Gurobo Farm Update 5.30.14

And JAM! Look who got his update done. That’s right, this guy! Even though i did two hours on DDoCast today i was still able to knock it out. There are ducks at the end so look for that. Also i guess the final duck names have been chosen. I will have to get them all typed out from the boss. I don’t tell you wrong. Ideally the ducks could become fairly well trained and could follow some commands and that seems cool to me.

Anyway if you are in the market for eggs let me know the chickens must have stepped things up, because yesterday i had the boy get eggs in the afternoon and there was around 30 eggs in the coop and he claims to be bringing in eggs everyday. 30/Five hens equals a really busy group of ladies.

Anyway please enjoy.


Magical Monday 5.26.14

Wow, i realize now that i took most of last week off of writing. I was not feeling well and just didn’t write anything exciting or fit for public reading. Today however that is going to change because it is Magical Monday and i have new deck lists!

In one of my Mtg Facebook groups i said that i was working on a B/W Constellation agro list for block and there was SOME interest. But then when i posted the list it was all crickets and i was not happy.

List 1: Block B/W Constellation

Mans: 33
3 Hero of Iroas
4 Pain Seer
2 Aegis of the Gods
4 Brain Maggot
4 Nyx-Fleece Ram
4 Underworld Coinsmith
2 Athreos, God of Passage
4 Grim Guardian
4 Spiteful Returned
2 Eidolon of Countless Battles
not mans: 7
2 Thoughtseize
2 Hero’s Downfall
3 Banishing Light
Lands: 20

This is running on the back of all the constellation triggers mostly the strength of Underworld Coinsmith + Grim Guardian. We don’t interact a ton 6 steal a card effects and 5 removal spells but we are very willing to attack if we find Athreos. i could even see cutting the 2 Aegis of the Gods for 2 more Athreos but i didn’t want to get stuck with blanks if i drew too many gods.

Okay list 2: standard B/G Constellation

Mans 27
4 Brain Maggot
4 Lotleth Troll
4 Courser of Kruphix
2 Boon Satyr
3 Herald of Torment
2 Pharika, God of Affliction
4 Eidolon of Blossoms

Not Mans 14
2 Bow of Nylea
2 Strength from the Fallen

4 Thoughtseize
2 Hero’s Downfall
4 Abrupt Decay

This list i am less sure about. I think it covers most of the field fairly well. But i saw Sam Black play something starting along the same lines really working Strength from the Fallen and i think that i might want to really work that line some more. If i did that deck would look a lot more like this.

Okay list 3: standard B/G Constellation Combo????

Mans 31
4 Deathrite Shaman
4 Elvish Mystic
4 Brain Maggot
4 Satyr Wayfinder
4 Herald of Torment
4 Nyx Weaver
3 Pharika, God of Affliction
4 Eidolon of Blossoms

Not Mans 9
4 Commune with the Gods
1 Bow of Nylea
4 Strength from the Fallen

20 lands

And run more like a combo deck, land an evasive man or clear away their ability to block with non-game winning triggers of Strength and then set up for the blowout. Sam was running Renowned Weaver which was fairly sweet. Another 1 drop that fills the graveyard while firing off Strength at instant speed. I could see them replacing my Brain Maggots but it is hard to remove all interaction….

Although, cutting Maggots could be the right call. After all we are just looking for a evasive fatty to carry the game home. I could see pulling the 4 maggots for 2 fatties (Master of the Feast) and 2 Weavers.

Sorry again for the lack of posts last week, this week will be better.


Magical Monday 5.19.14

Welcome to my Magical Monday. Tobril basically told me to get regular on my writing schedule again. So i am going to try. If i have things i have to fit into my week, i tend to get them at least mostly done.

So lets look at two master pieces from this last weeks FNM the first is my deck the second is my son’s. Sorry for the grainy images, I will do better in the future. We drew in the finals to clinch first and second for like 12+ boosters.

2014-05-16 23.05.26

2014-05-16 23.08.28

First off better lucky then good, opening Pharika (easy first pick) was a good sign for the night as i wanted to go “Constellation” knowing that we had a weird draft set of Journey, Theros, Core M14. I was passed Underworld Coinsmith second, another card i wanted to try out for myself. So i knew i was base black and willing to go 3 color so i needed to value color fixing fairly highly. A third pick supply line crane put a twist into my plans but i pushed on.

In pack two the black gods were calling my name with Erebos just begging to be slammed down. A couple time to feeds, a wingsteed rider and a grey merchant where clear winners from this pack.

I had high hopes from Core 2014, a Blightcaster would have been the nut but a first pick Strionic Resonator with all my Constellation/come in to play triggers was also amazing. Then i picked up Dismiss into Dream kinda late. But i thought i could make it work, and it did in the fun games vs my son that we played but the only time i drew it on the way to undefeated land my opponent killz it right away. He knew the power!

Over all the deck was really strong. A good control shell and ramp shell with some real fat finishers. For the record wingsteed rider and trollhide are more or less glued together. I don’t think i ever drew one with out the other a card or two behind.

One game really stands out to me where i had a devotion to 4 on board and a grey merchant in hand but i waited until i could also activate the Strionic Resonator and drain for 12. Then let the Underworld Coinsmith due its thing. Speaking of Strionic Resonator, there was a moment where i played Banishing Light and ate 2 dudes. Oh come into play triggers you are the best!

In the fun games Remmie was able to agro me out 2-1. I guess that Suntail hawk + cheep bestow guys is also a way to win. But he loves to draft live gain decks and with Angelic Accord he had ways to gain live and make flying ladies.

Hope this was fun for you all. Look forward to more Magic every Monday.


Gurobo Farm Update: 5.16.14

I taped this on Friday morning. Turns out that i have zero idea what day of the month it is when not sitting at my computer.

Update Update….

Thanks to the wife’s prodding i ran out and bought a in tank heater and an extra filter and low and behold i had a lot less dead fish then i thought, thank goodness! Now if i can just keep what is alive that way things would be great!


Upduckdate 5.16.2014

One of the two videos for this week’s update, a duck update. Right now they are living in the older rabbit cage on my kitchen table. They are super sweet, will come to me if i quack and they will eat greens like lettuce from the greenhouse or some grapes quartered.

Anyway enjoy these littler quackers and tune in later for the normal update once Youtube is done deshakeing it for us.

Mtg Plus Samius Equals AMAZINGBALLZ!

My artistic abilities are limited, ie i am not a physical artist. Werds are my colors and the mind is my canvas. Example i say orange and pink spotted wang and you think amazing, right? Right.

But sometimes i wonder what it would be like to have a talent that makes art for everyone to see. I am always sending off ideas to Clankenbeard for Samius/Lessah artwork, most go into his trash box i think because i assume he needs to be inspired to do his thing. I am not a jealous person, but i am jealous of those people that have a talent for turning ideas into reality. I would very much like to make some of my ideas happen.

I mean just look at some of these alters:

Or dozens of other amazing mtg alters over at

But how great would it be to have a full set of basic lands Samiused?

Like that but with even more smexy, 25 Big Eye Samius Islands! Maybe with a word bubble saying “I am going to tap you for blue!” or “Pants are for losers!”


Maybe some Lessah Plains:

And Morah Mountains:

I might have to become a red mage. Just damn….

Clanky, if you see this you know you want me to send you like 1000 cards. You know you do. 🙂


Other Old Favs?

Remember, (what last week?) how i talked about firing up the old Starcraft. Man i really need a graphic of a flow chart how playing Starcraft makes you watch Starship Troopers with leads to more Starcraft which then flows back to more Starship Troopers which after weeks of that loop leaves you raw to all the furious wanking you end up doing to the sound of killing bugs and nude scenes in amazingly bad movies.

Well in his own way Tobril is also run back down memory lane with his Playstation games, including Final Fantasy Tactics. Which means i now also have a copy of Tactics sitting here and i guess i will finally see about finishing it. Back in the day Tobril was the one that owned all the games and i just got to borrow them and that was only after i moved out on my own. Sometimes he wanted to you know have games at his house and this was one of those games that he just loved too much for me to get too much time with.

This has kinda gotten my head spinning about all my old favs but really most of “my favs” are older then that. And thanks to someone over at Nintendo having a brain i got most of them on my Wii. Which i play almost not at all.

I don’t know if i have a point here, just more of those random ideas rolling around in my head.

Did you rock the Playstation? What games do i need to look at again?