over any +8 weapons and my own pulls when there wasn’t 4k+ renown in the reward list I got my cells charged in 20 mins or so.

I don’t know about Fopo but the wife said she made just under half a million plat during those runs. Think I will end up making that run once or twice a week to save up for silver wraps….The wife and I both need a pair or two…. Plat Mondays?

Fully celled up, I do my crafting on the boat. The wife made a GS bastard sword when her Arty hit 12. having banked shards before TRing. But being a little short of scales when TR time rolled around. So she footed the bill for the third tear crafting alter. Saved me from having to wait an extra few days to craft.


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