Zero to Five in 24 hours

So I have been webbing more and more in the last few weeks. And while I am not the best ddo player ever I have the quest more or less down.  So well the last 3-4 runs I didn’t die at all and the raid kept the deaths down to low almost no deaths. But almost always there is at least one person that gets thrown off by a leg.

Jump to run 2 on Samiusbot aka Tuesday night, Brai (I think) asks in Defense if anyone wants to web. I was just clearing the web explorers as it was about bedtime and thought well if it was a fast normal maybe…. Turns out that was his plan exactly. I use a bypass and tag in. Things are going well until I go to sidestep a leg popping out of the ground and walk into another one spawning right behind me. Thought I was good as it looked like I had stopped. Turns out I had just lagged and in fact I was thrown extra far… Like really really far. The rest of the run went very smooth.

Last night Tobril has the on call phone for work so he doesn’t want to solo heal a hard just incase. I tell him to just throw up a normal and say on Tobril then. That was the plan anyway but as people started to file in the Channel people really turned out and we had a hard capable party.  Oh I bypass again, need that repeater, bow, clever on the bot…

My normal task of herding the cat was assigned and I talk to Anna standing behind one of the tooth things. She runs down to attack some random spawn and I jump to behind the rock to tell her to not fight and my vision goes black like I am blinded then I die. Looking at the log I took a hit from Loth for 250 and then I was killed by myself. Not real sure what happened… But I never expect to complete with out dying just thought I had the quest down.

Skip to the leg fight. I see one spawning at my feet and move away but I guess I was doing a running man as I go from trying to move to open space with no in between time. BTW I was asked about what the leg tell looks like and how I would describe it is as if the ground is forming bubbles for about 1 sec if you don’t move in that sec then you are gone. If there is a pre bubble tell I haven’t picked up on it. Sometimes if you are real lucky you can see the start of the leg coming out of the ground with the earth cracking but for me bubbles or go flying.  Death 2.

Death three, in the first optional area I move around the mini boss to keep Anna safe and I am adjusting to avoid the spikes on the roof when we go up. I fall to about 300. I quicken reconstruct quicken repair serous and try a quickened mass light (?) repair no spells go off. Not sure if another person was in my orb or what but I never got a heal and I thought I was shooting the mini boss… But I died on the roof from small arms fire from bowmen. Improved precise shot is a double-edged bolt, one that got me in lots of trouble through out the raid. I picked up 3 tear 2 light dots at one point, as an example….

Death four as I am going to blame on IPS as I picked up a priestess before I could kill her clearing trash mobs and got comet fall tripped chain killed while the healer was right next to me and telling people that I was tipped got me 0 loves.

Five kinda pissed me off a little. We were fighting Loth the second time. Now if I can I like to stay back by that pillar where we all stand to let Anna work the last ball. Lets me keep Anna back and still range when I don’t need to clear trash while having cover from Loth. So I was standing there clearing 3 or 4 spiders when I take a Loth death beam. WTF? Drink a curse pot repair check my placement and take 3 more beams in a row. My stone was right where I should had been safe. Maybe there is no cover from Loth and this whole I was just lucky… Totally questioning my understand of the raid…

Worse part, the only named item that dropped was the hammer (which is a great little item so naturally when it goes up for roll I do so, d100 high. I type out the command and roll a 17 the guy right above me, who is a faster typist I guess nails it with a 100.  Ho hum. But I chill out just in case the winner changes his mind. And the wife files a slot of a guy that randomly DCs in the first part of the quest. So I am waiting for her to pass me her repeater was told to pull but didn’t. Anyway I see Sam wins and the item get moved to my name. I call hang on… And check the txt log. I am guessing that the guy that rolled a 100 was either honestly missed by its original owner or squelched so I confirm that Mr 100 still wants said item and is in the raid and pass it over to him.

Close but no Items for me…

Maybe this weekend?


Kicked in the Balls, but I am still Smiling.

Last night the DG formed up and did a Web and A EE Tor… You know I remember back when 3ish hours of play was more then 2 quests… But that is a tangent for another time. No today I want to tell you about how I just kept getting kicked in the nuts in that EE tor.

Before we started the Tor I reset some of my destinies and some twists planning for the EE Blue dragon. That guy is still causing me problems. But the rest of the quest is fairly easy.  So naturally I was clicking on Cocoon when some random giant crits me (as I have swapped out extra fort for energy shield…) right at the start of the quest. I mean in the first 10 mins. And LEAD the killed count.

During the boss fight I had the agro of the boss and at least 1 skelly. Down to 100 sp I let people know I am going to shrine and someone needs to take the boss so I can go. In a few secs the boss is off me and I take a hit. Instead of DDing and leaving I try to heal first then I plan to DD. Nope another killer hit. Death 2.

I get rezed first thing DD. Heal on the way to the shrine and rest up. I get back to the fight. Firing off one chain missile and 3 magic missiles at the boss as my target and for some reason 2 of the caster skellies and one of the barb skellies break off whoever has had their agro this whole time and roll me. Hold Monster and a few other spells take me low, just as I break free I get reheld and hit by the barb skellie. Ding again. Death 3.

Thankfully, I lived to the Black Dragon fight with out another death and I was good through the fight, one dragon down, two to go. During this time another guildie logged on and joined our group. But he took more then one death durning the Black fight and raged logged just before the wall went down and refused to get back on to loot the chest. One less puller. L But on the up side one person (not a DG) pulled the True Imp Blood augment. So that was a nice pull. I tried to roll on it even thought he wanted it but I lost the roll so /cry. J

After we looted I ran over to were the Tor boss fight is and started to clear that room one fight at a time. Assuming everyone was right behind me. I looted all the gold, the chest and shrined what could they be doing? I get held again and killed, look over at the wife’s Screen and they are still in the black room buffing? /facepalm…

The rest of the quest was poking fun at me for being squishy. But at this time I only had one more death then the other caster, who was leading the poking fun charge. But I gave as good as I got. And when his death count (White Dragon fight) caught up to mine I pointed out that he was just squishy as I was… and that was good times.

Then the Blue… Everything was going well. We prepped the giant. I left Rainbow off as to not perma dot him. And we all switched to the dragon. I get low on trash and Cocoon is not enough and I pop a heal scroll but it is too late and I take a huge hit from the giant who should have been on the sorc, ding! There are a few more deaths, but the wife lives long enough to throw not one but two rezs my way as I take a ball lighting right as I take the rez as a ranged person runs trash to the wall where people are coming back to life.

She throws another one and I see her fail the concentration check due to another bloody ball lighting. Tobril throws me a rez so I can start rezing others but I move away from the trash and it vanishes. I hate when that happens.  We all decide that he should just kill the dragon/giant as they are prepped but I think he threw one more rez at the sorc and it was a good thing he did as about then he drinks a silver flame pot, fails a save and is slowed and he dies. The sorc pops up and blasts hard with both guys at a sliver and we win.

The DG was skunked minus Tobril getting the Cold/force stick but think as a whole we had at least 1 named item per chest. Just would have loved getting the hat I want.

Want to say finished that quest with around 5-6 deaths. But I kept a smile on my face because I was having fun. Maybe once I find that hat I can start the massive gear shuffle and I wont be a squishy little Halfling any more.


Bloody Crypt, like a Baby Shadow Crypt

So last night Tobril and I leveled to 8 and started xping. We finished up Splinter Skull, worked on Gray Moon some and then formed up with another small group for some Bloody runs.

For the most part each run was simi-smooth although with a full group and breaking into 4 teams, each to cover a corner the scaling was a little off. Shooting from no skull to red in seconds and gone again not quite as fast only to return again and again. I had a soul stone moment; when the wife who was my kill the caster person got called to help another melee, on the way from finishing my side I saw I had missed a priest and went to look for him. I had 42 sp left and planed to use it to fuel a death blow so I started the fray with a use of a fireball wand I happened to have. He lived and countered with a hold person, I failed to save as always (how many bard lives to not auto fail will saves?) and the 5 other guys I pissed with that fireball off killed me.

We also had a good time for a moment when we had just restarted and was clearing the first mobs when I fell threw the floor in to the red goo that holds that dungeon. I took a moment and placed myself on the map at the end of the quest for a funny screen shot and was /stucking when I was sent to my bind location out of the quest… I can understand having some kind of catch all for people falling through the floors, but can’t was use the /stuck command or maybe return people to the quest start? Ran back to the quest, did my corner and helped the not Tobril melee’s to do their corner also…

After wrapping up Bloody, Tobril and I did a little more xp quests where he decided to take his turn as a soul stone and get carried around by me.

Over all it was a fun night, Tobril caught up and pulled ahead a little xp wise so I will solo a bit of a walk down in a quest or two before taking level 9, which should mean that some time tonight you will see a tweet about how I am the first DDocaster to hit Completionest.

As always, xp for everyone but more for me. ☺