Thank You DDo and Family

So yesterday I think I learned the meaning of shit rolls down hill as my supervisor pulled me into his office for our weekly meeting let me know that we are finally expanding our web department and then proceeded to tear me a new asshole. The whole time he kept saying things that seemed to imply that he had a bit of an ass chewing. I have the feeling there was some why do you need more staff the staff you have hasn’t rolled anything big out under your watch… His reply should have been mine my staff of 1? He is doing 40 little things AND trying to make progress on this big project….

Anyway needless to say that encounter put me in a foul mood and making me wonder if I need to start looking at other options…. I have been here for, well I need to look but I think the 11th will be 5 years. Maybe that is too long in modern times…

Thankfully my wife made dinner and tried to cheer me up as we worked on our TRs that we are doing on the side, aka my rogue and her new evasion dps pally. Don’t want to say that it took my mind right off of things. But it helped a ton and this morning no signs of going postal. That is a joke btw…

Anyway progress, we lvl 9 with or almost having xp for 10. I am dual wielding the long sword/dagger from Threnal and the dps is fair if not great, unless I don’t have the agro and then boom! So many sneak attack dice….

Took me awhile to remember the ends and outs of this build think I need to reread my post explaining it to myself because I have the feeling that I am missing a little bit still…

Anyway I just wanted to say even though DDo and/or my family can/was pissed me off in the past and I am sure they will again; they do an amazing job of cheering me up when they feel like it. My wife even died saving me from bleeding out when I tried to get though a trap to get to the box. Her evasion is powered by more then 10 more points of dex then mine, but 1s happen. But her CLWs took me to 4 so I could disable the trap and take her stone to the shrine. She was “mad” but I think it was all planed on her part…


First Rule of Healing

The first rule of healing is to heal yourself first; you can’t heal anyone if you’re dead. I know this. You know this. So why am I dying with my heal spell on cool down?

Because for some reason I believe that I can make it long enough for the regn/vigor to tick and get me back out of the danger zone and person that just got my heal would not have made it. Think most of the time I do make it and that is just normal happy questing but those times when I don’t make it I can’t help but wonder was there some sign that I missed letting me know that I should heal myself and try to save person X after I am safe…

This weekend is where I noticed a lot of getting in over my head to the point where I tweeted that I needed to stop taking Javabot into Madstone because I had now died for the third time in that quest. On Samius I have done a few two-man hards and no deaths and an EE also no deaths. So why is Java having so many issues?

Because he is more battle clr then healbot so he is in the action when he should be standing to the side. I really need to work those muscles.

But I was able to cap him last night and thanks to the keys of destiny being on sale I am over into the arcane destinies. Currently working my way out of the Bard line and into the Sorc line. Once the Sorc is maxed then I will take a look at making my way over into the primal destines mainly the sleeper Shiradi Champion.

Shiradi Champion is good enough that I am tempted to max it out on Samius and use it for Epics…

But will it help Java stay alive when I let myself fall in to the battle harder then I should? Only trying it will tell.

Well I want to do gear lists for the other main guys this week taking the GH gear into account.


DDo is trying to KILL Me.

I don’t know about you, but for the last 2-3 months I have been getting really strange deaths. There have been a couple of deaths that I lay at Tobril’s feet, but those are okay as I get him from time to time.

So lets roll things back a life, to my pally life. We are level 2 or 3 and we are zerging Information is Key, I don’t have any idea which run we are on but I assume it was one of the elite runs. Tobril is killing the mobs; I jump up on the crate break a box or two, pull the lever and then jump down. The screen freaks out for a second and I take 500points of damage from falling….. WTF?

Fast forward to the other day doing the bloody crypt and I fall through the floor and in to the red nothing that is the out side of the quest. Touched on that in another post but as it more or less auto “released” me from the quest so the team took reentry penalty, I count it as a death.

On Tuesday, Tobril and I were running the Delera’s part 2 and I was trailing behind cleaning up the optionals and I when to hit the chest behind the acid traps. I could see all the little acid sprayer heads and Tobril had been “disarming them” aka setting them off while he loots the chest so I didn’t think anything of it as I ran over to loot my chest. Hit the loot all button and I get that goes in the bag lag, as I want to say I had 10millon gems in that chest, when the trap goes off. I try to move but I couldn’t. Looking at the combat log I took 6 hits most I saved until the end where I rolled a 1. I was at -170 hps with a 30 acid shrine. Post death I was still trying to get everything in the bag, tasty lag deaths. After that Tobril took a moment to get the other trap for sure for me.

Then on Wednesday, T and I were doing Delera’s 3 just running up a stair case, right before the shrine and boom I took 1000 points of falling damage out of the blue. I still don’t know how it happened. As I was running up a staircase, not jumping or falling off anything, when it happened. It was a total shock.

I couldn’t imagine trying to play as a permadeather right now. Any step could just kill you out of the blue. It would be like win the devils attacked the market place a few years back. Just not play any prema alts…..

Oh well I am still having fun so works for me. You have any strange out of the blue deaths to report from the last few months?