Current (DDo) Dilemma

Jumping right in, I have lots of TRing wraps on Samius. May have touched on that yesterday??? Anyway I have noticed a lack of oomph this life mostly do to the lack of assistance. And now I want to work on my top-level wraps and I am unsure what to do.

Just to give you an idea of how my wraps are laid out atm,
Fanged/Devotion – lvl 0
Lesser vamp (small guild slot)– lvl3
I have some dps unbound wraps in the 2-7 range for more damage/less healing times.
Holy/lesser vamp (Med guild slot)– lvl7 these are my main wraps until 12 where my vamp Stonedust wraps fire up.
Endless Light wraps – lvl 8 these are for the training dummy and the occasional undead thing.
Those named metal aligned/Gp wraps from Shadow crypt
Vamp wraps (Med guild slot)– lvl 9
(lesser)Vamp Stonedust wraps lvl 12

And that is it until level 18 where I have Tod rings (baring glowball killn wraps) but only one is used for damage atm and that one is holy burst. I would burst another ring but I have a hard time taking off my Ring of the Stalker…

You all see my issue, right? I don’t have a weapon power boost from level 12 on. Now for a long time Shroud weapons were the best around but that is no longer the case, and never was the case for monks….

So here is my dilemma, what will boost me the most that I can swap into as soon as now, level 14?

Of Vampirism is a must as it is 80% of my healing in quests, but what to I add to boost the power?

Holy is a clear option, bypassing good DR and a fair amount of damage vs a lot of DDo mobs is solid.

Elemental (aja Acid or Elec) burst is another option.

But there is more to things then throwing damage at mobs. I read a good forum post a while back about using weapon debuffs to good effect. So something like Cursespewing or Roaring is a fair option maybe.

IDK, if you have any comments, well there is a comment box.

7 thoughts on “Current (DDo) Dilemma

  1. I wear the Vamp Stonedust most of the time from 12 to 18. The combination of effects with that min level is hard to beat. I do carry a collection of Banishing, Disrupting, and Smiting for red names. I also have a pair of +1 Holy of Maiming w/ festival icy burst that I start using at level 6 that stays useful right up to level 18.

    I wouldn’t marry yourself to vampirism. With the AC changes a totally unhittable character is less realistic and I have found myself shifting from my old Combat Expertise/Wind Stance style to more Power Attack/Flame Stance. If you kill them as soon as the come near you defense and healing doesn’t matter so much.

    • @Seb – I am a power attack/earth man myself. But if a guy hits me for 10 twice before i hit it 4-5 times and kill it i come out close to if not ahead with 1-5 points of healing per hit.

      Try big daddy Vamp and i dare you to go back. Also i am dark monk so it mostly covers loosing healing curse for me.

  2. I have similar issues on my completionist. Lots of wraps that are excellent up to around 16th level, nothing after that and I don’t want to grind for some really good ones if I’m just going to TR again in a couple of levels.

    So instead my DPS plateaus for the last three levels. 😦

  3. Grave Wrappings from Unquiet Graves. These are just awesome. Handwraps that do evil damage, soul eating among some of its things. Level draining too. Pop these on a dark monk and follow up with Touch of Death and you’ve got some nice killing power in the palm of your hand.

    • @red – The Grave Wrappings are very nice. But i don’t plan to be level 20 for more then a few hours at best. I need something in the 12-19 range.

      @everyone – went ahead and added holy to my vamp wraps and they are great so far.

  4. For the upper level I used acid burst of stunning a lot. As a strength build monk and with a spare hand belt I found it worked quite well for both damage and mini crowd control.

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