one and one, two and one, one and two


I epic TRed Java last night and feed him a normal heart so he is ready to start again, one what i would like to be his last life for a bit.  So i am trying to form a plan.

Tobril wants me to look at a 2 monk splash, which is poopy mostly do to if you have an unarmed profile then your animal form uses that profile. Or it did and i don’t remember ever seeing that it was changed. It kinda makes since that it would work that way wouldn’t it? Not from a logical pov, but from a coding/lazy pov. Animal form + weapons act like unharmed and handwraps ergo it would use the one that came first…

The first thing i have done is plan out the necessary AP point expenditures to do the things i want to have. And see what important things i am missing.  I would have 17-18 APs left over and would miss the last tear of the Instinctive Fighting (dg sneak attack and 10 positive spell power.) And the Form Mastery ie 10 PRR, 2 damage and 2d6 sneak attack dice and some other bonuses.

One level in fighter gives me the options for extra action boost for 6(7) points, haste boost for 2(9), and reed in the wind for 3(12) or 12 total points. If i do a second fighter level then i could take Imp Dodge in this tree (Tobril claims stacking) for 6(18) more points. So something might need to be cut.

Now if i did one wizard level with those 18 APs i could pick up 15 hps(4) which isn’t bad as that includes 1% double strike and another 1[w]+damage attack. But a second wizard level allows us to spend 6 more total points for a shield clickly that makes up for the missing PRR.

Lets do see what 2/1 fighter/wiz looks like:

4 points for the hps in from Eldritch Knight

6 points for Haste boost and Reed.

6 more for imp Dodge.

1 for invisibility clickly?

17 total points spent 3 total bonus feats and PROFICIENCY with most weapons opening up all the non-Nightmare weapons in my pack (which there are some).

2/1 wiz/fighter:

6 in kensei for Reed, and haste boost 2

10 for Hps and Imp Shield

1 for invisibility clickly?

17 total points spent 2 total bonus feats and PROFICIENCY like above.

Even talking it out with you all, I am not any closer to a decision. Grumble Grumble.


Is Eldritch Knight going to be any good?

So for a while now i have been leveling as400 with no real plan other then to xp with Tobril while he is rocking on his completionest run. What has happened is we TR xp until level 3-4 real live happens i get back on and he is level 18… Tobril has a few stones of xp to help with his quest, btw.. So i slowly grind the rest of the way up catching Tobril from time to time but more or less i got nothing.

A plan would help a lot if i had one. To that end i have been looking at the Eldritch Knight and hoping for a plan.

Now i love me some melee wizards. Think i might have made my name on the them in fact and i am hoping that they will be returning to a place of play ability. That said i don’t think you can do eE content as a melee Wiz and i am not sure that this PRE will help but eH? Maybe.

Stay with me but i have a hard time reading the PRE break down out of game but i am going to try…

Looks like the core enchantments are fine, not amazing and not so good that i have to take 20 levels in wizard so that is good. A small amount of double strike and 3d4 to 4d4 of an element based on a toggle? One more d4 is not so important that i have to take 18 levels even so that is good. 17/2/1 or 16/2/2..  The main question for my EK build is do i want PwK or can i live with out?

So what do i see a melee wiz looking like now? How about a dwarf 17wiz/2rog/1fighter or a 16/wiz/2rog/2pally going dual Daxes and heavy armor? Stacking up as many layers of defenses as possible while maxing out the melee potential and later in those eE quests shifting into more of the MM caster with the option to melee once a real melee has the agro.

So as i level 400 up i will be waiting and gathering gear to go this way using the +20 heart turbine gave us to “fix” our builds due to the enchantment revamp.


Okay think i might need to xp while i am simi-motivated only 12 levels to go to catch up with Tobril…


My Smok’n Hot Healer Idea

Since the last post I have been mulling over different druid builds. With the TR train in full swing some nights a week, as people have time to play, my motivation to grind out gear/destiny xp for capped alts fades. And for the last few weeks I have been debating what my list of guys brings to the table.

I have:
Samius as my do everything guy.
McPlunderer as my Dps/removal guy.
Darth Samius a pure dps build.
Samyus my tank that hasn’t done anything after doing all the FR quests on EE other then Web which he has done 0 times.
And Java who is returning to the dog form as a tool box dps/healer guy.

Meaning that my bard gets very little play my “healers” get no play and I have at least 2 guys that have used a true heart just waiting for a build to TR into.

So why is that rambling important?

1, I am board now when not working the TR train. Right now levels are close I don’t want to be the one that makes everyone else have to play catch up. But I am in a place where I want the good vibes from the low level Skinner box pushes.

2, Lately there has been a point/place where something was made harder/didn’t happen because our core group was short a healer. I am thinking when we throw up a raid mostly. But there are lots of times I would like to give Tobril and Rachel the option to not have to heal but can’t because my healers are un such disrepair.

Okay so idea in a nutshell, 17/2/1 druid/ranger/x. X could be anything allowing for pairing with druid’s alignment issues. I am leaning fighter or wiz for the feat but an argument could be made for arty or rouge for skills/namely UMD. The core idea is a two weapon fighter using mostly the flameblade spells (as needed) in either Fire ele form or Ice form that also has manyshot/bow str as another dps option. With a quick human build going ranger, ranger druid until I wanted gtwf (bab) where I took fighter then returned to druid I was able to fit in all the feats for TWF tree/Manyshot tree and had room for toughness, power attack and 1 meta before epic levels. If I could loose a feat I could go Helf and take Arcane Archer I think anyway…

I need more time with the planer, but as I was fiddling I got a txt from Tobril that read “xp?” and I spent the rest of the night xping.

As always, thoughts?