I don’t know about you but i am getting excited for new movies. This month has a few that are at the top of my personal list.

LEGO movie – Starting to look i am going to this one alone as the wife and boy have zero interest. It might just become a wait for dvd movie also. 😦

ROBOCOP! I love the OG Robocop movies yes even 3. Okay well maybe 3 is more for the cheesy factor then the griping badassness that was the first two films. So yes i am excited to see this new future for Robo and maybe if we are lucky this film will reboot the films and we can see a good version of Robocop 3.

There are also a few dvds out this month like the new Thor film and Ender’s Game which i haven’t seen yet as again no one wanted to go with me. 😥

But this year is just another year of (potentially) amazing movies all year long. And just to wet your whistle a little.


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