I want to be a Kingsman or aTerminator

This past weekend was sweet. First of all i want to thank everyone that sent birthday well wishes, i did have a great day and weekend as a whole. Tobril, fled Nebraska for the shining glory that is the Kansas sky and we promptly hid from that burning ball of fiery death and watched a movie.

Terminator Genisys, was a fine summer movie. And a solid enough movie that i am sure i will pick it up from the Google Play store when i want to see it again. One of the things that really got me other then the super easy foreshadowing or the “Easter Eggs” with the story ties ins from the other movies or the shot for shot reshoots, was how much they made Emilia Clarke look like Linda Hamilton. There were so many shots that i could have sworn that they were the same person. Over all i really liked the movie a lot and it gets one of my highest ratings: the Confused Wife!

Then Tobril and i continued watching Guyver: The Bioboosted Armor. For those that haven’t seen this Amazon has it on their instant video section now. Guyver has been one of our favs for years. Back in high school we had to rent vhs tapes (the 1989 version) from Blockbuster and they didn’t have the whole series so we ended up missing huge chunks of it. Also there are a few live action movies, which are also good in that bad movie kind of way. Check it out if you can.

Yesterday, after Tobril headed home i was still in movie watching mode and bought Lucy and Kingsman from Google Play. Lucy was good but Kingsman was great. I “made” the wife watch Lucy with me. Once again we have the Confused Wife rating, i feel that it could have been a little stronger had they not beat that poor drum of a concept that we don’t use our whole brain over and over. They could have easily gone with IQ points vs % of brain; that could have been true and might not have pulled me out of the story each time they did so.

Kingsman, on the other side gets my highest rating. Not sure what that would be. I need to make a set scale i guess. I wish i would have seen it at the theater i would have bought it right away for sure. Just amazing. Remmie got the pleasure of watching it with me but wasn’t as big of a fan as i was. He had an issue with the use of animals in the film. He is an animal lover to the max.

Couldn’t have had a better weekend if i tried i don’t think. Well not in a very likely manor anyway….


Lots of Little Things, including Gurobo Farm Update 5.6.14

Right off the bat i want to say thanks for stopping by, i know that i my base is all over at the moment and that makes me fairly happy. Having so many people with so many different topics come here because i might entertain them for a moment is fairly cool.

Okay lets get into it.

1, DUCKS! Oh man if you missed the 30 sec link i tweet to them still in the shipping box don’t panic. First it is right here:

Second, i will be taking a longer video later and will have it up as soon as i can. I hope to run down the breeds and names i hope. Right now i like using our Grandparent’s names for the ducks but with 4 girls that might be hard.

2, Greenhouse, i have a new update processing right now over on youtube, what phones are shaky… Odds are it will be done later tonight so it might have to wait until tomorrow but if you don’t want to wait i am linking the shaky video below. I also did find and get two IBC totes, one of which Remmie and i busted hump and converted yesterday. It is not 100% ready for fish and plants yet but it is getting close.

3, Got to see Spiderman 2 yesterday. Really good but i also have a bit of a crush on Emma Stone. Yeah i know. I also have a thing for Dr. Girlfriend and Lana from Archer.

I plan to do a ring tone of this scene for CtH.


Okay, i better check on things and tape more videos of the ducks. I mean how damn cute are they? Super damn fuck’n cute, i know.


I don’t know about you but i am getting excited for new movies. This month has a few that are at the top of my personal list.

LEGO movie – Starting to look i am going to this one alone as the wife and boy have zero interest. It might just become a wait for dvd movie also. 😦

ROBOCOP! I love the OG Robocop movies yes even 3. Okay well maybe 3 is more for the cheesy factor then the griping badassness that was the first two films. So yes i am excited to see this new future for Robo and maybe if we are lucky this film will reboot the films and we can see a good version of Robocop 3.

There are also a few dvds out this month like the new Thor film and Ender’s Game which i haven’t seen yet as again no one wanted to go with me. 😥

But this year is just another year of (potentially) amazing movies all year long. And just to wet your whistle a little.


As I struggle for a topic…

So here we are at 2:30 my time and I still haven’t written any thing for today. I have been playing with work stuff. My work Mac came the other day and I have been trying to use it some just to try and get a feel for things. But that is no excuse. The werds must go on. But I still don’t have much of a topic to focus on.

I could try an talk about the failed eDQ runs last night. But they might come across as whiny. And who wants to hear about how the healers failed to heal a raid, or fail to throw a rez with the queen’s bar all but totally gone? And please don’t get me started on how the raid leaders had real leadership issues. How many people can BYOH in and eDQ? Answer not many. And loosing a Sorc for a fighter because you don’t like how the sorc might play is crappy. Trust me one more caster would have won that second run hands down. That wipe was totally on the leader being an a$$.

Or I could talk a little about how I hit two epic Small Problems and in the second with Oncler he bitched me out for pikeing a fight. I was on Java healing btw. When I said I do that part of the quest all the time and there is not a fight he informed me there was and I told him I ran it the night before and there wasn’t. After about a min of arguing someone said that fight was only on epic and we both felt dumb. No seals for me on either run so my dry streak on seals continues.

I could run down how Phlor did his first night as a WF and a none Pally class. But as he was fresh off the boat (level 7) all we did was run the Ataraxia’s Haven loop and he did fine. Learned that rust monsters are bad which was funny. But nothing really worthy of a whole post.

Here is some good news Seth MacFarlane’s ‘Ted’ Moves Up to June 29. Think it will be a blast if the wife will never go. Tobril might be around for the 4th of July it might be just the movie to get us away from the computers and Ddo.

In other movie news Iron Man 3 started shooting yesterday and just got their budget increased (60 Million), hmm Iron Mans. Speaking of Iron Man and the Avengers (I was too talking about the Avengers) here is a sweet tee I am about to order. http://www.80stees.com/products/Avengers-Shirt.asp

While I am on the movie kick. Please someone tell me who thinks Kristen Stewart is hotter then Charlize Theron so I can kick that person in the nuts. The wife as informed me that I am taking her to see Snow White and the Huntsman, and before it even starts the realism is gone…. And I like brunettes over blondes.

Well I think that is enough rambling to make this count as a post. If you want to hear about something specific tomorrow you better use the comments.