25 is Weaksause

I have a window where i can write like a champ. I can’t spell a bloody thing but the werds just flow out of me. Unfortunately for me that time is about 5 mins after i crawl into bed while my brain tries to do anything but relax around the pain in my head until i finally pass out for whatever sleep i can muster. For some strange reason i feel it is trying to escape the pain and get my body to sleep regardless of the throbbing electric fire that is my skull 24/7. The real crime is i only remember about 20% of those werds unless i get up and make notes. Even so nothing ever seems as good in the morning as it does at midnight. Think it has to do more with werd choice, what i can spell vs what is in my thesaurus.

Anyway something was bothering me giving my brain a target to claw at both last night and most of today. And it is DDo related for a change. Oh, i am talking about the changes to grouping levels for quests.

I get it we don’t want to allow 19s in to epic quests because epics get out just too much xp for the heroic xp curve to handle. Which is bull shit! That is a rant best left for a DDoCtH or a While we are Playing, but if a 19 can handle him/herself in an epic quest THEN FUCKING LET THEM! If 99% of new content is built for 20+ level questing then let people play that content. Now if you want to impose party member penalties because someone is 3+ levels higher then the 19 then that is fine. Adding a minim level to the quests was just LAZY CODING. I can think of 3 better ways to keep heroic players out of epic content with out imposing level minims. Again another show.

I bring this up because this has burned me a few times in the last couple of weeks. Right now i am on a bit of a DDo break/TR tear… Can one both be on a break and on a tear? I am not playing much during the week as i am mostly focused on eTRing Samius but i am not really loving the epic levels solo like i was when i was able to catch people in the evenings. I don’t really love the idea of heroic TRing anyone as i feel that the current endgame is sewed towards ranged dps and Samius is all ready filling that role better then most. So while play anyone else?

So anyway some time in the last week i went to jump into one of the new quests with Tobril and the ladies but i was too low level to join them. No worries i will just do X, i need to go and do it anyway. In that case it was the “farm chores” but it has been quest Y or restocking or flagging or whatever. But i spent some time in the week and Saturday crossing into level 25 what i thought was the lowest minim level for doing the newer content so as to be a helper. Turns out that 26 is the minim level. Grrrr!

Could i swap and jump to someone like Butterz? Sure but i would have been more of a hindrance then a help. Not that bards aren’t great and lots of fun but again the end game favors ranged dps. Her idea of ranged is Dwarven Thrower. Are you a giant? Sweet take extra damage. No? Sweet take extra damage. If only 2d6 was sweet damage… And my arty is also rocking out at about level 25. So no help there either.

No i really thing this minim level is lazy and is a quick fix for what was an exploit that just should be the rule of law. If a heroic could complete an epic they deserve the xps.

There is one other thing that has been eating at me while we are on the topic of epic xps. Why if we now have these stupid minim level nonsense is there a penalty for having someone 3+ levels over you anymore? Why do you have both? Either the watermark is here (minim level) or here (someone 3 levels highter then you) not both? Again i would point to sloppy juggling to fix a perceived exploit. But hey even i can’t ride a dead horse.

Am i alone in this? Comments.


14 xp short

After Monday’s exercise in tilt dodging and xp grinding I logged 13k xp short of 20 on Samiusbot. Don’t get me wrong Monday was a huge push like 200kish push, but when I hit 13 short I was mentally done even though I wanted to push through. So I hit an untouched explorer zone for me the Erie Forest. My slayer was about 130 for the Reaver’s hidey-hole… I thought the 400 kill slayer xp + the explores + hit a few of the rares would put me over no problem. I was rightish… but that is what happened last night not on Monday.

Monday I ran out summoned the Vamp got 12 kills and failed a destruction spell and died… Reupped my ship buffs and got back in the zone swapping out the Alchemist’s Pendant for what I meant to be my Silver Flame Talisman aka a death block item but turned out to be my Golden Cartouche aka not a death block item…  But I was able to quickly defeat the vamp who was still spawned from my first attempt to clear the zone.  Which I totally do on my second crack at it but I get no other rare spawns. Reset, which you need to do the old break and reform tick on this explorer btw, and repeat run one were right out of the box I fail a destruction spell fighting the vamp and die.

I start to see red as I put on a death block item, which in my rage I noticed that I had swapped around as I talked about above… But I was done the rage machine was running on all accounts.

Last night DDo started late.

First of all it was snowing again Tuesday morning, late in the year for snow but totally out of the blue. But this nice 2-4 days then snow/ice for a day or two then nice again thing is getting old.  Spring can just take hold already. Any way a friend of mine had an accident and needed my help in the morning and needed a place to wait out the day until his wife could rescue him, about 6 pm… It would have been rude to have logged on while he sat totally still as to avoid the dogs barking wrath.

Second of all as I said it was snowing so Monday night in the rain the family and I bundled up the green house to ready for the cold… again. And as I really love to do I went into the green house with snow and the wind blowing and just am amazed at how warm it is with very little light and no outside heat. It was about 25 degrees (f) warmer inside then out. And I found it very comfortable. Although the wife thought it cool.  So that took time.

So at about 7 I finally logged on and finished my runs in the forest. Hit the slayer mark and the vamp and the wagon train a few times and found myself 14 xp short of 20. Isn’t that always how it works….

Anyway I debated on running something WAY under level for that last tiny bit of xp. But instead the wife said just goes find a rare some place else and shut up! Unable to argue with her logic I saved some dwarfs from some dogs and became a hero just in time to realize I have 0 gear plans or play goals other then to have a main account arty ready to go… But I really enjoyed leveling it up for the most part. And I think I can come up with a gear list soon.

While my brain is doing that I also have a ton of work to do and I need to find another project to play while dualing with the wife’s dps alt she is gearing up for a TR at any moment….

Anyway back to work/planning/gear listing…


Oh and not that I think he reads this but if he does one of my younger brothers turned 30 yesterday and while I knew it was yesterday on Monday (thank you Facebook the exact date always escapes me..) I got swamped at work and helping a friend and then getting that last little bit of xp it slipped my mind. So happy belated Bday little bro. I think this will be a banner year for us all.

1, 2 Skip a Few 16, 17, 18

Last week as you know, I TRed Java into a druid and powered him up to stoning level and cracked open my Otto’s box that I have bought just for him..

Xp heaven!

Did the gear thing as best as I could he still has 0 rings until 18… But the questing thing as been good times even if has strange out of the blue issues. But he has XP for 18 and I am working on finishing milking the xp from Litany before I take it. See any of my 100 posts at to how I ❤ litany.

Lets jump to things that are working/things I have learned.

Using a SunFlask in animal form for fighting ghosties does grant ghost touch BUT you need to cast magic fang, as they are not magical so you need to be at least +1 for the ghost touch to work…

Remember to turn on Reaving Roar after any out of the blue death that may happen do to lag or the lack of quicken.

At some point you want quicken for heal, vigor, earthquake and summon spells. Don’t be like me and forget until you start playing again post stoning to 16 and have to wait until 18… There has been more then one death due to taking a big hit while casting and losing the spell.

The Druid Deep chain is killer for pets. Leaves of the Forest/Liveword Core (15+) are big fort simi good AC pet armor at least for ungeared new pet owners. The level 22+ versions are less then ideal however. But a nice Hide of the Goristro shouldn’t be too bad or too hard to get. Want to say I have a Con+8 Vertigo+10 set ready for Fin Fang Foom. But the real winner is the Ivy Wraps. You can find the lvl 15 wraps on the AH for less then 100k assuming someone doesn’t buy them all up. And if you happen to pull an eN or eH version you might even think about giving it you your dog. Short of making LoB wraps for it I can’t think of a better Dog wrap.

Brawling Gloves, So far it seems that the d4 from being Spike Studded is working in dog form assuming I remember to swap back to them after I trigger a power drain. More and more I am glad I took the time to make T3 versions of the lvl 16 gloves they have gotten a metric ton of use with all of Samius’ TRs and more or less every leveling alt.

ToD Rings: Now I haven’t gotten to them yet but I think that tod rings burst damage work in animal form. If that is right, I will be grinding out the Knost’s Belt and will be using that set full time I think. I could also swap in and around the Oremi’s set for a little more dps when a torc is not needed.

Lastly, I found that the dog can be a real helper. Keep it healed. Cast a few buffs and/or take the time to ship buff it up and you wont regret. Fin has gotten more kills then some other people in the group. And with the Ivy wraps/collar and a few points in the feed line he is mostly self healing assuming he passes his saves vs big fire balls and the like.

Good enough for today,