That’s My FAT AXE, SIR!

That’s right folks, thanks to a few good people a now own a Cleaver, Hewer of Suffering on Darth. Thanks to everyone that ran the raid, it was fairly smooth. Thanks to the nice arcane that put it up for roll. And thanks to Sou who was the only one to roll against me, who realized that he was on a 2wf guy and wouldn’t really use it vs my 2handed fighter guy who would use it most of the time. Turns out simply saying “congratz “in party when someone wins a roll might get them to ask a few questions “Why am I rolling?” and “Who am I rolling against?”

Sometimes those are important questions, and I am not just saying that because someone thought about it and removed his roll. But because sometimes we all roll with out thinking or roll when we see other rolling just so we don’t miss out of maybe getting something. But sometimes once you think about it you realize that you don’t really need X or Y and remove your roll and maybe help a Samius out.

First thing post recalling and picking up my end reward was hit an explorer zone and swing at a few guys. In 2 or 3 swings I rolled a crit and hit 999. I wasn’t even axe specked or blitzed or anything. Just a good crit. Drop everything and run (teleport) to a trainer and reset my enchantments from falchion to great axe. As always mess up in some minor way and miss out on some minor thing like 10 more hp…. I took Arty skill boost and human versatility aka wasted points as I will not use the arty +2 when I have my human +4…. Grrrrr. But I can live with that error for 3 days.

Then the group wanted to ToD. Sure I got nothing better to do. Other then grind out the Antique seal until I get one…. I use my new axe as able watching large numbers get a little smaller as I break like no DRs but still the hits are better then my silver/holy falchion due to the much larger base. But I do miss criting on 14+ but 17or 18+ is not bad when your like X5 or X6… Later I will fix LD to be more axe based and will watch the truly big hits roll in.

Whats next?
Int tome and a lesser to redo my skills to try and work in most Rog skills, I will also need the EE Twisting Shade for skills/Exp sneak attack.

Armor I am torn between Cormyrian Red and the Epic Marith Chain. I could use the red in some other places so I am half hoping to stumble into the Chain blank (I have all the other parts).

Goggles have so many good options; Epic Goggles of Time-Sensing vs Tharn’s are the main two in my mind. But there are others.

Amp using the purple gloves and a ToD ring with 20% amp I need to cram in 10% someplace and handle a swap to UMD healing vs Helf Dilly healing and I can swap to Monk for Amp and get 200% amp. As is I am at 150% and that is not bad at all for tanking.

Well this is now a page long so I am going to do a heard break.


I have a fat axe btw you know you like it.

2 thoughts on “That’s My FAT AXE, SIR!

  1. I seldom (as in almost never) roll for something I don’t see much use for and I always put up stuff for roll that I don’t see myself using. I have no shame taking a +5 tome however even if it’s not ideal for my build at that moment, but it sure will be at one point.

    Congratz – I watz it on my horc fighter as well, but right now I’m working reeel hard trying to get twilight for my sorc.

  2. The best thing about this is that you now have a versatile troubleshooting tool that can be used to resolve most problems in life, including but not limited to Tharask Hounds’ Dance Constests and Gellatinous Cube Orthodontics.

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