Feybuckler 2020 – Final Verson

Feybuckler 2020
12/5/3 Warlock/Bard/Fighter
True Neutral Half-Elf

Level Order

1. Bard 6. Warlock 11. Warlock 16. Warlock
2. Bard 7. Fighter 12. Warlock 17. Warlock
3. Bard 8. Fighter 13. Warlock 18. Warlock
4. Warlock 9. Bard 14. Warlock 19. Warlock
5. Warlock 10. Bard 15. Fighter 20. Warlock

28pt 32pt 34pt 36pt Tome Level Up
—- —- —- —- —- ——–
Strength 8 8 8 8 +5 4: CHA
Dexterity 12 12 12 12 +5 8: CHA
Constitution 14 14 16 16 +5 12: CHA
Intelligence 10 14 12 12 +5 16: CHA
Wisdom 10 10 10 12 +5 20: CHA
Charisma 18 18 18 18 +5

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Perform 4 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 23
Spellcr 4 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 23
Intim 2 ½ ½ 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 1 2 1 1 1 1 23
UMD 4 1 1 5 2 1 1 1 1 17
Balance 4 1 1 ½ ½ 7
Jump 4 1 1 1 7
Heal 2 ½ ½ 1 4
Haggle 1 1 2
28 8 8 4 4 4 5 5 9 9 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5


1 : Single Weapon Fighting
3 : Completionist
6 : Shield Mastery
7 Fighter: Precision
8 Fighter: Improved Single Weapon Fighting
9 : Dodge
12 : Improved Critical: Piercing
15 : Greater Single Weapon Fighting
18 : Improved Shield Mastery

1 HalfElf: Half-Elf Dilettante: Paladin

4 Warlock: Pact: Fey


1. Jump (4), Resist Energy (5), Obscuring Mist (5)
2. Blur (11), Protection from Energy (16), Blindness (12)
3. Haste (14), Dimension Door (19), Slow (17)
4. True Seeing (18)
1. Sonic Blast (1), Focusing Chant (2), Cure Light Wounds (3), Merfolk’s Blessing (10)
2. Cure Moderate Wounds (9), Rage (9), Invisibility (10)

Enhancements (81 Includes a +1 Universal Tome)

Swashbuckler (33 AP)
• Confidence, Swashbuckling
1. On Your Toes III, Blow By Blow: Melee II
2. En Pointe III, Double Strike Boost II
3. Elegant Footwork, Skirmisher, Resonant Arms III, Smooth Flourishes, Charisma
4. Low Blow, Charisma
5. Thread the Needle, Coup de Grace: Melee

Enlightened Spirit (23 AP)
• Eldritch Aura, Aura of Courage, Shape Vestments, Aura of Menace
1. Resilience of Body III, Spiritual Defense III, Resilience of Soul III
2. Spiritual Bastion III, Shield
3. Eldritch Burst I, Spiritual Ward III
4. Brilliance

Stalwart Defender (13 AP)
• Toughness, Stalwart Defense
1. Durable Defense III, Stalwart Defensive Mastery III
2. Resilient Defense II
3. Hardy Defense III

Vistani Knife Fighter (8 AP)
• Knife Expertise, Knife Juggler
1. Mist Stalker, Rapid Attack
2. Mist Stalker

Tainted Scholar (4 AP)
• Tainted Spellcasting
1. Feigned Health III

FeyBuckler?!? I don’t even know Her!

Assuming that most of you follow me on Twitter, twitter.com/samiusgurobo if you don’t. Or we are friends on Facebook or have at least dropped by and check out the DDo podcast i do at DDoCocktailhour.com lately,  you should know that i have been following another person’s build for this last life on Samius. Geoff Banana Hanana’s FeyBuckler. I have tweeted him updates as i have been playing. Thinks i have learned along the way and tweats i think work best for the build as i see the game. My jaded jaded version of the game.

He has even written a follow up or two on the build, which you can read here. And i think he wants to know, is the build good? I will try to answer that at the end. But i want to touch on my changes vs his according to a couple of screen shots.

Geoff’s build @ 20

Mine also @ 20

Some easy things to notice changes, i have about 12 more PRR and about 7 more Double Strike. It is not shown but i would bet i have a little more Melee power also, but either of us chose to hover over that break down. Some things that might not jump out at you is he has a few more HPs and i have a lot higher AC (which is meaning less anyway). I assume do to destiny and twist of fate choices.  Also i have “geared up” for level 20-22 something i am not sure Geoff has a ton of level 20 gear ready to go. Oh and one last thing he has a lot more Sonic power then i do/did. I will talk about that is a moment also.

I think Geoff is in Crusader based on his posts, a great choice for this build. I am in Fate singer, a much less good choice but i need to fill my arcane sphere this go around so that is why i am singing vs being in a “good destiny.” But even so i feel unstoppable in most quests. The only time i have died at near level quests were 1, against the ballista’s in Storm the Beaches, i was shot from behind which started a bit of a chain reaction for a moment but was able to pull out of thanks to a rez cake and the strength of the build and teamwork of my leveling partner ie the wife. 2, I pulled the lever in Von3 almost lived died at like -40 or something, btw like a lot of players i am a EE player first time through…. So there is some challenge in what we are doing, it is not like we are just running by on EH.  And we are doing well. Like very well. I think that most of that is on the strength of the Warlock class.

Having said that, watching the wife, Grim and the rest of the guild play their Warlocks had i played one straight, i would have TRed right away. I did the spam damage spells thing for long enough with the Magic Missile wizard, Sorc, Ranged builds even the no DC having divine casters and i am done with that play-style for a while.  But this build is different. A change i need and have been trying to have for awhile. My last live was a Fvs/Pally. It was a lot of fun also and i could do things solo on EE also but it was a lot of work all the time. Check this attack that, do i need a heal? Make sure this buff is running, etc. It was just a lot of work for not as much payoff.

This build does all the things i want my melee to do. AOE damage just by being around, some healing, most important skills covered and solid damage. Not great melee damage but good enough. Add in the Aura ticks and the damage is more then fine. I am even looking forward to having perfect weapon fighting thanks to Reign and other bard powers.

Gearing this version of  Samius is hard. Most of the gear that is best for this build is not stuff i have just laying around. I made a Epic Red dragon suit of armor just to have something light to wear that is not robes. I have been using my green steel weapons since level 12. And had Tobril not talked about the Blade of the High Priestess, i would still be using them.

I did swap to the Blade of the High Priestess, for general mobs. Mostly thanks to Potency +72 boosting my sonic power to the levels Geoff is talking about in his posts. A proper Drow Light Mace of the Weapon Master might be more damage over all but i like what this is doing for now. And i have a Celestia when ever the wife is ready to level up as well as 2 raider’s chests in the event i decide i want a Balizarde. I haven’t decided yet.

Overall, the build in epics so far is really solid. I don’t mean that as anything but the highest of complements. I have played everything from glass cannons to max dps i could muster ranged builds that can solo most EE quests to the support healer that feels that leveling is easy. Wack a mole with Hps is easy in epics, if they die just rez them and move on.

Not to say there aren’t short comings in the build. It would be great to have rogue skills. But to get them you would have to lose the fighter levels which are amazing. You wouldn’t think that they are great but they are. The saves need work, but i am me so i will fail saves no matter what. And you could use a few more 100 hps fairly early into epic elites if you really want to tank bosses. But that is not a huge deal breaker for me.

If you asked me for a grade of 1-10, i would say this is a 9ish. And here is the kicker. I was looking for something to rock a few epic lives with, i need a few more here and there to finish my epic completionist. And i had planed to do so with that FvS/Pally build. But i needed the heroic completionist feat (+2 to all stats was huge for the build) and i lost it when Warlock came out making that build a lot tougher to play. I found Geoff’s build looking for a warlock that would itch the scratch that was bothering me and instead found something that i think will make the divine epic lives easy to complete.

My plan is to level to 28, look at how the world looks then and epic tr and rock back up in Unyielding Sentinel or Divine Crusader. I suspect that the Sentinel will be a touch stronger to play in but maybe not.

It is a fun build and i would much suggest checking it out if you can. Oh and thanks Geoff for posting this build. I think you are on to something great here and as i play it more and learn the ins and outs of the build i will refine things and keep sharing them with everyone, even if you move back to rangggger.


Ddo and Twitch

Look at me kids, I am writing about Dungeons and Dragons Online for a change. Watch out!

So i have been looking at the different Twitch numbers. Number of viewers, number of streamers things like that and do you know what i learned? That DDo has less viewers and streamers then pen and paper Dnd and games like Mario Sunshine. Amazing games btw… But still it can be aggravating at times, because you know what? I like to watch others play as long as they are being entertaining. I don’t think it is any secret that i am into Magic right now. And a lot of the time i will just log into DDo and do some mindless grinding (or while working) watching someone else play magic on the other screen.

I know that we have had a big push lately, but it is just not enough. I wonder what it would take to boost the numbers. Looking last night (after servers got back up), Magic got to around 3k and DDo didn’t break 100 and League was over 80k. We just had an update and my personal twitter feed just had a lot of nothing. Today is better, but not great.

So this is where my head is… ChannelFireBall helps some of its Magic writers that also happen to be streamers pay for their time. I know that other major websites do the same. So why not DDo? I look at the League streams listed now and i see at least 10 sponsored streamers right now. Seems like cheep advertising to me.

The wife and i have been talking about trying moving my for $$ job to streaming 4-5 nights/days a week but i couldn’t pay anything with the low numbers i see in the DDo streams. The highest DDo stream i have seen was about 150 and that was one of Jerry’s Lunch streams where he was previewing things with a Dev and giving out codes like candy. Not saying why people where watching, but i saw a lot of “hey Jerry is giving away point codes on the stream” when i fired up my game and looked in the channel chats and not a lot of “wow X looks cool as hell”….

I am just saying, who would like to see Turbine sponsor a few part time streamers? Pay for their subs, kick them a few codes to hand out on streams etc… Hell i would move a lot of things around for a few $ in my bank account. All in the name of advertising. Speaking of ads, why don’t we have some sweet Youtube ads targeting gamers. I have to watch Rainbow Six new game ad about 10 times a day think a DDo ad would pop up in my Youtube….


Oh well, I hope to look into the Rogue pass this week and see if there is anything that makes me want to take more then 2 rogue on any of my builds or rework my ranged rogue.



SheSamius and the Springfling

I told people in yesterdays livestream chat that i would finally talk a little bit about SheSamius and how i am looking at things under the springfling rules.

First off for those that don’t know the Springfling is the fancy name we are using for the static group with myself, Lessah, Jerry and more! You can watch the stream from 5 different POVs. My stream, Lessah’s, DDoStream, Grim’s and this 4way multitwitch every Wednesday at noon:30 CST for about 2 hours depending on the POV you are watching. Jerry having already knocking out an hour over his lunch break can only play for another hour. Man his job sucks right? He can only play ddo with us for an hour a week in his office… Anyway most of the rest of the group tends to stick around and hunt loot or generally have fun.

Okay now that is out of the way, lets look at the build or my process anyway. I had a few expectations for my role in the Fling.

  • Cap is probably about level 15 at best
  • Be the guy that gets things done
  • Don’t die, or if i do it better be because the odds were very overwhelming
  • Getting gear is a crap shoot so plan on nothing ever
  • Have a list quest with cherry gear to “farm” for when the cry for momentum happens

With those goals in mind and the lack of jhealz in the email train i decided to be the jhealzer. Keep in mind most of the group planed on secondary heals or being mostly able to heal themselves so by being the healer to me means when the shit hits the fan i swap from dps to spam as much as i can and keep people moving. The rest of the time i am captain of my own ship. Also anyone that has been around the last few CtHs knows that ranged is just where the game is in my opinion. So i wanted a ranged clr that has no idea if any gear/plat will make it into my hands.

Arcane Archer was a easy call, most of the tree is good with or without gear. Warpriest like was was a easy call for the gearless, Resilience of Battle is really really good. And the race was really decided by wanting to use the Tharashk dragon mark to help with chests. The plan is 4 ranger for Paralyzing Arrows and Soul Magic then max out on Clr levels.

Knowing that spell DCs will never matter i did enough Wisdom to cast all my spells with an item or wand/spell boost, ie 14. Then focused on Con and Dex (we do want IPS i think… ). You can kill almost anything if you have the hp to live and the Dex to hit it if you are ranged. The details of the build really don’t matter unless people want to keep this going after the summer, but i am hopping by then my play times will have had to change back to a normal schedule.

So that gear list, quest rewards will be more likely then chest items but some chest items are good enough to hunt. Also he happened to hit the cove so some pieces from there is huge.

  • Silver Longbow – The Church and the Cult – Got it!
  • Stalwart Trinket – Treasure of Crystal Cove – Got it!
  • Cavalry Plate (8) – Treasure of Crystal Cove – Got it!
  • Cove Hat (Wisdom/jump) – Treasure of Crystal Cove – Got it!
  • Splinterskull Acolyte Ring – Splinterskull
  • Serpentbranch – Delera’s Tomb
  • Quicksilver Cassok/Bubble Belt – Cult of the Six
  • Spectacular Optics/Rabbit Gloves – The Abandoned Excavation
  • Ring of Balance – Invasion Tokens
  • Nightforge Gorget/Nightforge Plate/Nightforge Armbands – A Relic of a Sovereign Past (Adamantine Ore collectible) – Soon i will be able to casual farm for these.
  • Giantcraft Plate Armor – Turn in 10 Ancient Giant Relics – Also can farm soon
  • Collapsible Shortbow/Firestorm Greaves – Sands of Menechtarun Explorer

So looking at my list you might notice a few things, first i am looking for good weapons and armor to build my toolbox but other slots are generally good stuff.  Also most of the things on my list have good drop rates or can be solo farmed once cracked by the team. Finally i didn’t list any of the xp boosting items. Not because they are auto includes but because on first live guys where will be farming some items i will end up playing catch up almost by happenstance.


Well that is the over all plan, things like this are made to change. In a static group there is a lot of going with the flow and this char is one that is the most easy to shift and role fill. Sure she can’t trap or umd but she can switch things around otherwise simi easily and cover that role fairly well.


Okay hope to see you in the chat on Wednesday.



Summer Fling, Intro

Man it is good to want to write about DDo again, it just feels like a long time since i had a reason to write about it.

Couple of things first. I saw Jerry’s twitch stream yesterday where he ran down the swashbuckler. Looks good. I don’t know if it is good enough for my main bard to make changes to make it worth wild but i could see my lower level was going to be a tank but the Ac changes hit and she doesn’t get played no more bard might make some swaps and get a little more love again. IF you missed it you can check it out here.

This summer fling thing of Lessah’s is going to be a nice break for me i think. I am excited to make this happen. There are a lot of rules, which you can check out on DDoCockTailHour.com needless to say that there is one rule in there that happened after i decided to buy the acid green hair dye to more easily separate myself from all the other ladies in the party. Time to become a ninja passer of the hair dye or start blowing Turbine for replacement dye…. Remember better to look good then be effective. Also i am the jhealz so punishing Lessah for this rule is fairly simple… 🙂

Sam- Your blocked!
Les- No i can see you. You are waving you asshole!
Sam- Wasn’t me….

Walk of nakid shame for Lessah.

Here is my character for this group. SheSamius.

lvl 7 starting out

lvl 7 starting out 5/2 clr/rgr

Fairly hot if i do say so myself. I made her live with out a plan on my stream with input from the chat. Fairly pleased with how she turned out. But i am really excited to see how well the least dragonmark of finding will work out for our group. As we are starting out mostly nakid i am hoping this will give us a nice leg up. On Tuesday i popped into Cartamon’s to put it to the test and i was pulling +2 tmp weapons and lots of wands on normal.

Playing with stepping things up quest diff wise and it seems to make a difference in the quality of loots found. But i am still playing with it. I am real glad they added a shrine to the quest. I was mindlessly running to the bar before i realized that there was on. Oops.

Well i hope you can join us on Wednesdays noon central(we will have lots of streams covering our play), or at least i think that is the current start time. If not i will see about saving and or porting it to Youtube. That might be a real upside of Goggle buying Twitch. Easy saving to youtube channels?

Well see to all on Friday i think for another Gurobo Farm update. Until then.


Mtg Plus Samius Equals AMAZINGBALLZ!

My artistic abilities are limited, ie i am not a physical artist. Werds are my colors and the mind is my canvas. Example i say orange and pink spotted wang and you think amazing, right? Right.

But sometimes i wonder what it would be like to have a talent that makes art for everyone to see. I am always sending off ideas to Clankenbeard for Samius/Lessah artwork, most go into his trash box i think because i assume he needs to be inspired to do his thing. I am not a jealous person, but i am jealous of those people that have a talent for turning ideas into reality. I would very much like to make some of my ideas happen.

I mean just look at some of these alters:

Or dozens of other amazing mtg alters over at http://www.alteredmtgcardart.com/

But how great would it be to have a full set of basic lands Samiused?

Like that but with even more smexy, 25 Big Eye Samius Islands! Maybe with a word bubble saying “I am going to tap you for blue!” or “Pants are for losers!”


Maybe some Lessah Plains:

And Morah Mountains:

I might have to become a red mage. Just damn….

Clanky, if you see this you know you want me to send you like 1000 cards. You know you do. 🙂


25 is Weaksause

I have a window where i can write like a champ. I can’t spell a bloody thing but the werds just flow out of me. Unfortunately for me that time is about 5 mins after i crawl into bed while my brain tries to do anything but relax around the pain in my head until i finally pass out for whatever sleep i can muster. For some strange reason i feel it is trying to escape the pain and get my body to sleep regardless of the throbbing electric fire that is my skull 24/7. The real crime is i only remember about 20% of those werds unless i get up and make notes. Even so nothing ever seems as good in the morning as it does at midnight. Think it has to do more with werd choice, what i can spell vs what is in my thesaurus.

Anyway something was bothering me giving my brain a target to claw at both last night and most of today. And it is DDo related for a change. Oh, i am talking about the changes to grouping levels for quests.

I get it we don’t want to allow 19s in to epic quests because epics get out just too much xp for the heroic xp curve to handle. Which is bull shit! That is a rant best left for a DDoCtH or a While we are Playing, but if a 19 can handle him/herself in an epic quest THEN FUCKING LET THEM! If 99% of new content is built for 20+ level questing then let people play that content. Now if you want to impose party member penalties because someone is 3+ levels higher then the 19 then that is fine. Adding a minim level to the quests was just LAZY CODING. I can think of 3 better ways to keep heroic players out of epic content with out imposing level minims. Again another show.

I bring this up because this has burned me a few times in the last couple of weeks. Right now i am on a bit of a DDo break/TR tear… Can one both be on a break and on a tear? I am not playing much during the week as i am mostly focused on eTRing Samius but i am not really loving the epic levels solo like i was when i was able to catch people in the evenings. I don’t really love the idea of heroic TRing anyone as i feel that the current endgame is sewed towards ranged dps and Samius is all ready filling that role better then most. So while play anyone else?

So anyway some time in the last week i went to jump into one of the new quests with Tobril and the ladies but i was too low level to join them. No worries i will just do X, i need to go and do it anyway. In that case it was the “farm chores” but it has been quest Y or restocking or flagging or whatever. But i spent some time in the week and Saturday crossing into level 25 what i thought was the lowest minim level for doing the newer content so as to be a helper. Turns out that 26 is the minim level. Grrrr!

Could i swap and jump to someone like Butterz? Sure but i would have been more of a hindrance then a help. Not that bards aren’t great and lots of fun but again the end game favors ranged dps. Her idea of ranged is Dwarven Thrower. Are you a giant? Sweet take extra damage. No? Sweet take extra damage. If only 2d6 was sweet damage… And my arty is also rocking out at about level 25. So no help there either.

No i really thing this minim level is lazy and is a quick fix for what was an exploit that just should be the rule of law. If a heroic could complete an epic they deserve the xps.

There is one other thing that has been eating at me while we are on the topic of epic xps. Why if we now have these stupid minim level nonsense is there a penalty for having someone 3+ levels over you anymore? Why do you have both? Either the watermark is here (minim level) or here (someone 3 levels highter then you) not both? Again i would point to sloppy juggling to fix a perceived exploit. But hey even i can’t ride a dead horse.

Am i alone in this? Comments.


Back on Track?

I more or less took last week off from DDo. When my current project wraps up (and this is on anything real world or not) i either need a new project or i hit a new level on the old apathetic meter and i need to find a new project right away. And i am just not an end game grinder but no one other then Samius seemed worthy of my (ddo) time at the moment and i wanted to epic TR him but i wanted to save him for raiding with the guild this last weekend.

Guess on the bright side that keeps me moving. The Samius Shark can’t stop doing something…. somewhere….

Insert the go to image for not making any sense.

Insert my go to image for not making any sense.

So instead of finding something in DDo  last week i focused on the “farm” and i will have and update later in the week on how things are growing.

In DDo news Samius Epic TRed on Sunday once it was clear that there would be no raids and talked the other 2 guys that were on into helping me farm up a copy of the Guardian’s Ring so i epic tred as they started the quest. Forgetting that Turbine forces a re-level up from level 1 even when doing just an epic TR it took me a min or two. More or less naked and enchantment less i keyed over to Evening Star ran to the first quest and locked out… Under Quest level… DAMN IT!

No xps. NO LOOTS.


Oh well, so now i am just leveling up again. I just need to get back to 23, shouldn’t take all that long but i feel silly not have much in the way of gear from 20 to 23. Thinking i might try and find a gear setup from 20 to 23 (like including a heroic Guardian’s Ring) where most of my good stuff starts to come back online. Might even have to do a few Lobs and make a little throwing star after all for 20 to 22, i don’t know. But at least i have a project in game again.

Wish me the fast xps!


Enter Helper-Woman…

Back in the old’n days Tobril and I had “helper” alts in different level ranges to help people that have trouble leveling on their own for whatever reason.  Most often, at least for the people that ask me for help, was a lack of focus or enjoyment of quests at a given level range.

Enter classic problem; as you start to play said alt character you start to enjoy that manz and you have a pile of xps just siting there next thing you know you don’t have anyone in range to help next time.

This has only gotten worse as reasons to TR have grown. Lately i have had 3 or 4 people not as much asked for help as kinda hinted around at it and i have had to decline/offer explorer zone help/or hurt their best possible xp as the lowest i had available was a level 20. After 20 i have a slew of alts from 21 -28 so there is not so much an issue as it is before 20.

Okay enter Helper-Woman aka Samdarkai.


She is a Rogue/Pally mix Shadar-kai, 13/2 at the moment although i am debating about taking a few levels as a wizard for some easy boosts. But unlike most of my current design ideas (epic Elite viability) this one has a whole new range of issues, namely a level cap of 18 and balancing the ability to solo any quest from 16 to 20 on heroic elite while also covering any missing skills/abilities that the person i am helping is missing PLUS letting them have all the glory assuming they are playing a future EE alt with the desire to be in the limelight.

In the past some of my “helper” alts were a little quest dominant making some of the people i was helping not feel needed and then it just takes longer for said person to level, which is not part of the plan.

In any case i have now “invested” too much to turn back now, aka tomes and btcoe gear.

Well wish me luck as i try and power this chick to level, do not die in every single level 16 on elite quest, unlike my time with her last night and the night before. 🙂


Candy Cane, Gun, Ghost

Not long ago the guild and i were rocking a Crucible when we got to the wheel puzzle on top of the maze. I had to afk real fast when i heard someone poke fun at my names for the symbols for the wheels.

I am shocked! My names are clear as glass and i can’t see how anyone could want to poke fun at them.


Candy Cane

Clearly the image above is a candy cane. There is room to call it “f” and i would except that also but clearly a cane like shape in there.


Gun, Hat, Ghost

The reason i don’t call candy cane “f” is because a lot of people call Gun “F”. The leftest most symbol is Gun by the way. In the middle is Hat. I call it that because it looks like a head wearing a hat. But i have heard it called all kind of things but most often hat. The most right is a Ghost from pacman.


Ghost, H, I

Once again from left to right because i am american and that is how we do things. we see the edge of Hat, Ghost, H then what i call “I”. Think “H” is the most commonly used symbol for that one and shouldn’t need a lot of explanation. But “I” guess that one is on me. I just see a capitol I when i look at this one, but i know lots of people say bow or cross or i even heard someone call it T before. Want to say the other day i looked real close and saw something else in the image but i can’t seem to remember. Maybe i should rename this guy road kill. It kinda looks like a flated animal…

Well work just called and asked if i could come in a little early so i am off to work.


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