Ideal Dog Shield…

As an animal form dps/caster hybrid Javabot relies on a shield unlike most of my other builds. For example for Samius I use the EE Skyvault primarily for its really solid slotting, red, purple and a blue or 114 force/healing/more PRR, so to fill out key spell power amounts.  Samyus my tank, who is chilling, still is using the EE Bastion. Which may or may not be the right shield for a tanky build. It mostly comes down to what do you want to do? I will not be sidetracked! Today is about my druid and his shield.

Java has been using a lvl 15 Wall of Wood, aka the Wow. It is really good at level but has been out classed for a while now. Already having a 30% heal Amp from a claw set, he has been looking for something other then the EE WoW to track down.

And I have been looking for a lvl 22 Wow, 20% vs 30% if a little less devotion then a larger version but Shield bashing and +5 nat armor is not really needed in this build…

So what did I need in a shield for Java?


With a little reading/asking around I learned that if you make a LoB shield crystal the metal type does change and allows a druid to use it with out breaking oath. So what to do… How to do it?

Two important questions “So what to do… How to do it?” as I didn’t get into the House C raids when they first came out as I was on my TR Train with Samius at the time.

So looking at the list both Stunning/Seeker 10 are possible options for a non-bashing melee shield.  And then for the second tear Doublestrike is a standout again with the idea that bashing is not going to be happening.

If you could mix and match Martial and Mystical effects between tears I could make something like a seeker 10 (F-Mar)/ Sup Lighting Lore (A – Mys)/ Greater Evocation (F – Mys) shield and have a fairly tight shield. A little dps and a little casting.

But you can’t (or at least I have been told you can’t) so I have mad a all Martial shield as the Seeker/Dstrike/red slot is too good to pass up.

On Sunday our channel group got me the last binding shards I needed to finish my tear 2. Other then loosing 10% amp I am super pleased. I think next weekend (if I am lucky) I will gather all the mats I need to make it tear 3 when I am ready I can take it to tear 3. Although I am not in a hurry as I think I will be doing a few TRs on Java real soon so having it at level 18 is not the worse place for it. The potency on my belt is currently out doing the shield devotion anyway so win win.

If you have an animal fighting druid, what is your weapon setup?



Augments, More Questions then Answers

So as some of you know I got so see a little bit of Turbine HQ a few months back when I visited Boston for work. One of the few things that I got a little peak at was the new augment system. Should say an early look….

Anyway I have had a few thoughts floating a round in my head ever since and a few new ones now that we have gotten a few new details.

1, Good by new Guild slots??? Sure it will nice to have a one over arching system for once in DDo history but wont this just make guild slotted items super $$$ in a few months? Hint buy them now and anything with med-large slots are now an investment like never before.

2, Epic items with slots are kings again. The option to put a +7 stat in off slot is huge. So in stats where +7s or +2 are good enough dual sloted items can free up gear slots in a big way, Lion Headed Belt Buckle any one?

2, Shields are about to become a casters best friend again! Or I should say shields with Red slots are. Epic Weathered Targe for example, Blue and Violet slots aka a missing spell power and PRR or more hps.

3, Hps are blue now… So why do I need yellow slots? Resistance? Striding??? Oh as another colorless slot!

4, Guess my Antique Greataxe can get another d10 of something???

5, Wonder how those tmp time based augments will work? Will they only work on the old epics or will there be a way to make them useable in the new system? UPDATE: “New versions of these couldn’t make it into the initial launch of the system, due to time constraints.
We wanted to remove anything that is temporary- as we’ve decided to change that aspect of the old system’s design.

While these won’t be in initially with Update 17, we do intend to add new versions of these augments in the future as named treasure, and without the temporary duration.” – Feather of Sun

6, Guess stacking skill boosts are heading out of favor with the devs. What do guilds loose now that turning on guild slots at least for TRs and some super high water marks skills (intim) are gone???

Over all not the worse change I ever saw. But I am worried about adjusting the new system to a slotting system. Some of this might fall in to stuff I heard at Turbine so grain of salt/ I could just miss remember/ don’t really know what the hell I am talking about… Like instead of plain FF boots we could/will see new boots drop with a yellow slot pre-slotted with FF augment. Sure that is cool in the sense that now I can make Fear Immune boots and loose the FF part but how does that make new players life any easier?

How will this hit Cannith crafting? So now I go and craft FF on these yellow slotted boots and then slot Fear Immune… Seems good?

Long story short, go buy Guild slotted items now!


Understanding Spellpower Implement Bonuses

To be clear right from the jump 90% of the issues i had with understanding Spellpower in regards to getting an implement bonus was due to my understanding. And if I have issues in my understanding of something, I assume some of you do too. Hence this post.


I also want to start off with a special thanks to the guys and gals that maintain the DDoWiki. I said it just the other day, they make me look smarter then I am. And I will also list this as my first new years resolution to make time at least once a month to try and update something I might think it out of date.

As I think most of you know I am working on Samius’ “final” life, but spell power has changed a lot on me while I was living life as a melee. Sure I have a few other casters but like As400 being a PM Dc are more important then spellpower or Java who is more of a melee that can heal/some spell damage again spellpower is second to melee dips.

What does that mean? I am going through spellpower growing pains. What goes where? How can I fit in potency, and the 3 main elemental damage types? Why don’t these staffs have an implement bonus?

Man, life was easier when I could just run a few of each clickly and wear a potency item and just boost as needed….

So I did some research asked some questions, generally made and ass of myself in some circles I would rather not have that asshole stigma already and may have offended some of the good people that try to keep the ddowiki up to date. And for that last bit I am sorry.

So lets jump to the stuff I learned about implement bonuses: (stay with me as it took me a while to “GET IT”)

“Spellcasting implements, such as Thaumaturgy staffs, grant an implement bonus to Spell Power, increasing the damage dealt/healed by spells. All weapons that grant any kind of equipment bonus to Spell Power (e.g. Potency or Devotion) also grant implement bonus. Implement bonus increases your universal spell power (all spells), even if the weapon enchantment is not universal (e.g. Combustion).

The implement bonus is equal to 3 * enhancement bonus of the weapon, e.g. a +4 weapon grants a +12 implement bonus to spell power. Effects that increase enhancement bonus of a weapon, e.g. Artificer infusion Enchant Weapons, also properly increases the implement bonus.”Ddowiki implement bonus page.

What makes this unique from any other DDo buffs is this is a living bonus. If you have a “weapon” and it has any kind of spellpower it should have or gain an implement bonus. In my trials this worked 3 out of 4 times on weapons while I did some testing via the Cannith crafting (and i bet you that lag or how i looked at the item prevented me from seeing the bonus). I have a theory that there is a script that runs when an item is put in your backpack so it is possible that you could have an item that should have an implement bonus and it might not have one until it enters you backpack. Say something sitting in bank, viewing it in the crafting window or maybe already hanging out in your back from before the spellpower change. Try moving it once so it goes INTO your inventory and i bet you it will be fixed.

How this all started for me????

I had all these wonderful named staffs for casters and I didn’t want to use them because I wanted to have an implement bonus. It seemed silly not to use clearly amazing leveling staffs. And I mean mainly the Staff of the Petitioner and the Master Transmuter’s Staff.

But looking at them either in the Cauldron of Sora Katra or in the case of my SotP in my backpack they were missing that implement bonus and I just didn’t get it.

…Much Confusion Followed..

But now that I understand lets take everything and put it to work and what it really means.

Staff of the Petitioner – Once unsuppressed gains what was potency 6 now I think that is around 56 or so potency. So unlocking it also nets you 15 spellpower implement bonus.

Master Transmuter’s Staff – once it hits your inventory it should gain 15 spellpower implement bonus do to being a +5 weapon with potency 48. Making it the best bang for your buck at level 12 and for a long time beyond unless you have an unlocked SotP….

Cannith crafted stuff – you can make yourself a cheep big implement bonus item but its min level skyrockets, as the weapon’s enchantment bonus is the main fuel for the bonus. Also SHIELDs DO NOT gain an implement bonus even if they are mostly treated as weapons for Cannith crafting purposes.

Artys- Casters asking your group’s arty to cast Enchant Weapons on you when you have your implement item equipped will boost your spellpower by 3…

So what after all that did I do to fix my gear?

Hit the AH found a lvl 18 Thaumaturgy staff with impulse and corrosion, added my Regalia of the Phoenix to my armor swaps against my amp/amp/rad guard DT and dug up a cove dagger at level 16 and kept my magnetism +66 (best I can craft) on my buckler…

So for me when the Cove next returns I plan to upgrade my lvl 16 dagger to tear 3 to add all the lores for the next caster I level.

Next time i level up a caster, I will make Master Transmuter’s Staff at 12 and not and just not worry about it until much later in the life….

I know that was a read but if you stuck to the end I hope you learned something. I know I did through the whole process and I think it will make future leveling much easier.


Current (DDo) Dilemma

Jumping right in, I have lots of TRing wraps on Samius. May have touched on that yesterday??? Anyway I have noticed a lack of oomph this life mostly do to the lack of assistance. And now I want to work on my top-level wraps and I am unsure what to do.

Just to give you an idea of how my wraps are laid out atm,
Fanged/Devotion – lvl 0
Lesser vamp (small guild slot)– lvl3
I have some dps unbound wraps in the 2-7 range for more damage/less healing times.
Holy/lesser vamp (Med guild slot)– lvl7 these are my main wraps until 12 where my vamp Stonedust wraps fire up.
Endless Light wraps – lvl 8 these are for the training dummy and the occasional undead thing.
Those named metal aligned/Gp wraps from Shadow crypt
Vamp wraps (Med guild slot)– lvl 9
(lesser)Vamp Stonedust wraps lvl 12

And that is it until level 18 where I have Tod rings (baring glowball killn wraps) but only one is used for damage atm and that one is holy burst. I would burst another ring but I have a hard time taking off my Ring of the Stalker…

You all see my issue, right? I don’t have a weapon power boost from level 12 on. Now for a long time Shroud weapons were the best around but that is no longer the case, and never was the case for monks….

So here is my dilemma, what will boost me the most that I can swap into as soon as now, level 14?

Of Vampirism is a must as it is 80% of my healing in quests, but what to I add to boost the power?

Holy is a clear option, bypassing good DR and a fair amount of damage vs a lot of DDo mobs is solid.

Elemental (aja Acid or Elec) burst is another option.

But there is more to things then throwing damage at mobs. I read a good forum post a while back about using weapon debuffs to good effect. So something like Cursespewing or Roaring is a fair option maybe.

IDK, if you have any comments, well there is a comment box.