Feeling Funky

I am not sure what is up today, I am fairly good at pushing aside my personal shit and getting at least something done at work or a post or something. But today I am in a funk. I don’t want to work. I don’t want to tweet. Hell I can’t even troll the forums like a normal DDo addicted person.

So lets force something. Btw if this post seems weird it is because I am truly writing it as I am living it so any crazy thoughts you might get are raw and unfiltered. Bio.

Its funny I was in my opening header I was going to say something about my head not burning atm and I should be burning threw work. I go piss and my head is starting to fire up with the burning poke my eye out pain. Oh life your so funny.

Anyway it is 15 mins until lunch, is it weird that I am really looking forward to getting home so I can watch Buffy? I hope not, because for the last 2 weeks or so the wife and I have been Buffying out. As you know I like to watch a show when playing DDo solo/wife only groups and it was Buffy time. Think it had something to do with Tobril buying session 9 comic book run and letting me read it. Got me fired up to rewatch the show. But at the same time Darkhorse had a .99 sale on buffy comics and I bought the newest run up to date of Buffy, Angel & Faith and Willow. Sorry Spike I was poor enough after all that and I didn’t see you on sale. So my brain is very Buffyed out.

I am also really ready to be home for the night so I can log in. Last night was fun times but not very filling as for achieving person game goals. Ie, there was no loot from Abbot training runs, the DQ was a bust and I only got 2 tokens among both of my guys (Samius and Steampower- piker) in the eDA run Tobril and I did last night. Sam died in the last fight from poison or something totally out of the blue for me and I was in shock…

Anyway I want to knock out some more Xp for Java and get him to 8 asap so Tobril and I can level those guys. But I am torn as I also see that epic xp is getting boosted this weekend… Maybe mindless xp farming for Samius is in order. Some destinies are less then fun and I want to get over to Primal Avatar with out buying more Keys of Destiny from the store. Sam is more or less low hanging fruit guy for twists…

Hey look it is almost lunch time, 11:28 so time to post and run home for Buffy and food I guess.

How the Hireling …

I so wanted to complete that title with “Fracked Me” but I am not sure how turbine would like that. So I will just stick it in the first line so you can get the feel for the ton of this post.

Last night I was on the newly TRed Javabot, I just wrapped up the level 2 and 3 quests that I do for favor and leveled to 4. A fast zerg of the back half of the Water Works and the first half of the Splinter Skull chain I decided to do the Sharn market chain.

The first few runs were simple enough nothing my dog army couldn’t handle. Btw when push came to shove I went with FinFangFoom, just too good of a name not to use. And then I hit Book Binder and what I call the Jumping on the Bed Quest. What? You know you take a sec and jump on the beds also.

So I clear Book Binder, call my hire rogue and set about disarming the traps and then opening the doors. Get to the very last trap box tell the hire to disarm it and it runs to the door nearest to the trap. Hits the door, some how one shoting its, setting off the fireball one which opens and agros the room across the hall. The alert goes nuts the hire starts to die super fast. In other werds, fan + poop….

I can’t keep the hire, FinFangFoom and myself all up so I dismiss the hire. She has done her damage. Just then Fin dies. I take the pet had died hit. One of the Npcs dies failing the quest for me and before I could be booted or make it to the exit I take a lighting bolt and a fireball to the back.

And things were going so well until that point. Sigh.

Rebuff and take extra care to line up the rogue so it is really unlikely that it would try to path threw the door to get to the trap box. And we win handily.

The arty didn’t have any of these issues. I miss trap skills some times.

Staring at New Tail

So last night I bit the bullet and TRed Javabot in to my Druid build. I was back and forth on the details but I ended up saying why not go for it all the way? And I went 16 str, 18 con, 16 wis and any other points in int. I was back and forth as 16 wisdom is max on a WF and I didn’t want to change race on Java and I thought maybe I should just tank DCs and plan on pure DPS. But 2 more str wasn’t going to break me and I like the hybrid play style that Samius did on his druid life and that is want I want to recreate.

I didn’t do a lot of planning again for this TR. I know I just did a blog post about taking a sec and getting my shit together b4 a TR and I did some stuff. And I looked for a few things but after 30/40 mins cleaning the TR cache and hitting the AH and the vendors for lvl1 staffs/wraps/collars/leather armor I said “Frack It” and just used the starter flaming touch axe and a stack of pots for level 1.

Speaking of level one seemed to take a long time. Mostly because my summon nature’s trash pet was less then amazing and as I said before my druid dog was less then stellar. Speaking of the dog by the way, I think I have chosen him a name, Syntax. Roboty and yet doesn’t have a bot in the title. Although I tweeted it and Ecgric has a few good options also including Python which is now major contender or maybe just go with my first name: Fin Fang Foom!

Level 2 brought the good stuff, WOLF form and a slew of good weapons icy burst/ holy great axe and a flaming/icy rapier. But the real wining weapon/tip came from DDo cast: sun flasks for Undead/oozes. If you equip them in form you don’t throw them, but get the massive light damage vs guys it hurts and ghost touch, they are such a main stay for this druid from now on!

Level 2 went nice and fast clearing the near the harbor bank quests. Information is key, all those little favor quests and Durk’s, find my backpack and the kill everyone quest.

At 3 I hit New Ring leader and now I have xp for lvl 4. Think I will polish up the favor quests before taking it though.

Okay some thoughts, Wolf form is still amazing, takedown is the nuts! Throw in the WF trip line – vertigo weapon/shield in the off hand and you are a tripping king. Being a WF in form is strange. Some things works like you think they should like healing is amazing. I have a Blood/ Invulnerability docent, which is really good for my atm. Sure I loose some fort but pick up some amp. A (max) lesser vigor in form gives 10 a tick if I cast and open a door it down shifts to 6 until the door is open and then upshifts back again as soon as I return to wolf form. Also sometimes while swimming I have a breath meter and others times I don’t always in form… And finally the thing that gets me is I have some tasty ham oils and turkey dinners from something… And in form I can’t use the oil, which makes sense, but I can’t eat the turkey, which doesn’t. Also while in form I am immune to repair, which makes since, but that means I need to remember to carry normal healing pots now too. ☺

Well back to work, <3s

Oh Lailat, You’re so Funny

Some of you might not know, but I have been really working on getting a Marilith Chain for Darth sorted out. Meaning Tobril and I run it every Wednesday I talk the British Invasion in to knocking out at least one over the weekend and I pick up channel runs as I see them. I less then 3 weeks I have gotten about 11 completions on Darth. I assume I will need to get to 20 for a list and hope for good stuff. I might even lesser to take a second crack on the list. But this is not the story of trying and failing. This is a tail of Lailat (and maybe DDo as a hole) giving up the goods.

We had a full or mostly full run this weekend for an eH DQ. When the dust settled Darth was dead, but there was an amazing amount of good stuff in the chest. Grim had a Torc Shard drop for her, which she was good enough to pass to me.

BTW, I should point out that this was just the DG + HotDW+ our piking accounts.

There was at least 2 other good shards that dropped but I was too busy thinking about running off and having Samius make an Epic Torc so I didn’t take super notice of what the others were… Wait no, I am remembering a Dustless Boot and Spirit Sight shards want to say there was a few base items also.

Then I remembered that my piker hadn’t looted yet and when I did a torc was sitting in the box. The second one in 2 weekends with his name on it.

No he didn’t get to keep this one either, Grim’s arty got it, as she and my piker were the last two blue bars in the quest that didn’t have one. Seems like a fair trade to me.

While the Torc shard was my best loot of the weekend, I want to say most people had good things over the weekend.

EE Twisting Shade, EE Bastion, a ton of killer seals and scrolls Tobril got a stunning 10/str 2 Ring and both he and the wife pulled drow weapons. (Good ones even!)

Over all I would say this weekend was a solid loot weekend.

Oh one last thing. Feels like Grim and I are in a pissing contest to see who can be nicer to the other. She started winning when she gave my tank his EE Bastion. I returned the favor but making her lady a set of Stonedust/vamp wraps and then gave her back a EE bastion. She “gave” me 5 reds to make a red suit (but then Turbine shut off the Druid challenges making it impossible to get the favor) and then we swapped the Torc/shard around. So she is currently winning. Damn it I need to find something amazing to get for her and repay her those reds. I am at 21 atm but I have no idea what to get her…. Growl!


Crafting for Others, Not Me

So last night I got to help an old friend out by making him some starting level 7 gear. He is a long time player on another server and due to his gaming circle drying up he is moving to Sarlona with more or less nothing. Guess he played some back then the cap was 14ish but he has little to no gear over here and decided to do the whole start over thing, “for the fun”.

His new “main” he is working on a dual wielding scimitar elf pally and he goes hey can you do some crafting for me? I say sure and we head to house k.

I ask what he wants and he says, Acid Burst x2, bleed x2 and +1 x2. Okay… I offer up some lesser vamp shards, which he takes and I precede to try and make this list. But my elemental is only at 100 so no acid burst. I counter with holy, which he takes. But not before explaining that acid burst is more dps on more guys assuming that you bypass good dr which he has found flametouched blanks to craft on. And I am dumb founded… Have I been wasting my time on holy/(lesser) vamp weapons at low levels?

Bleeding I understand but not over vamp at low levels but I would rather not have to drink a pot vs take one more attack. Different strokes for different folks.

But this last one got me +1 shards. I don’t plus anything for low levels. Plus 1 to hit and damage is not worth the overall higher level of the weapon to me. But as he is already level 7 thanks to Vet2 and dual wielding so maybe the +1 is to off set the dual wielding pen some…

But I am so not used to crafting low-level pluses I end up making two +1 Enchantment shards and not Enhancement shards and end up having to make some things again because we didn’t catch it in time. I found the whole thing funny and aggravating at the same time.

Once the weapons were sorted, we moved on to armor where I offered up an Invulnerability Shard which he takes and then asks if I can make an +3 Enhancement shard which I run over to make but again being low level crafting dumb I end up crafting up an armor 3 shard which is not the right thing at all. Once that is pointed out I start looking for the correct ritual and I can’t make it because I don’t have any +3 spirits…. Look I have like 10 +1s and 20000 +5s okay! Not really that many 5s but everything else is just taking up room in my bag. Well until last night when I needed them… Doh!

Any way Jay is all geared up and ready to rock. Well not really but he is well enough for now I guess. The thing is the whole time I was thinking wouldn’t he be better off finding some AH weapons with 2 or 3 properties (like flaming of Lacerating) adding just a normal icy dice and then letting me give his the mats for a stone of change force damage? That would be like d6 + str + 1 + d4 + d8 + d6 +d6 + 1 to bleeding guys?

Anyway think he is moving his crafter over so in a few weeks I don’t expect it to be an issue but until I guess we will all muddle threw.

Okay back to the grind.

Once a Strength

One of the things I have always felt was a strength in my gearing was how I spread out my gear effects. The idea was when I need to make a swap I can do so with minor losses. But now I am having issues making room for other things that my build wants to work in by my diverse gear set up is causing me headaches.

I hope that the Epic GH will make things work for me again. Looking at http://forums.ddo.com/showthread.php?t=404940 for my eGH info/ what I can remember from my visit to Turbine in November, the Stormreaver’s Tablecloth is a must have for Samius. Int/Cha/a yellow/ Greater Spell Pen/SFM +2 all in a simi unused slot for me atm? Well it is a clikly slot, mostly Jungle cloaks. But it would make things easier again at least stat wise.

Looks like a blue helm might not be the worst place to move +3 insightful int and get it off my body slot. But that is where my Min2 lives now… So I might have to slot Fort someplace. But 2 epic slots would be a huge help for other things. Hell I could do a epic blue armor maybe.

Okay RL is knocking so i need to get. Hopefully i will have a cool story for tomorrow, have to see how tonight plays out.

Making with the Iceness

So I haven’t really bothered with the ice jumps myself in a long time. Don’t get me wrong I think it can be fun, but this year I am trying to keep up with the ice race every few days and that is more then enough screwing off getting motes and things. That means that my pile of items I want to add icy (burst) has grown and the amount of 3/4/5s that I have around are getting lower. In fact I have been out of 4/5s this whole time and have counted on the stockpile of scrolls that the wife and tobril are sitting on. ☺ Got to Fleshshaper’s Docent -> Live Woodcore -> Quorforged -> Epic Docent of Grace so I just need something until 10? Something I already have wouldn’t suck need to hit the wiki and see what I have other then the house D docent around this level. He might just get a GFL docent until something good comes along.

I was kinda excited to add Glaciation to a shield until I realized that it wouldn’t really take a shield and then I was like never mind. Really what was Turbine thinking? Random armor with Glaciation 120 @ lvl 24 does not beat like any named armor. Now if you could add it to ANY armor I could see that being popular.

Well I guess I can get a bear???