The Kids Homework

The other day, when I picked up the boy from school he was happy as get all and told me that he had homework for me. Grumble….. As that is our code word for permission forms or HR forms that need to be filled out, aka each year I bring home a stack of homework for the wife to fill out and get to turn in to HR before I get in trouble. ☺

He explains that he has a sheet, what do you know about your parents (pick one) that he filled out and now that parent he picked needs to fill it out in a different color for comparison. Thing is some of these questions are really good, while other were not so great. Here is a few.

How did your parents meet?
Sam. Long story, but my wife was dating my roommate atm the time and I was seeing 2 other girls at the time but I thought she was amazing. Then he moved to California the land of cheep drugs and once he was out there he dumped her over the phone. A few months later I was single and she called me on my current roommates phone, which pissed him off as I was giving out his number. But turns out that he thought she was hot when my old roommate was with her and gave her his number. But she only kept it to get a hold of me. Lolz. I answered on the sheet a mutual friend.

What was the last movie your parent attended in a theater?
B, Avengers
Sam, After some thought and looking up of release dates it was the newest Batman. Might that factor into why I haven’t gone to watch another one??? (so bad)

Does your parent gas up the car as soon as the tank is ½ empty or wait until its empty?
Both, Empty

As a child did your parent have pets? What kinds if so?
Turns out the kid didn’t know that I had dogs more or less my whole life… Weird as I know I have told him stories about my first dog and that is where my name comes from. Yes like Indiana Jones I am named after the dog.

If your parent could only watch one TV show a week, what would it be?
B, Dexter
S, this is a killer question, one that I had to really think long and hard about this one as there are so many shows the idea of never seeing again is too hard. But Dexter is a great show but I think Coupling UK is the best answer. It doesn’t get old, its smart, funny and full of hotties. Hmmm.

Which of the following can your parent not do, rewire a lamp, sew clothes or a handstand?
B, He said Handstand
Sam, I was hurt because I have done all of these things over my life. But as my current body shape is more pair shape then muscle man I can see where he is coming from and also listed handstand.

If your parent won the lotto, would he/she stop working?
There was some yess filled in this slot. ☺

If your parent could have you do anything for 3 hours, what would it be?
B, Chores
Sam, what I thought was funny was I can make him do 3 hours of chores now. But what I can’t “make” him do is play DDo with me. Which is what I listed on the form. But I did make him come and play PnP with the guys last week so I guess I can make him play dnd with me. ☺

So how well do you know your parents? If I had to answer these questions about my own parents I don’t think I would do a well has he did matching up with me. Although my dad is in his 50s now so I think it is save to say he can’t do a handstand either!


Training Raid Night aka Long Night

So last night was another one of the DG open Abbot training raids. I both love and hate these raids.

I like the idea that we are actually doing the raids and I even like having a larger population of people that can do more puzzles. But we start at 6pm my time and if I am lucky around an hour later we run the raid for real. Then sometimes like last night we run a second raid and before I long it is 10:10pm my time and that is all you have done. 2 abbot raids…..

Epic facepalm

I just hope that these training raids start growing the base of people willing to run some of the unpopular raids. That second run took a really long time to fill just because the lack of people willing to learn enough to get confortable with the raid.

I had a kind of mean rant here about taking the time to learn, but it was harsh and I don’t want that so let me just say people take the time to learn. It is worth it.

Samiusbot, A Lesson in TRing

Tuesdays are “my” days to piss off, well now that Tobril is doing his get his life in order thing anyway. Ideally this time would go to the wife’s projects that she feels are neglected. Like farming challenges for mats or leveling up really off alts for the hell of it. But some how I spent the night at negative hps or dead a lot…

Rolling back the start of the night, I log on and Dis asks if I could help on an Abbot run. After some careful food negations with the wife I can help. There were some deaths on my part. Some planed others just failed a saving throw really bad. There was even a right/left moment where I almost entered the wrong door but I caught myself and managed. But we won, just as dinner arrives and in the end and all was well. My bard is up to 12 completions; a sweet 20 is in sight…

While eating the wife and I talk about projects and whatnot. But she doesn’t have anything in mind so I start getting a personal project ready. Samiusbot. I realty like my off account arty and the arty life I did on Samius. Even if that life had a few issues, like not enough self-healing early on, being a fleshly/melee/caster hybrid build. So I have been excited to get a full love arty on my main account just to feel like I have all the main classes covered. As I am gathering some basic loot I notice that Tobril has logged on AND has TRed his FvS…. WTF?

Doing some catching up he has training for work all week so his brain is to full for more personal study this week so he is free to game and he is already level 2. Woot! I pull a heart out of the bank, grab as much of the shared bank/hording loot I can out of the bank and TR. Into an Arty with out really taking the time for a plan or proper gear. 😉

So level 1, skipping the snow, I run to the bank and I have a haggle 10 hat, a set of +5 tools and a ring of feathers. NP! Boat up thinking that Korthos is cake.

We start with the get the scroll quest. Tobril zerging like his barb/fighter fully geared for level 2 guy can do (80ish hp) vs my 39 hp arty with starter gear can not. But we complete and I start to run out of the quest take a crit realize I am at like 10 hp, hit my repair light spell, get hit again and fail to save the spell (4ish hp), run cast fail to save it again fail to neg 1. Tobril runs over to save me from the rat that has eaten my ass off convincing it to attack me one last time, crits and I die… First quest out of the gate, if I was a permy I would be rerolling after the first quest. We have a good laugh at my expense.

But as I didn’t bind yet, I am right there. Everything goes well enough until the bar quest were I once again fall to neg 1, but this time Tobril gets the agro from mobs and I recover.

This where Tobril asks about my gear… I explain that I had just started to prep for a TR and that I had nothing at all ready to go but as he was off I wanted to tag along. How big of a deal is levels 1-4 anyway?

I fall incap twice more last night, and die two other times in traps. In my defense I thought 30 resistances would cover the lighting traps in the lighthouse quest, I was wrong. And I think some lag killed me in the missing pack as I shot across the spike traps and was around the corner before my death triggered and my stone was about were I was standing so very far away from the trap. But Tobril with his invis clicklies and fast movement had already finished the quest.

Sooner or later I took level 2, moved from the fire touch started repeater to a BtA holy heavy repeater I had planed to icy burst. Asked the wife for a kit and got one, took a min to get 3 or 4 rune arms and stopped by the pot vender for some Repair pots. And things smoothed out. So some gear helps after all, oay pots were the main thing…. Healing for 20 vs 5…

After an hour or two of play I had taken level 3 put on a fair docent and life was good again.

So the moral of the story, take a min before TRing or starting a new alt and get some pots and some basic gear ready. But the most important think you can take from this story is DON’T THINK YOUR SHITTY 2ND LIFE GUY IS AS GOOD AS YOUR COMPLETIONEST/MILLON LIFE GUY. I might have gotten a little lazy having done a millon TRs on Samius both for gear and just static HPS.


Augments, More Questions then Answers

So as some of you know I got so see a little bit of Turbine HQ a few months back when I visited Boston for work. One of the few things that I got a little peak at was the new augment system. Should say an early look….

Anyway I have had a few thoughts floating a round in my head ever since and a few new ones now that we have gotten a few new details.

1, Good by new Guild slots??? Sure it will nice to have a one over arching system for once in DDo history but wont this just make guild slotted items super $$$ in a few months? Hint buy them now and anything with med-large slots are now an investment like never before.

2, Epic items with slots are kings again. The option to put a +7 stat in off slot is huge. So in stats where +7s or +2 are good enough dual sloted items can free up gear slots in a big way, Lion Headed Belt Buckle any one?

2, Shields are about to become a casters best friend again! Or I should say shields with Red slots are. Epic Weathered Targe for example, Blue and Violet slots aka a missing spell power and PRR or more hps.

3, Hps are blue now… So why do I need yellow slots? Resistance? Striding??? Oh as another colorless slot!

4, Guess my Antique Greataxe can get another d10 of something???

5, Wonder how those tmp time based augments will work? Will they only work on the old epics or will there be a way to make them useable in the new system? UPDATE: “New versions of these couldn’t make it into the initial launch of the system, due to time constraints.
We wanted to remove anything that is temporary- as we’ve decided to change that aspect of the old system’s design.

While these won’t be in initially with Update 17, we do intend to add new versions of these augments in the future as named treasure, and without the temporary duration.” – Feather of Sun

6, Guess stacking skill boosts are heading out of favor with the devs. What do guilds loose now that turning on guild slots at least for TRs and some super high water marks skills (intim) are gone???

Over all not the worse change I ever saw. But I am worried about adjusting the new system to a slotting system. Some of this might fall in to stuff I heard at Turbine so grain of salt/ I could just miss remember/ don’t really know what the hell I am talking about… Like instead of plain FF boots we could/will see new boots drop with a yellow slot pre-slotted with FF augment. Sure that is cool in the sense that now I can make Fear Immune boots and loose the FF part but how does that make new players life any easier?

How will this hit Cannith crafting? So now I go and craft FF on these yellow slotted boots and then slot Fear Immune… Seems good?

Long story short, go buy Guild slotted items now!


That Bi-Monthly Argument

About every other month, Tobril and I have what amounts to the same argument about guild renown. He feels we should cull the guild and make the bigger small size bonus work for us. (I like how that last line read.) I feel we need the accounts that are in the guild to pull more renown.

Anyway, here is the deal. Tobril, the wife and I all have piking accounts, some in the guild others not. I also have the info for Phlor’s account which I am slowing working on; it is also in the guild. So on weekends and some quests our pikers are busy bodies, the rest of the week not so much. But still doubling or almost doubling renown for some quests has to be better then getting a few more % but gain less over all, right?

Math people get me a good answer once and for all…….. I can wait………

Hmmm, no one chimed in to finish this post for me. Guess I will jump to my version of the renown test.

Starting tonight I will screen shot my alt piking account’s current guild renown earned and then I will play him like normal for the week and take a follow up SS at the end of the week and see how he did. Thing is will it even matter?

A normal week for my piker is 4-5 wizkings, how ever many Devil Assaults the wife wants to do, the 3-5 raids we do on the weekends and tag along for whatever item I am grinding for that I can hunt up solo. Example it was that account that finally pulled that Seal for the Antique Greataxe for Darth Samius. I just happened to ransack the chests on 3 guys hunting for that seal last week.

I should also point out that my main alt account guy has capped his epic levels and is working on capping out his 3rd or 4th destiny just from piking.

Tobril, asked in one email and I will ask you all, as this question should get you all chatting, “Do chest pullers need to be in the guild?” I counter with “Aren’t the pikers more active then some of our active accounts (for renown purposes)?”

Use the box below and get your rant on.


Dirty Trader

I can work a trade, yep not afraid to hit the forums or keep an eye on the trade channel, but more often then not I tend to just work out deals between friends.

Why? Because trading with a friend means that they are a little stronger and therefor I get a little bit out of the deal by them being able to do a little more. That said more often then not I will just loan or give things for favors down the road… Just try it in Monopoly once and see how angry the other players get later.

Example, the other day I was talking with one of the Brits about gear. I had happened to pull (I think) a +8 chr trinket. At the time no one had a need for it so I put it in the bank to sell or use some place. A few days later said Brit asks if I still have it and what I would like for it in Shroud mats, as that is what he had. I decline to trade instead I give the item to him and he says he owes me one or a second as this is the same person who got that Twilight when I more or less auto passed it the other day.

Sooner or later I always cash in…

Okay not really but you know I try too.

But in the past I have traded overly in my favor, to the point that Tobril has often cried at my mad skillx. But for the most part I try to go out of my way to make sure both parties feel the deal is fair. Long time readers might remember I picked up a Lavender Ion Stone for a set of +2 tomes. When the guy only wanted a single +2 Str tome… Pre +3 store tomes, btw.

I bring this up because I have a debt to pay. But I assume the person I owe wont feel that I owe anything. But I do and I have the payment ready.

I am waiting for the right time to repay this person because well one an offer on this item might come up that I can’t refuse and I wouldn’t want to feel I missed out on a huge score and two this is a simi-specialized item for a specialized build and I am waiting for this person to start one as there as been much talk of doing so from this person.

So I guess what I am saying is if you’re on Salona, have Reds for trade and are slightly foolish let me know. ☺


EE Alts?

Yesterday, Tobril and I were talking and as it often does our topic of conversation wondered over into DDo land. We ran down the basic plan for the night (we did a teaching Abbot raid last night for example) then via TR plans for Tobril’s Fvs the idea of the roster of EE capable alts came up. Some how this talk finally got me to understand the logic behind some of the things Tobril has been saying/doing.

His active roster is meant to be EE capable in the role they are intended and he wants to cover what he feels are key/hard to fill roles.

He has:
Tobril – heavy dps/role filler/random light tank (as needed)
Syg – Tank
Holy – Healer/Dps
SQL – Caster/CCer
Tennie – Monk (set at a lvl 20 cap for challenge farming/helping guild with the 17-20 push)

And that is his active roster as I remember it. Which is strange to me. I know he has other guys he enjoyed playing and at least at one time had plans to tweak for todays needs. But even before and durning his massive DDo bender/s he was starting this pull back. Wanting to spend more time doing other things in his day other then work out -> work -> DDo -> Sleep-> repeat.

Got me thinking, what of my active roster to touch up list is currently EE ready or are simi close and what do I need to do to get them EE ready.

Samius – clearly my most EE ready guy, arcane/most traps (Some skill gear wouldn’t suck)
Samyus – Tank – Already has rocked most quests on EE, is mostly geared could use some Web stuff but Epic GH shouldn’t be that much further out…
Darth Samius – DPS – He has a list of wanted gear, but he is far closer then any other of my random DPS guys (has a lot more EEs then i would thing looking at him).
Butterz – Buffer/Trapper – she has like 1 epic level and is hardly in to her first destiny. She just needs played and Xped but I think she could do EE in her role as is. Just everyone else will need to be on the ball as she will not be able to pick up much slack.
As400 – not quite there, will always be second fiddle as long as Samius is an arcane.

Java – on the project list, will TR in to a Druid at some point. So he is just in the oh you need x healed… Sure I got a guy. I hope to that once I am done I can use Java as my EE not arcane caster but I am not 100% sure he will be able to do everything I have planed for him.
How EE ready is your roster? Who needs work? What roles do you feel are important in EE?


That’s My FAT AXE, SIR!

That’s right folks, thanks to a few good people a now own a Cleaver, Hewer of Suffering on Darth. Thanks to everyone that ran the raid, it was fairly smooth. Thanks to the nice arcane that put it up for roll. And thanks to Sou who was the only one to roll against me, who realized that he was on a 2wf guy and wouldn’t really use it vs my 2handed fighter guy who would use it most of the time. Turns out simply saying “congratz “in party when someone wins a roll might get them to ask a few questions “Why am I rolling?” and “Who am I rolling against?”

Sometimes those are important questions, and I am not just saying that because someone thought about it and removed his roll. But because sometimes we all roll with out thinking or roll when we see other rolling just so we don’t miss out of maybe getting something. But sometimes once you think about it you realize that you don’t really need X or Y and remove your roll and maybe help a Samius out.

First thing post recalling and picking up my end reward was hit an explorer zone and swing at a few guys. In 2 or 3 swings I rolled a crit and hit 999. I wasn’t even axe specked or blitzed or anything. Just a good crit. Drop everything and run (teleport) to a trainer and reset my enchantments from falchion to great axe. As always mess up in some minor way and miss out on some minor thing like 10 more hp…. I took Arty skill boost and human versatility aka wasted points as I will not use the arty +2 when I have my human +4…. Grrrrr. But I can live with that error for 3 days.

Then the group wanted to ToD. Sure I got nothing better to do. Other then grind out the Antique seal until I get one…. I use my new axe as able watching large numbers get a little smaller as I break like no DRs but still the hits are better then my silver/holy falchion due to the much larger base. But I do miss criting on 14+ but 17or 18+ is not bad when your like X5 or X6… Later I will fix LD to be more axe based and will watch the truly big hits roll in.

Whats next?
Int tome and a lesser to redo my skills to try and work in most Rog skills, I will also need the EE Twisting Shade for skills/Exp sneak attack.

Armor I am torn between Cormyrian Red and the Epic Marith Chain. I could use the red in some other places so I am half hoping to stumble into the Chain blank (I have all the other parts).

Goggles have so many good options; Epic Goggles of Time-Sensing vs Tharn’s are the main two in my mind. But there are others.

Amp using the purple gloves and a ToD ring with 20% amp I need to cram in 10% someplace and handle a swap to UMD healing vs Helf Dilly healing and I can swap to Monk for Amp and get 200% amp. As is I am at 150% and that is not bad at all for tanking.

Well this is now a page long so I am going to do a heard break.


I have a fat axe btw you know you like it.


Back at the end of September I decided to start a DPS project, over the weekend I was able to cap out that alt’s last epic level and really begin the gear/destiny grind. Wooooo????

I have to say I really enjoyed getting Darth to where he is, leveling this kind of alt is a real eye opener when you build more well rounded guys all the time. Having a guy that says okay I am just full on DPS/AMP and someone better heal me really goes against my grain. Hell even with that as a plan I cheated and still use the helf Clr dilly/a 36ish umd to heal/buff myself. So I only really put my “life” full time in others hands in raids and even then I try and simi look after myself.

Although I think saying and doing this will crush Tobril’s hopes that now that Darth is capped I will put him back in the “other” pile and let him rot; but I want to try and keep in the roster. I do want to have the true dps guy sometimes. So I need to get a huge seeker item someplace (thinking armor atm) and I massive two hander wouldn’t suck.

Anyway the title of today’s post is 3967, this is my current biggest crit to date. I was Blitzing, which I really love btw. I am working my way over to Fury so I don’t get to play in my maxed destiny super often but I was the other day and I was able to get a simi large stack going and I crit a guy on a 19-20 and bam. Not the biggest one I can get with my current set up, I don’t thing. My target wasn’t stunned and I don’t think I had a full 10 stack but still for a +5 holy burst/Vamp falcon min lvl 20, 3967 is a good hit. Better then any crit I have gotten before…. If I can get one of those +10 seeker armors and a big Web two hander I expect to beat that number simi often. But still it is nice to know that any smuck that tries can be a crit monster. Kinda like back when with AC. Just no one bothered to try…. I wonder how many people really care about DPS and how many just think that they have OK DPS and call it a day?

I never really want to know….


Needed to Get my Head in to My Role

Something strange happened yesterday right before logging off Sunday afternoon. The DG/HotDW failed a quest… Yes that is damn strange for us and after a little thought on my 2/5 hour round trip drive that followed I think I figured out what happened, we had not yet gotten our heads into our roles. Let me explain.

Sunday, morning I wanted to cap out Darth (which we did btw) and did so by running the Druid Deep chain. So I was on zerg keep my Master’s Blitz running as long as possible mod. Tobril for example was on his namesake alt so DPS monky goodness (Not a Bowonk because he doesn’t like the name) Will was rocking the DPS on her Monk… Okay almost everyone was on a high DPS alt…. Then we switch to do a quick EE because this will be the last run that the Wife and I will be able to do.

I swap to Samius, Tobril his Tank and Will her Clr. Closer to our normal party but with Tobril and I flipping roles. Now that Samius is capped and ready for EEs again I think Tobril and I have an unspoken agreement that Sam is our epic caster and Tobril normally does our tanky stuff.

First fight of the quest, I zerg ahead and start insita-killing trash, but due to being in an off destiny things don’t happen as well as it should. Swapping tactics I am CCing and dpsing while watching the battle. I start to notice a few things but nothing overly bad, but clearly not the normal plan/style. The next two fights we start to find our footing a little better I CC a little differently waiting for Tobril to do his intim first. A few fights he intimed just before the trash would have hit the CC and prevented the CC from hitting some trash. But we are finding our grove.

We move on a little more when we get to a fight where there are some perched archers/casters. Here we CC and get things going. He intims I web and then start to get the archers CCed up when ½ the part goes to sleep and then I am stunned and people start to go squish…. There was a few things that happened right there vs how I normally handle things.

First of all most of the time I am the defacto “leader” I am constantly squawking out tactics and how I want things handled. Like I am going to pull back here, lets set up CC, etc. But I see that tactics talk as the “tanks” job at least in 6 mans.

6 man tanking is, to me, a lot different then raid tanking. In raids you are there to tank a few given mobs (most of the time) vs having to tank any given number of mobs at any/all the times.

So in my mind there was a commutation issue that happened. I know Tobril also felt is as there was some comments to that effect that you will see after I explain issue two.
Two, fight positioning. We didn’t set things up in the most tactical ways to use the terrain to make life easier. Which is strange as normally we do much better at that…. In the wiping fight we set up in a position where a few ranged mobs had line of effect on us. Which lead to my death and a few others as those ranged mobs took my sleepy/stunned body as a sign to shoot me. But also they shot up everyone else too at that caster/bard up on the ledge CCed us for his DPS to clean us up.

So as we wiped I asked what hit us with sleep? And I got the reply the bard. Oh,.. “Why didn’t we pull around out of those ranged guys anyway? I normally do?”

Tobril replied with something like maybe you could have commutated that before we wiped. Which I replied setting up the fights is the tanks job…

But I felt my anger rising and decided it was best to go ahead and head out as we needed to go in about 30 mins anyway and that wouldn’t be enough time to try again once everyone ran back as the key to Eveningstar has a stupidly long timer.

So maybe my role needs to be one in at the party level? Or maybe we needed a little warm up quest as we had all had our dps hats on for some simple eHs and switching to our eE set ups we need a little more mental focus? Not 100% sure but I will find out soon enough.