Last Big Push

This weekend was a good one on many levels. The chickens are out of my parting spot and in their mansion/coop. I was able to pick up my new water tanks and got them plumbed up at least temporally.  In DDo land, my piker account hit its’ 20th von completion, completely out of the blue for me.  The wife pulled 2 or 3 web items from one run and was able to use them all on that alt. The British invasion managed to rock an EE tor with all dragons. And my arty finally got Litany flagged and I jumped from 16 to 18 in about an hour.

I will post some chicken video and pictures later in the week. But I just want to say the wife was really worried about them the first night we moved them out into their coop but now after a few hours of watching them do their thing she is finally okay with them being out of the house.

I will have better images of the tanks currently plumbed up with some of my thoughts but for now this one to give you some scale of a 200 gal tank will have to do.

Remmie setting the scale for the new tanks.

I am sure Grim will talk up the Tor run if not I will save that store for later in the week also. But let me just say it was a lot smoother then some of our other EE runs. And we were able to get the blue beat down also. We had been having issues with it. Even this weekend it was 3rd time was the charm…

The real story, I pugged a little on Samiusbot Friday night and knocked out 3 of the shroud flagging quests to maintain my elite BB.  Then with the wife’s help over the weekend, I completed my sigil to run litany. Which I ran in to the ground last night after splurging and buying a 50% xp pot, for 90% of level 17. So now my arty is chilling at level 18 with 2 of the shroud flagging quests to do, which I think I can solo if I can’t find a group to help me out. Then I can run Coal Chamber and Devils until I am tired of that xp. After that it is a simple matter of pushing the last little bit to 20 and making time to rock him to 25 and grid out a few destinies.

Not real sure how likely it is that will happen. The wife has been powering up her very first alt to 20 with a plan to TR her. Not sure if that is a right now project or a when she is ready project. But I think she wants a BIG hit dps alt. And I think that she might be making herself one. If that is the case then I might be TRing a healer type alt or using a first lifer to help her get caught up to my rogue to play with her on him.

All I know is My arty goal is in sight and that is a big deal because other then the wife helping in a few key places (sigil farming) this guy has mostly soloed only which I think says a lot about the wf arty ranged as a build by its self….


My Name is Samius and I am the 31%

It was a long but good weekend. You can see part of the fun threw Grim’s eyes on her DDoblog. But that only part of this lasts weekend’s story. It was XP time baby!

I was going to roll things back along the week but I am having issues remembering everything. So lets just say Litany was amazing as always. And she left me wanting more. And a bit of aside, I need to start calling my wife Litany so if I cry out in my sleep she will think I am dreaming about her. Man, Litany is the xp.

Saturday was Remmie’s (the boy’s) 13th birthday. Now he is a man if only he would act like one instead of running around and hugging his parents. On another aside I need to pick up a stun gun to keep him in check…. He will be as tall if not taller then me soon and as a father I need to be ready to fight dirty if necessary to maintain power.

So the wife and I had a bit of a short day to hang out with the Brits. But later that night Xp happened. Can’t say what we did or how much it was such a whirlwind. Also we had a few of the boy’s friends over and lets just say that party went late into the night while the wife and I hid in the game room and played. But Tobril and I had leveled to 18 at the end of the night.

Most of Sunday went as planed.

Raided with the Brits even if that meant doing a few more jobs at once then I was used to doing. Ie tanking both Horroth and Sully in ToD. Over all I think loot wises we had a good weekend. Tobril got at least 3 scrolls, Grim’s lady friend (Trapping- which I feel is strange nick name. I never saw her on a rogue, no were any of her alts name even close to Trapping and I think her TeamSpeak name was something like Willowing?? Will need to find a good nickname for her soon.) Got the Von Shield and my wife kicked her the shard for it. I got a the Demon’s Consort Bracers shard for myself in DQ and on the first 6 man flagging I got a Xuum shard which after asking if anyone had a need for it. Tobril said he had been looking for it as he has everything ready to go to make one for his CLr. And the wife said she would like it but had nothing for it. Like a fool I passed it to Tobril. Who can put the think to use any time and I should have passed it to the wife to sit in her bank forever to collect dust. To make it up to her on the second 6man flag we did I passed her my epic fragments. I only had to sleep with one eye open for a little while last night.

Once the Brits where done for the night, we had a fast lunch break and got back to the xps. Thought we would be able to wrap up the xp for this life last night. But as we only really had like 3 hours that was really ambitious. We did a lot of Enter the Kobolds and Monastery runs. And I logged at rank 93 and tobril about 30k behind still at 92. He is still mad that he let his xp pot run out during Kobold’s New Ring Leader and swears that is why I am still ahead. I think there is some of that in it, but I think it had more to do with me running in game 10s and him only using 20s, but I have more first time quests where I don’t loose my ship buffs. I am really good at Litany for example. ☺ So most of the time I am not that much behind despite the pot difference so when I do drink a 20 on high xp/min quests I make some gains.

But earning big xp during with a big bonus is real nice. Now if we can cap by Tuesday that should give me a little Mabar time before my trip next weekend.


Litany a Love Note

Litany a Love Note

First I know I owe you all two posts today, a real post for yesterday and one for today. Let me just say I will do what I can.

Now the real post:

That xp bonus couldn’t have hit at a better time. I had just finished flagging the artificer on my premium account Steampower for Litany of the Damned. Aka the bestest (or one of the best anyway) quest in all the land.

Have to say that first run took a little longer then I would have liked. About 20 mins I had to Gh a second time, grrrr. But after I zerged the quest with Samius that piker Steampower followed threw for his chest. With out much thought I did the puzzle and drank a 30% xp pot from the store and 49k+ xp flew across the screen. Almost 30k for Steam which with out a pot, tome or streak I have to say wasn’t bad for a first run.

Did a few normal runs after that. The first run I wasn’t thinking and answered Mentau, which I didn’t want to do first. So we restarted and went in a proper order. Cinnis/Mentau/Vol/Doomnuts. Really the only one that having the right item really helps on is Mentau as the rest of the items are so so at best.

It takes me about 10 mins to run the quest on normal. I learned that Samius is tough enough that if I clear Kai’s room of trash I can set Sam on auto attack and run Steam up just out side of the room in time for Sam to jump back throw a restore and get back to work. Sometimes Sam would kill Kai before I got switched back even.

The optionals do take a few mins on a melee. On a caster they are a lot quicker, run run run turn AOE death jump turn and run some more. Being sure to get all the chests can add a wee bit of time to the run as well. But Tome pages don’t pull themselves.

Run 6 and I was still getting almost 20K for the quest and 10k for optional per run. I am hoping that even ran dry that the quest will be time efficient with the bonus. If I can get a full level out of Litany even if it is running the same thing over and over and over then life will be much easier later when I wonder off to other level 15 quests, because there aren’t a ton of level 15s worth running for xp.

Infact there are no other level 15 quests that are anywhere need time efficient even with the extra bonus.