A Good and Mostly Productive Night

Last night I had breaking Phlor back in on the books. And we did so. He logged in and we got everything remapped, ran down the important changes to his char and then we jumped into the Vale for an hour or so of slowly clearing trash in the vale. It was a good relaxing night, just what he needed to feel like he could get back into the night. Or at least that is the feeling that I got from the night.

Then dinner happened and Phlor drifted away but didn’t log out. I can only assume that he fired up Eve… But Tobril logged on because of the bonus guild renown going on right now and wants to help push the DG to rank 80. Thank God. Feels like the wife and I are trying to push a house up a mountain most of the time. And I keep waiting to get steam rolled even more.

So we adjust to the new party make up and ransack Rusted blades. I swap alts as I sacked out right away but I have one or two alts that could use the xp as well as being around to renown grind.

After sacking Blades we move on to a few of the King’s Forest quest. But we finally land on the Unquite Graves. A quest I feel is really under rated for XP farming mostly due to the run to the quest.

Once sacking that I decide to call it a night. Go back to the boat to sell/repair look at my phat loots. And I got a Drow Great axe +5 combat skills, the Grave wrappings and a collection of sell able loot to the bar keep for almost 150K plat. Not bad for a night of renown farming.

But our renown farming was not the best. Think we might be doing some more renown farming tonight and I need to find a better couple of quests. Thinking that  Von3 for mob/chest/pick up the end reward renown might be the way to go. And I have not ransacked von3 on anyone since epic levels made their way into ddo.

Anyway, where else do you go to farm renown?


Every Beginnings End

So depending on where you are reading this post, this is a good by post or a welcome post. With the loss or soon to be lost my.ddo I have jumped ship to samiusgurobo.wordpress.com and soon samiusgurobo.com.  Hey for 18$ I can get a domain name to point to my wordpress blog…

Lets jump to some content!

This weekend I busted hump with the aid of my family and we are almost done with my trampoline turned greenhouse. We have a few more finishing touches like getting the door rehang and running some trim around the base to hold the plastic to the bottom of the frame. Then starts the fun stuff the growing.

I have lots of big plans for my greenhouse and as I always do I will share them with you has the come together.  But I will say I have a section planed to re-fire up my aquaponics experiments including using some real fish and a much larger tank.

My little urban farm is coming together nicely; the chicks are doing well so far. Oh for any that didn’t know I now have chickens. Surprise! My town allows up to 15 chickens as long as they are 50feet away from every building or in a mobile coop. All I need now is a few solar panels and a milk goat…

Just because I got things done doesn’t mean I didn’t get some DDo time in because I did. I was able to push to lvl 15 on my arty this weekend Blade Barriers!!! And we got some other things knocked out with the Brits including a 67 min EE Madstone. Which Grim was the only one not to take a death, but I think most of those deaths could have been avoided. I know my 2 deaths were strange things that I should have been smarter about and avoided. One I got pinned against a wall while kitting, should have went for tea with the queen and not tried to heal out of it. The other involved me being a baseball and being knocked into lava, which is very hot…

Lets see we also did an EE Crucible, which took less then the hour of ship buffs. But I had an early death thinking that Tobril on his healer would heal me but he was in save SP mod right out of the gate and I should have just PWKed my attacker when he got too close. Lesson learned!

But over all it was a very good weekend for me. I got the EE Skullsmasher for Java, thanks to my wife being good enough to pass it over to me. And I picked up a spare Iron Beads. Looking at the AH and SH I didn’t see any of them listed. Given the apparent supply and potential demand I think I will list the one I pulled for a fairly hefty sum on the SH and see if it sells. I am thinking of starting at 100 shards and having a buyout of 500. It seems overly high to me but I did get those tells the other day and there are 0 to be found…

Well it is time to go, I will miss my.ddo but these things happen. I got my black log of posts moved to the above URLs. I am really grateful to my.ddo and turbine for hosting my ramblings for as long as it have. My first post on my.ddo was March 16th, 2011 and I started there/here because I didn’t want to pay the hefty price for my guild site that was 80% my blog 10% tobril’s blog and the rest was other guildies chatting back and forth on the private forums or the rare post of their own… So moving due to shutdown is just SOP but I really like my.ddo sure is had a lot of issues but its community was more then top notch. Still I think we will still be around if a little fractured for a while.

Well as always…


Let’s Talk About Plats, Baby

Let’s talk about you and me
Let’s talk about all the good things
And the bad things that may be
Let’s talk about Plats

So after a week of hardly playing due to spring break I have to say this weekend was a good one. Got lots of time in game on Firday night and Saturday to hang with the Brits and most of the morning before heading to my pnp game. In our normal fashion when we are low manning things we hit whatever quests we wanted. We did some GH and some FR stuff. We even worked in an EE Madstone run that while fun was very draining and took a long time. Next time we skip optionals until the end if we do them at all.

Anyhow we got some pulls but not the belt I was hunting for Darth Samius. So when we picked up where we left off on the next day I hit the AH/SH just hopping to find one of the belts for a good price. The shard exchange prices on Sarlona are still out of hand in my opinion so I pass on the 1 or 2 belts I see listed. But there happens to be one EH belt on the AH for 750k plat. Darth has all of 300k on him but the ladies are able to lone me 250k each so I don’t have to spend the time swapping around to move some plat. And I pick up my belt off the AH.

In the corse of playing and swapping alts for different quests I repay the ladies and realize I am super plat poor. Log story short I have been just buying the GH loot off the AH due to my poor farming skills, aka time to use this +2 weekend and a few loot gems to make some Plats.

I have talked about in the past about where I go to farm plat but for some reason, cough invis bug cough, I have had issues with some old standbys. So I want to both share my list and ask you for any quests you might farm when you are plat poor.

DQ 6 man, normally a no brainer, 3 amazing chests per run and little to no time to ransack them but this quest was having real issues due to invis still not working right to the point after 6 or 7 runs and 2 deaths due to skull issues while invised I said enough and moved on to.

Von2 maze chests, You have to know where the chests can spawn and using the friendly target or “radar” figure out where the chests are so you can get them and get out with out a fluke death but once you have it down it is a fast 2 chests.

Raiding the Giant Vault, this guy is one of my go tos because again once you have it down you can get 5 chests in 2 mins they are not all super high level chests but in two runs I got a 20% for 6 hour xp pot and a 20% guild renown pot.

Lets see what else …

Unquiet Graves got hit real hard. This quest also had the perk of getting the newly capped out or about to be capped out wife a ton of xp in 3 min runs. Kill 4 guys loot and DD reset. Sure there was only one chest but it was a good chest.

And of course we sacked Rusty Blades. Both for xp and the chest once the chest was sacked we did one more for people that missed a run and moved on.

Once I had decided to farm some plat I made about 750k xp I even did a shroud run thinking hey there are like a lot of chests in there. And for a speed run on hard it was not super fast to start but the quest its self was fairly quick once everyone entered… I could have done that a few more times…

Okay so where else? I would like to get a good buffer of a million plat per played alt if I can. Sure I could start to sell my EH/EE GH loots but I would either need to take the time to list things on the AH or make a trade list…

Like either of those things are going to be happening…


Keep the Faith

Sometimes you see everyone around you pulling the good stuff. Your glad for them you are really. But you also have a little ping of jealously thinking “Why not me?” Where is my plat lootz?

I am telling you keep the faith and stop expecting to get anything that is when you will get the pulls.

A few weeks back I pulled a +4 to 5 INT tome and I thought my luck was burnt for a long while. However, if you look over at Grim’s page, you will see a run down of what is becoming one of the weekend runs of a Eh dragon raid once again short man (this time with a channel tag along) and I was able to pull a +4 to +5 con tome from the not epic chest. Wow…

Now Sam is rocking +5 Int and Con tomes. Lucky guy.. 🙂

Since pulling that first tome, Tobril has gotten at least 3 pieces of the EE loot we have earned. The brits as a team have gotten 3 or 4 pieces. One was very kindly handed to me to make us all stronger over all, again thanks Grim. But for the most part the wife and I have been coming up dry in the loot department.

But then out of the blue, bam! PHAT LOOTS all in caps. So you can’t lose the faith, just keep pulling chests.

While I am talking about getting good chests the timers for the optional to farm for the Wall of Wood on Ee is stupid short. Maybe there is a trick to it other then taking six max DC/spellpen PMs in there and just circling and wailing everything in sight but I don’t see it right now. And a list of chests for just screwing around randsacking for high value vendor trash in case people forgot (I did) is that underwater clam shell in the Black lock on E elite. Talk to the guy, invis, open the first door, invis, run, open the next door, jump in the water loot and recall. Seems fairly quick. Don’t know the level of the chest but I would bet at least 20 for any epic right?

Note to self: learn more about chest levels and blessing…

Need to get back to work <3s kids.