Rank 95, I need a Drink

My goal for the weekend was to get my shrooms in “the ground” and to cap out Java. Maybe get started on my barb life with Sam. But mostly those first two.

Well my shrooms didn’t arrive and when I logged off Java Sunday night my xp bar was just over rank 95, aka about 100k xp short of cap.

Luckily, I don’t think there will be too many issues in the next few nights to cap out. I haven’t rocked Tod at all yet. Plus there is the new raids to flag for and possibility do. Last I heard normal LoB is down to 0-1 pots for good healers. I am not a good healer so 2-3 pots for me. 🙂

And I am not sure why but Tobril is/was being super helpful last night. He got on and swapped around to fill the last spot in the shroud group I was in. With out being asked. I thought he was heading for a Evon that also was forming. And was surprised to see him join the raid. Then we did an elite WepShipment, I like the changes. Still feels a little long/tedious but overwhelmingly so. And pulled a Bauble. He stuck around to help work on my Yugo favor/Xp. I couldn’t get him to help while I was rocking out my streak, but now that I soloed them all on normal he is a helper….

Better late then never. But I think he figured out that Java earning his pots means he can get his Barb his pots too and now he is gun ho. Just think of all the xp working on an elite streak with 19k as the base…..

Well maybe night. Hey also as I said I am kicking around build ideas for fast/cheep leveling for this barb live. If you have any super fast leveling ideals let me know.

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