Stealth Mode: ON

A few days ago, I joined an LFM that a friend of mine had up. He didn’t know I was joining or anything. And with out much of a pause I was in group.

Butters, the leader of said group says “Hey, Java. Did you know your anonymous?” And it hit me like a ton of bricks. Maybe that is why I haven’t gotten in to an group or two I have tried to lately. I thought that I had just made some “friends” lists and was being slow declined. But maybe it was my ninja status.

So I turned that shit off, and I was visible to the world. Life is grand, right?

If you think “yep” then you have never played a class that others have thought as a “healer” class have you?

I have gotten more tells to join groups and/or blind invites then a tell then I would have thought possible. At least 3 an hour.

Fopo’s standard reply tell of “If I wanted to be in your group, I would have hit your lfm.” is looking good. But so far I have been trying to be a good guy and reply with a “no thanks” or “on timer”(in its true). You never know when you might want to get into an group with that guy in the future. But at the same time if I am in a group, or in a quest I don’t think I will drop what I am doing to hold your hand.

One tell and done guys I don’t have any real problem with, even if they are a little bit of a pain. Guys who want to talk you into their group or argue with me about how I should just join their group or send invites get to me.

I am not to the place where I join, and then remove my headset and keep doing my own thing or even ruining their quest……. yet. I know a guy that has joined via a blind invite and kept soloing the quest he was in when they invited him. Every once and a while he would complain that the group was out of range and that he must be ahead of them as he was always having to solo the mobs.

All I know is I want another status. Some thing like do not disturbed/hidden, but doesn’t have any hidden properties for when I join a group. I don’t even care if I am hidden in the Who panel or not. But it would be nice to have a symbol that shows that I don’t want to be bothered and maybe have an auto reply giving my DnD status. Of coarse this message is not sent to members of the party I am currently in, guildies, or people on my friends list.

I get a lot of tells from people that like the shows, and I ❤ those messages. And I don’t want those to stop coming in, but for the love of God please stop with the the “can you heal x for us?” messages.

5 thoughts on “Stealth Mode: ON

  1. If they take your advice and add other status settings can Static Group Member be another setting
    I have a Cleric that is in a static group and i’ve had 10 blind party requests from the same person within a minute of logging on, i’m sure he was sending them quicker than i could decline !

  2. “Sorry to intrude but I was wondering if you were interested in ________”

    Sometimes you just have to go fishing for healers but one can at least be polite about it.

  3. I don’t mind being asked, I do mind being pushed. Just because I’m polite about refusing, doesn’t mean I might change my mind.

    And yes, I do accept blind invites when I’m able. They help me to practice and improve my skills.

  4. Y’know, it’s very easy to tell when somebody’s in a party or dungeon. The Who list shows this. Why anybody would even consider inviting people, or sending a tell asking, who’re in a group or dungeon is beyond me. Heck, I don’t even send tells to friends who’re in a dungeon (I will if they’re in a group in a public place) without good reason, and generally it’s just to tell them something exciting and then let them get on with their business.

    I’ve even gotten this on my ranger… for a while there was one guy in particular who was persistent, kept sending me an invite, even though I’m in a dungeon. *invite* *decline* *invite* *decline* *invite* *decline, send tell: “Oh, sorry, I meant to accept that last one, your persistence has won me over, can you send me another one?”* *invite* *decline, send tell: “…Wow, you really are rather dense, huh?”* *invite* *decline, send tell: “Look, I’m already DOING something, take the freakin’ hint already!” Next night, I sign on, and it’d start over.

    And this was on my RANGER, I’d hate to see what happens on a healer.

    It wouldn’t be so bad if it didn’t pop up in the middle of the screen and take the focus away from the monster trying to kill you…

  5. Right on, Geoff. When I have to beg healers (or beg any class to fill – I’m usually pretty impatient on slow fills), I try to do so very politely. Courtesy won’t kill ya. And if the answer is no, I usually thank them anyway, and wish them well. As the game is community-based, I try to keep that in mind and spread as much good will as possible.

    I’ve even been complimented on my healer recruiting tells. “What a nice way of inviting healers! I would come and join you, but unfortunately I’m on timer.”

    LrdSlvrhnd: Wow…that almost seems like griefing.

    Sorry, Samius, but I have to agree with the guy you know about blind invites. Blind invites are the pits – totally rude. If someone can /invite SamiusBot, they can also /tell SamiusBot Questing…wanna go? I think that the Accept, and then ignore the other 5 is the only thing that will actively combat blind-invitism, with a /tell later explaining why blind-invitism is not acceptable.

    Dang, man! I might have to roll up on Sarlona so I can come and spam you some DDO Cocktail Hour love! 😛

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