Dirty Trader

I can work a trade, yep not afraid to hit the forums or keep an eye on the trade channel, but more often then not I tend to just work out deals between friends.

Why? Because trading with a friend means that they are a little stronger and therefor I get a little bit out of the deal by them being able to do a little more. That said more often then not I will just loan or give things for favors down the road… Just try it in Monopoly once and see how angry the other players get later.

Example, the other day I was talking with one of the Brits about gear. I had happened to pull (I think) a +8 chr trinket. At the time no one had a need for it so I put it in the bank to sell or use some place. A few days later said Brit asks if I still have it and what I would like for it in Shroud mats, as that is what he had. I decline to trade instead I give the item to him and he says he owes me one or a second as this is the same person who got that Twilight when I more or less auto passed it the other day.

Sooner or later I always cash in…

Okay not really but you know I try too.

But in the past I have traded overly in my favor, to the point that Tobril has often cried at my mad skillx. But for the most part I try to go out of my way to make sure both parties feel the deal is fair. Long time readers might remember I picked up a Lavender Ion Stone for a set of +2 tomes. When the guy only wanted a single +2 Str tome… Pre +3 store tomes, btw.

I bring this up because I have a debt to pay. But I assume the person I owe wont feel that I owe anything. But I do and I have the payment ready.

I am waiting for the right time to repay this person because well one an offer on this item might come up that I can’t refuse and I wouldn’t want to feel I missed out on a huge score and two this is a simi-specialized item for a specialized build and I am waiting for this person to start one as there as been much talk of doing so from this person.

So I guess what I am saying is if you’re on Salona, have Reds for trade and are slightly foolish let me know. ☺


2 thoughts on “Dirty Trader

  1. Hehehe, I recommend reading the story pay it forward.

    As always, amusing. And I sometimes have a similar issue, though more often I find myself forcing nice things on people (and remailing things 4 or 5 times, such as 100k plat) multiple times before they will accept.

    Because, you know; it clears my conscience for everything my grubby little paws get into.

    Love reading your work, always do =D

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