So pissed

Last night post recording the new Cocktailhour (which is up @ btw) I got to spend a little time playing. And I don’t know about your server or maybe it was just me but things were super laggy.

Now normally I don’t get a ton of lag or I get mild lag that I can live with like an item doesn’t swap or a clickly doesn’t click. But last night I was getting thrown back and or freezing for 5-10 secs at a time not all the time but often enough that I was worrying about lag deaths most of the night.

But I was able to play around the lag a lot of the time by not playing things close to the chest. But after spending over a min knocked down in the STK end fight I was steamed up, but I was able to knock Stk xp with out a death.

I have xp to level to 8 but I still have a few more level 5s to knock out and I want to start banking xp because I am thinking sands quests are not going to be a helper on my sneak attack driven alt.

Quick aside: I am getting in the grove of using Bluff while I am running to the next mob. I would like the timer to be shorter I can only use it every 3rd mob or so but still 20 damage a swing vs 40-50 points a swing is a big deal. Blinding weapons cannot get here soon enough!

Checking the list the last few 5s I care about are in Splinter Skull, no problem. Re buffing and heading out I start to notice things dragin on. Fine I can do this. Get in and start SLOWLY pulling and clearing. I am on the get the key quest in the chain aka the one with the super mobs. So I take care and pull smart and use bluff to drop casters and then boss mobs and then trash. A few big spikes but in single combat 5-10 sec of lagged out time stop is not a huge deal. I get to the key check easy enough and start pulling the trash off the chest. Kill a caster and a trash mob when the game enters stop go stop mode.

Stop – the one caster I am on is the only mob around.
Go – Drink a CSW pot and now the other caster is also on me.
Stop – swear
Go – Comeback held
Stop – Oh a trash mob is running this way
Go – tripped get up drink a pot start to run away
Stop – Okay, at ¾ life but its all good.
Go – held
Stop – hmm
Go – hold timer starts again
Stop – FML what is with all the damn lag
Go – Hold timer again restarted also tripped
Stop – shit I am at 40 hp…
Go- come back dead the mobs are walking off!

I was so pissed I slammed my mouse on the table almost knocking my Tea over… Shouted a few swear words, as this is the first death on this guy that was unplanned ie the quest is done and I don’t want to bother killing all this trash and I need buffs anyway deaths which was one time, btw. I was so pissed I knew I was about to tilt real hard and while I had the Sully cake in my pack I decided to just release and go watch TV with the wife.

Man I hate it when something like that happens. It is so aggravating and reminds me why I don’t play PD even though I am compelled to try it again.


DDo is trying to KILL Me.

I don’t know about you, but for the last 2-3 months I have been getting really strange deaths. There have been a couple of deaths that I lay at Tobril’s feet, but those are okay as I get him from time to time.

So lets roll things back a life, to my pally life. We are level 2 or 3 and we are zerging Information is Key, I don’t have any idea which run we are on but I assume it was one of the elite runs. Tobril is killing the mobs; I jump up on the crate break a box or two, pull the lever and then jump down. The screen freaks out for a second and I take 500points of damage from falling….. WTF?

Fast forward to the other day doing the bloody crypt and I fall through the floor and in to the red nothing that is the out side of the quest. Touched on that in another post but as it more or less auto “released” me from the quest so the team took reentry penalty, I count it as a death.

On Tuesday, Tobril and I were running the Delera’s part 2 and I was trailing behind cleaning up the optionals and I when to hit the chest behind the acid traps. I could see all the little acid sprayer heads and Tobril had been “disarming them” aka setting them off while he loots the chest so I didn’t think anything of it as I ran over to loot my chest. Hit the loot all button and I get that goes in the bag lag, as I want to say I had 10millon gems in that chest, when the trap goes off. I try to move but I couldn’t. Looking at the combat log I took 6 hits most I saved until the end where I rolled a 1. I was at -170 hps with a 30 acid shrine. Post death I was still trying to get everything in the bag, tasty lag deaths. After that Tobril took a moment to get the other trap for sure for me.

Then on Wednesday, T and I were doing Delera’s 3 just running up a stair case, right before the shrine and boom I took 1000 points of falling damage out of the blue. I still don’t know how it happened. As I was running up a staircase, not jumping or falling off anything, when it happened. It was a total shock.

I couldn’t imagine trying to play as a permadeather right now. Any step could just kill you out of the blue. It would be like win the devils attacked the market place a few years back. Just not play any prema alts…..

Oh well I am still having fun so works for me. You have any strange out of the blue deaths to report from the last few months?