Magical Monday 5.19.14

Welcome to my Magical Monday. Tobril basically told me to get regular on my writing schedule again. So i am going to try. If i have things i have to fit into my week, i tend to get them at least mostly done.

So lets look at two master pieces from this last weeks FNM the first is my deck the second is my son’s. Sorry for the grainy images, I will do better in the future. We drew in the finals to clinch first and second for like 12+ boosters.

2014-05-16 23.05.26

2014-05-16 23.08.28

First off better lucky then good, opening Pharika (easy first pick) was a good sign for the night as i wanted to go “Constellation” knowing that we had a weird draft set of Journey, Theros, Core M14. I was passed Underworld Coinsmith second, another card i wanted to try out for myself. So i knew i was base black and willing to go 3 color so i needed to value color fixing fairly highly. A third pick supply line crane put a twist into my plans but i pushed on.

In pack two the black gods were calling my name with Erebos just begging to be slammed down. A couple time to feeds, a wingsteed rider and a grey merchant where clear winners from this pack.

I had high hopes from Core 2014, a Blightcaster would have been the nut but a first pick Strionic Resonator with all my Constellation/come in to play triggers was also amazing. Then i picked up Dismiss into Dream kinda late. But i thought i could make it work, and it did in the fun games vs my son that we played but the only time i drew it on the way to undefeated land my opponent killz it right away. He knew the power!

Over all the deck was really strong. A good control shell and ramp shell with some real fat finishers. For the record wingsteed rider and trollhide are more or less glued together. I don’t think i ever drew one with out the other a card or two behind.

One game really stands out to me where i had a devotion to 4 on board and a grey merchant in hand but i waited until i could also activate the Strionic Resonator and drain for 12. Then let the Underworld Coinsmith due its thing. Speaking of Strionic Resonator, there was a moment where i played Banishing Light and ate 2 dudes. Oh come into play triggers you are the best!

In the fun games Remmie was able to agro me out 2-1. I guess that Suntail hawk + cheep bestow guys is also a way to win. But he loves to draft live gain decks and with Angelic Accord he had ways to gain live and make flying ladies.

Hope this was fun for you all. Look forward to more Magic every Monday.


Kicking Midgets

For the last few months now my Friday’s have been spent at my local #FNM draft. This last week was no exception. The shop had a Standard and a M14 draft queued up. But last week was our two local high school’s “rivalry” game, aka vs each other. So after 15 mins past the start time neither event was going to fill.

After some debate some of the standard players come to the draft if we draft Theros, which was not what I was in the mindset for but hell we are all giving a little to make this draft happen…. A quick aside, we switched formats because 2 people would not M14 due to it “being a bad finical call.” Wtf? #FNM is meant to be fun and those of us that have drafted Theros every Friday and some Saturdays since the pre-release wouldn’t have minded/was looking forward to a change of pace….

I drafted a really solid G/U heroic deck, at one point after drafting I remember thinking is there any way for me to lose? The answer is yes, the curse hit hard.

I ended up 2 and 2, the 2 matches I lost I didn’t lose to the other player or their deck I lost to my deck. In the first match I lost; one game I died on turn 12, with 12 lands in play and 3 lands in my hand after drawing 2 extra cards. Another I kept a fair 3 land 4 spells, played out my 2 and 3 drops and never drew a 4th land.

And the last match I had a shot at still winning the draft. Not a great shot but a fair shot (had I won I would have taken 2 overall but at the time I had a shot). I was never in it. I kept a 3-land hand and proceeded to draw nothing but lands. My few spells were removed or countered and I lost to a really bad control deck. But if you stumble vs a control deck it can take control and win. Game 2, which as another aside I either won in 2 or lost 1-2 except this last match where I lost 0-2, think I took a mull to 5 due to a 1-land hand twice and landed on a 5 land had where I drew nothing but lands the whole game as I was beat down by a 1/3 flyer…

That’s magic, some day’s you are just unlucky and you have to roll with the punches.

I did two Mtgo drafts over the weekend; I thought both of my decks were unbeatable. And the second draft that was true, when you draw lands and spells in the proper numbers (even if you get 2 or 3 in a row sometimes) a good deck can win. The second was not the case, even though I was able to get the booby prize. I will admit I had a few misplays in the first round. Well not really misplays vs my opponent having a ton of removal but when I had an opening to punish my opponent for burning all his removal I was unable to draw gas and once again died again and again to the land flood.

The second round my opponent conceded the match due to real live while I pondered my opening hand (I was on the play). In MtGo you have the option to peak after a game at what you would have drew had you gotten more time. I drew a few cards and I really hope there is some kind of MtGo thing where if your opponent doesn’t get to draw the deck is stacked…. But if not then I took a screen shot for proof of my weekend…

Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 8.38.57 AM

I showed my coworker and he thinks I must have kicked a few midgets to get that kind of bad luck. Maybe I did…. If I did, the universe punished me really well and I never to it again…