25 is Weaksause

I have a window where i can write like a champ. I can’t spell a bloody thing but the werds just flow out of me. Unfortunately for me that time is about 5 mins after i crawl into bed while my brain tries to do anything but relax around the pain in my head until i finally pass out for whatever sleep i can muster. For some strange reason i feel it is trying to escape the pain and get my body to sleep regardless of the throbbing electric fire that is my skull 24/7. The real crime is i only remember about 20% of those werds unless i get up and make notes. Even so nothing ever seems as good in the morning as it does at midnight. Think it has to do more with werd choice, what i can spell vs what is in my thesaurus.

Anyway something was bothering me giving my brain a target to claw at both last night and most of today. And it is DDo related for a change. Oh, i am talking about the changes to grouping levels for quests.

I get it we don’t want to allow 19s in to epic quests because epics get out just too much xp for the heroic xp curve to handle. Which is bull shit! That is a rant best left for a DDoCtH or a While we are Playing, but if a 19 can handle him/herself in an epic quest THEN FUCKING LET THEM! If 99% of new content is built for 20+ level questing then let people play that content. Now if you want to impose party member penalties because someone is 3+ levels higher then the 19 then that is fine. Adding a minim level to the quests was just LAZY CODING. I can think of 3 better ways to keep heroic players out of epic content with out imposing level minims. Again another show.

I bring this up because this has burned me a few times in the last couple of weeks. Right now i am on a bit of a DDo break/TR tear… Can one both be on a break and on a tear? I am not playing much during the week as i am mostly focused on eTRing Samius but i am not really loving the epic levels solo like i was when i was able to catch people in the evenings. I don’t really love the idea of heroic TRing anyone as i feel that the current endgame is sewed towards ranged dps and Samius is all ready filling that role better then most. So while play anyone else?

So anyway some time in the last week i went to jump into one of the new quests with Tobril and the ladies but i was too low level to join them. No worries i will just do X, i need to go and do it anyway. In that case it was the “farm chores” but it has been quest Y or restocking or flagging or whatever. But i spent some time in the week and Saturday crossing into level 25 what i thought was the lowest minim level for doing the newer content so as to be a helper. Turns out that 26 is the minim level. Grrrr!

Could i swap and jump to someone like Butterz? Sure but i would have been more of a hindrance then a help. Not that bards aren’t great and lots of fun but again the end game favors ranged dps. Her idea of ranged is Dwarven Thrower. Are you a giant? Sweet take extra damage. No? Sweet take extra damage. If only 2d6 was sweet damage… And my arty is also rocking out at about level 25. So no help there either.

No i really thing this minim level is lazy and is a quick fix for what was an exploit that just should be the rule of law. If a heroic could complete an epic they deserve the xps.

There is one other thing that has been eating at me while we are on the topic of epic xps. Why if we now have these stupid minim level nonsense is there a penalty for having someone 3+ levels over you anymore? Why do you have both? Either the watermark is here (minim level) or here (someone 3 levels highter then you) not both? Again i would point to sloppy juggling to fix a perceived exploit. But hey even i can’t ride a dead horse.

Am i alone in this? Comments.


A Good and Mostly Productive Night

Last night I had breaking Phlor back in on the books. And we did so. He logged in and we got everything remapped, ran down the important changes to his char and then we jumped into the Vale for an hour or so of slowly clearing trash in the vale. It was a good relaxing night, just what he needed to feel like he could get back into the night. Or at least that is the feeling that I got from the night.

Then dinner happened and Phlor drifted away but didn’t log out. I can only assume that he fired up Eve… But Tobril logged on because of the bonus guild renown going on right now and wants to help push the DG to rank 80. Thank God. Feels like the wife and I are trying to push a house up a mountain most of the time. And I keep waiting to get steam rolled even more.

So we adjust to the new party make up and ransack Rusted blades. I swap alts as I sacked out right away but I have one or two alts that could use the xp as well as being around to renown grind.

After sacking Blades we move on to a few of the King’s Forest quest. But we finally land on the Unquite Graves. A quest I feel is really under rated for XP farming mostly due to the run to the quest.

Once sacking that I decide to call it a night. Go back to the boat to sell/repair look at my phat loots. And I got a Drow Great axe +5 combat skills, the Grave wrappings and a collection of sell able loot to the bar keep for almost 150K plat. Not bad for a night of renown farming.

But our renown farming was not the best. Think we might be doing some more renown farming tonight and I need to find a better couple of quests. Thinking that  Von3 for mob/chest/pick up the end reward renown might be the way to go. And I have not ransacked von3 on anyone since epic levels made their way into ddo.

Anyway, where else do you go to farm renown?


Time for Everyone’s Favorite Game

Gear Shuffle 12/3 addition! And the crowd goes wild!!!!

What? I can’t be the only person that pictures themselves as game show contestants when looking at gear. I just can’t be….

Last night was a short night for XP and I knew it would be so I had a plan to do some bank work and do some gear sorting on Samius.

20 to 21 I felt a real shift in power back to Tobril in quests and I have Finger, Circle, Wail and Power Word for instant kills so things are dying well enough for the most part. But I still feel like I have to go back to web and laying down damage spells like WoF, Acid Rain and spamming my force SLAs when my big spells are on cool down…

Over all I blame the fact that he has big boy gear ready and waiting at level 20 and I am still using my same leveling gear on Sam. Don’t get me wrong my gear is really good pre 20 but post 20 I start to fall short. Or at least compared to my counter part who was gearing up while I took a year to TR…

Hence the game show….

Yesterday, I started a simple spreadsheet (falling in ❤ with Google Docs) with just a list of my gear slots and the gear that are in those slots and a rough plan for some of those slots.

Some of these slots have been fixed for so long I hate to try and change them my Min2 helm, CordOp bracers and Torc are key items. For now other key staples are the Stormreaver Napkin and my new Epic Ring of Elemental Essence/GFL slotted.

The one quest the DG ran last night was a Eh Small Problem where we pulled the missing seal that I was hunting for As400, but now that Samius has the needs for it the game puts it in the chest… ❤ you too loot gods… I believe in DDO so DDo believes in me. You can call me Samius Gurobo, high priest of the DDo loot gods.

My belt slot is currently a ToD belt but I can now change it to a Cannith con belt with a guild slot and gain some max SP with a guild slot. My main trinket was a Epic Dragon Eye but my new ring covers the 200 Sp so now I can nab one of my t3 Spy Glasses and have my extra +2 Int on all the time for DCs. Before I had to use my Rad 2 rapier for that INT, meaning if I wanted to use my big shield and wanted my DCs boosted I lost my potency items so I was swapping super often and I felt died one to many times to umd lag deaths….

So that opened up room to use a Blade of the High Priest(ess) for my not elemental casting needs. Sometime in the last 2 weekends one of the Brits pulled one that they didn’t have a need for and decided to give it to me as I might have a use for it. Winner winner!

I still have a few slots to play with and some staples will need to go sometime to make room for bigger and better toys as the levels roll in. But for now I feel a lot better. As I work through the epic levels and different destinies my gear will be a moving target but it feels good to be working gear again vs working XP all the time. A new challenge, or an old challenge revitalized I should say…