A brave 2 Hours

Last night I got to level Samius up some. After getting my anger set and my level 2 sword out of the bank I started leveling.

I went back to Korthos and started with the protect the cyrstal quest on elite. I want to try to keep an elite streak going as long as possible/practical. And I often have issues with this quest. One baddie gets by you and that rock is gone. But not this life.

Moved right along. Clearing out Korthos an elite. Once and done. I was level 2 almost right away. Which is nice. I find Korthos to be not very much xp for the time spent and sometimes I even have my son do the early quests so I don’t have to spend the time.

In the harbor I was worried that I might need to find a group. But thankfuly that fear was ungrounded. Information is key I all ways was able to run at first or second even on a melee wizard. It can be a skills test if you are under built. But if your right on it is not an issue.

Durk’s and B. Path was a lot harder with the lighting bolts flying, took 51 from one bolt and almost croaked. But as I have around 80 HP I was able to down a pot and run a round a corner and choke down a tasty ham. 🙂 Like there is a un-tasty part of a pig…

But hitting the boat/20 res shrines made my life a lot easier.

I did elite, normal, hard and done each quest until New ring leader. NRL is one of my favorite quests in the game. I like the option of bypassing parts of the quest if I am willing to give up some xp. I ended up running a few elites then a hard then normal. On normal I played a little looser with the Hps and went into the final fight with about 50 hps raged up. Bam! Bam! Also known as double crit and I was incapped. With about 20 secs left in my rage. Dang….

I ran the normal, and handing the game over to my son to run the hill’s explorer for me. I was a few thousand xp shy of 4 when I turned over the keys.

All in all I think the bravery bonus is a great thing for low level questing. It is a lot different for higher endgame level questing/raids. But very doable if your willing to put the groups together and lead them.

Any way I think at this rate I will be 10 ish by Monday. Think I will aim for 13 and be happy with what ever I end up getting.

Also I haven’t gotten any builds yet so, if you have one send it to me soon if you want me to try it. If not I might end up a 18/2 bard/fighter… That is too close to a “real” build for my liking.

Let the Nerd Rage Begin!

Just saw an ad via Ddocast’s Twitter feed about +3 tomes for sale in the ddo store.


Go a head see red. I will wait…..

I noticed last night that I would get some benefit from a +3 Str tome…. Will I run out and buy one right away? Ummmmm

Maybe. Guess like all things, it will come down to cost. If the price is right why not?

I know lots of players are worried about power creep. And Turbine going back on their word. I don’t think they have yet. But they are walking a fine line, that could go bad at anytime…

But I know people will complain on the forums. And I will be good and not say anything, good or bad on the subject. At not anything you didn’t read or see here.

One Man’s Cap is Another Man’s Ash…

A shroud, and some quick kills in the battle field capped out Javabot. Finally! If I didn’t finish last night I would be hosed. As it is I might be hosed anyway. By hosed I mean for getting Samius to a cove level by this weekend. In less then an hour after Java was capped Sam was a level one barb.

I didn’t get to do a lot with him, first the wife wanted to cove. And she meant right then! No amount of logic of wait an hour until the channel fills worked, nope right now. So I spent an hour with her getting 100 or so greenies a run.

What is up with the kobolds? More then half the time now they turn around and head back to the start for what appearers to be no reason. I had to pull up torches many times to force koblods down….

Any way, after a bit she loges to watch a show. And I get some Samius time in. I have just started to pull gear out of the banks. And the channel fills. Everyone wants to cove. So fine. I switch back and we get going.

One not great run later and it is late. I epic a few things and log.

Tonight I want get to level 4 on Samius. That shouldn’t be an issue. Depending on how many quests I can run on elite first to keep the Bravery bonus ticking. At 2 my big boy weapon comes online icy burst/holy great sword. Until then dps will suck.

I decided against a TWF barb build. I couldn’t get the stats to work out how I wanted. So tanking dex let me do stats I thought were better.

I don’t have a clear plan. I am making it up as I go along here. If you have a good barb build I could morph into send me the highlights. I had planed on a 12/6/2 barb/rngr/fghr for the TWF. But now…

Anyway, I got a lot of things going on in my personal life atm. Some job hunting and whatnot. So keep me in your thoughts please.

All Aboard!

Welcome to the fail train. Let me take you for a little ride. If you look to the left there is a story of a Tod wipe. And to the right a Tod that was saved by the healers and their willingness to drink a few pots.

Oh sorry, hope all the color above didn’t scare you off. I want to mix things up a bit. Add some flare. Shout “Bamm” as I add some unneeded spices and have you all clap for me. Okay to the stories.

Firstly Java is 50K from cap and I would like to get some Xp from Tod as it is like 25K first time on normal and only gets better. I tell Tobril that we are Toding tonight and to get in the mind set of maybe having to lead it. After I solo a few quests and decide to get Samius ready to TR. If I am going to take good advantage of the xp bonus around the corner, I need to get a few levels before it kicks in. And I am handling some inventory issues, when Tobril says Tod up and gives the leader’s name and asks if I want a spot saved. Of course! And swap.

First thing I hear is a lot of talk about who will tank sully? If I was caped I would step up and do it. Yes, as the “healer”. Java hits for solid damage numbers and has lots of hate. But until cap and get my epic gear set I don’t want to try to tank. I have about 100 hp waiting for me at level 20 pushing me well over 600 maybe touching 700 if I push it. And if I don’t have to heal/cast I think I can push 850. 😉

So anyway lots of talk happens. Parts 1 and 2 go fairly smooth except the leader (the other “healer”) dies after part one from getting stuck in the lava. Okay….

Part 3 I am assigned the group, so I can help kill Sully. Things go poorly right away as the tank dies and we play who’s the tank. We finally get things stable, Tobril ends up as the tank. And I know he and I are on the same wave length. I ask the other healer if he has it long enough for me to res/heal every one up and the group agrees that the Sully tank will just kite and every one will stay on Horoth and we will just complete. But you know what, When Sully dropped more then half of the group went after Shim. And as I was healing at the time, the leader/healer had run dry and was having issues landing heals, or so he claimed. And they started dieing. At one point I am massing the group over by Sully while yelling to get on Horoth and Tobril eats it. Guess it is another time the leader’s heals are not going off. A that point we have to games of Who’s the Tank going on and someone says DD time. The sorc and bard are dead. Royal guard mask for the win.

30 to 40 mins later Tobril and I are flagging for the new raids and he sees another Tod up. This time with names he remembers. I take a look and questioned at least 5 names, with two standouts over and above that even. But I want that XP. So we go, he on his FvS me on Java and we go.

Part one, fairly smooth. There is a death or two in part one when people don’t watch their curses.

Part two was a near hit. I was watching party chat fairly close, and our one and only arcane was new to the quest. But he thought he could kite. So Tobril and I decided that he would back up kite. And as things started I saw that there was no area effects on the stairs or near by as the shadows started to come up the stairs. I called out to Tobril who responded as quick as he could but we still had 2-4 shadows on the group. And even massing like crazy I couldn’t keep up with the damage alone. Tobril and the caster and one or two others that took off and handled their own heals lived. After a few passes by Tobril I got a rez and started to rez/heal the group. Once they gave up trying to pull via ranged, one by one they tried to pull agro by stepping out into the train of mobs. Normally with no warning to me and got ran over and died.

I drank 3 pots and used all of my Sp regen items. But some one managed to get agro once we got it. The boss went down in quick order.

Part 3 we had a lot of that one guy dieing over and over. Until I finally yelled to keep him down. I got an agreed and a few other less clean responses from the party. But once we started to leave the 2-3 trouble makers dead the fight went a lot easier. And if you want to know yes, both people I said were trouble were left dead at the end.

There were a few things said after the last trouble maker died extending the fight yet again. But I replied with “All the more rings for me!” And pulled my Encrusted, first run this life. Not quite worth it but close.

I ended up drinking a pot for the end fight and user at least 100 scrolls. So 5is pots all of my Sp regen items the last 2 charges from the med shard turn in for two more pots over 2 runs for 25K xp and one of the rings I wanted for my build. I will take it.

Hope You Have Some Preps Ready..

Time for my “The End is Here” post for maybe the week. Maybe not. Time will tell. But I just read an article on networkworld.com via slashdot.org about solar activity going to be acting up for the next few days.

“NASA today said a strong-to-severe geomagnetic storm is in progress following a massive solar flare and coronal mass ejection (CME).   CMEs are a solar phenomenon that can send solar particles into space and affect electronic systems in satellites and on Earth.  Simulations indicate that solar wind plasma has penetrated close to geosynchronous orbit starting at 9am today. Geosynchronous satellites could therefore be directly exposed to solar wind plasma and magnetic fields. High-latitude sky watchers should be alert for auroras after nightfall, NASA stated.”

If you read the hole thing it basically says we might have some flareups over the next week do to this storm. It has already thrown some X-flares a 1.4 and a 1.9. X-flares are the biggest baddest kind of solar flare, with the number rating being a lot like the intensify/strength of the flare. If you were to think Rictor scale for earth quake it is 1-10, for flares it is A, B, C, D, M, X and then values for more intensify. The biggest one that I know of was a X28. So in the not earth shattering. But that one didn’t hit us directly.

Thankfully these haven’t either, but these will mess up satellites a bit and cause some cool light shows.

But the storm is heading this way and we could take a hit or two over the next few days. Be ready.

I also want to point out something that happened last week I think… A guy doing totally normal maintenance work in a power relay station caused a minor short and knocked out power for 3 US states and some parts of Mexico. I guess it took a day or so to get the power back up and running for everyone and just 4-5 hours for most people. And if not for “safe” guards that did trip it would have been much worse.

Sure that is not a major emergency except it was 115 and 4pm. So no power for cooking dinner.

Are you ready for a night with out power? I could do a night or two. I have some books and can cook out side. But after that, Ddo shakes will fire up, the cell phone will die and then what?

Have a plan, that is all I am saying.

Stealth Mode: ON

A few days ago, I joined an LFM that a friend of mine had up. He didn’t know I was joining or anything. And with out much of a pause I was in group.

Butters, the leader of said group says “Hey, Java. Did you know your anonymous?” And it hit me like a ton of bricks. Maybe that is why I haven’t gotten in to an group or two I have tried to lately. I thought that I had just made some “friends” lists and was being slow declined. But maybe it was my ninja status.

So I turned that shit off, and I was visible to the world. Life is grand, right?

If you think “yep” then you have never played a class that others have thought as a “healer” class have you?

I have gotten more tells to join groups and/or blind invites then a tell then I would have thought possible. At least 3 an hour.

Fopo’s standard reply tell of “If I wanted to be in your group, I would have hit your lfm.” is looking good. But so far I have been trying to be a good guy and reply with a “no thanks” or “on timer”(in its true). You never know when you might want to get into an group with that guy in the future. But at the same time if I am in a group, or in a quest I don’t think I will drop what I am doing to hold your hand.

One tell and done guys I don’t have any real problem with, even if they are a little bit of a pain. Guys who want to talk you into their group or argue with me about how I should just join their group or send invites get to me.

I am not to the place where I join, and then remove my headset and keep doing my own thing or even ruining their quest……. yet. I know a guy that has joined via a blind invite and kept soloing the quest he was in when they invited him. Every once and a while he would complain that the group was out of range and that he must be ahead of them as he was always having to solo the mobs.

All I know is I want another status. Some thing like do not disturbed/hidden, but doesn’t have any hidden properties for when I join a group. I don’t even care if I am hidden in the Who panel or not. But it would be nice to have a symbol that shows that I don’t want to be bothered and maybe have an auto reply giving my DnD status. Of coarse this message is not sent to members of the party I am currently in, guildies, or people on my friends list.

I get a lot of tells from people that like the shows, and I ❤ those messages. And I don’t want those to stop coming in, but for the love of God please stop with the the “can you heal x for us?” messages.

Rank 95, I need a Drink

My goal for the weekend was to get my shrooms in “the ground” and to cap out Java. Maybe get started on my barb life with Sam. But mostly those first two.

Well my shrooms didn’t arrive and when I logged off Java Sunday night my xp bar was just over rank 95, aka about 100k xp short of cap.

Luckily, I don’t think there will be too many issues in the next few nights to cap out. I haven’t rocked Tod at all yet. Plus there is the new raids to flag for and possibility do. Last I heard normal LoB is down to 0-1 pots for good healers. I am not a good healer so 2-3 pots for me. 🙂

And I am not sure why but Tobril is/was being super helpful last night. He got on and swapped around to fill the last spot in the shroud group I was in. With out being asked. I thought he was heading for a Evon that also was forming. And was surprised to see him join the raid. Then we did an elite WepShipment, I like the changes. Still feels a little long/tedious but overwhelmingly so. And pulled a Bauble. He stuck around to help work on my Yugo favor/Xp. I couldn’t get him to help while I was rocking out my streak, but now that I soloed them all on normal he is a helper….

Better late then never. But I think he figured out that Java earning his pots means he can get his Barb his pots too and now he is gun ho. Just think of all the xp working on an elite streak with 19k as the base…..

Well maybe night. Hey also as I said I am kicking around build ideas for fast/cheep leveling for this barb live. If you have any super fast leveling ideals let me know.