1, 2 Skip a Few 16, 17, 18

Last week as you know, I TRed Java into a druid and powered him up to stoning level and cracked open my Otto’s box that I have bought just for him..

Xp heaven!

Did the gear thing as best as I could he still has 0 rings until 18… But the questing thing as been good times even if has strange out of the blue issues. But he has XP for 18 and I am working on finishing milking the xp from Litany before I take it. See any of my 100 posts at to how I ❤ litany.

Lets jump to things that are working/things I have learned.

Using a SunFlask in animal form for fighting ghosties does grant ghost touch BUT you need to cast magic fang, as they are not magical so you need to be at least +1 for the ghost touch to work…

Remember to turn on Reaving Roar after any out of the blue death that may happen do to lag or the lack of quicken.

At some point you want quicken for heal, vigor, earthquake and summon spells. Don’t be like me and forget until you start playing again post stoning to 16 and have to wait until 18… There has been more then one death due to taking a big hit while casting and losing the spell.

The Druid Deep chain is killer for pets. Leaves of the Forest/Liveword Core (15+) are big fort simi good AC pet armor at least for ungeared new pet owners. The level 22+ versions are less then ideal however. But a nice Hide of the Goristro shouldn’t be too bad or too hard to get. Want to say I have a Con+8 Vertigo+10 set ready for Fin Fang Foom. But the real winner is the Ivy Wraps. You can find the lvl 15 wraps on the AH for less then 100k assuming someone doesn’t buy them all up. And if you happen to pull an eN or eH version you might even think about giving it you your dog. Short of making LoB wraps for it I can’t think of a better Dog wrap.

Brawling Gloves, So far it seems that the d4 from being Spike Studded is working in dog form assuming I remember to swap back to them after I trigger a power drain. More and more I am glad I took the time to make T3 versions of the lvl 16 gloves they have gotten a metric ton of use with all of Samius’ TRs and more or less every leveling alt.

ToD Rings: Now I haven’t gotten to them yet but I think that tod rings burst damage work in animal form. If that is right, I will be grinding out the Knost’s Belt and will be using that set full time I think. I could also swap in and around the Oremi’s set for a little more dps when a torc is not needed.

Lastly, I found that the dog can be a real helper. Keep it healed. Cast a few buffs and/or take the time to ship buff it up and you wont regret. Fin has gotten more kills then some other people in the group. And with the Ivy wraps/collar and a few points in the feed line he is mostly self healing assuming he passes his saves vs big fire balls and the like.

Good enough for today,

One thought on “1, 2 Skip a Few 16, 17, 18

  1. I will need to experience most of this by myself before I can fully understand all you said, but it’s nice to have yours as a reference.

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