EE Alts?

Yesterday, Tobril and I were talking and as it often does our topic of conversation wondered over into DDo land. We ran down the basic plan for the night (we did a teaching Abbot raid last night for example) then via TR plans for Tobril’s Fvs the idea of the roster of EE capable alts came up. Some how this talk finally got me to understand the logic behind some of the things Tobril has been saying/doing.

His active roster is meant to be EE capable in the role they are intended and he wants to cover what he feels are key/hard to fill roles.

He has:
Tobril – heavy dps/role filler/random light tank (as needed)
Syg – Tank
Holy – Healer/Dps
SQL – Caster/CCer
Tennie – Monk (set at a lvl 20 cap for challenge farming/helping guild with the 17-20 push)

And that is his active roster as I remember it. Which is strange to me. I know he has other guys he enjoyed playing and at least at one time had plans to tweak for todays needs. But even before and durning his massive DDo bender/s he was starting this pull back. Wanting to spend more time doing other things in his day other then work out -> work -> DDo -> Sleep-> repeat.

Got me thinking, what of my active roster to touch up list is currently EE ready or are simi close and what do I need to do to get them EE ready.

Samius – clearly my most EE ready guy, arcane/most traps (Some skill gear wouldn’t suck)
Samyus – Tank – Already has rocked most quests on EE, is mostly geared could use some Web stuff but Epic GH shouldn’t be that much further out…
Darth Samius – DPS – He has a list of wanted gear, but he is far closer then any other of my random DPS guys (has a lot more EEs then i would thing looking at him).
Butterz – Buffer/Trapper – she has like 1 epic level and is hardly in to her first destiny. She just needs played and Xped but I think she could do EE in her role as is. Just everyone else will need to be on the ball as she will not be able to pick up much slack.
As400 – not quite there, will always be second fiddle as long as Samius is an arcane.

Java – on the project list, will TR in to a Druid at some point. So he is just in the oh you need x healed… Sure I got a guy. I hope to that once I am done I can use Java as my EE not arcane caster but I am not 100% sure he will be able to do everything I have planed for him.
How EE ready is your roster? Who needs work? What roles do you feel are important in EE?


One thought on “EE Alts?

  1. This is something I really need to think about. Dim is my main guy, but I have my arti that needs more play time to get levelled up/ED’d, and I still want to respec my fighter as a tank.

    ‘sigh’ so much to do, so little time 🙂

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