SheSamius and the Springfling

I told people in yesterdays livestream chat that i would finally talk a little bit about SheSamius and how i am looking at things under the springfling rules.

First off for those that don’t know the Springfling is the fancy name we are using for the static group with myself, Lessah, Jerry and more! You can watch the stream from 5 different POVs. My stream, Lessah’s, DDoStream, Grim’s and this 4way multitwitch every Wednesday at noon:30 CST for about 2 hours depending on the POV you are watching. Jerry having already knocking out an hour over his lunch break can only play for another hour. Man his job sucks right? He can only play ddo with us for an hour a week in his office… Anyway most of the rest of the group tends to stick around and hunt loot or generally have fun.

Okay now that is out of the way, lets look at the build or my process anyway. I had a few expectations for my role in the Fling.

  • Cap is probably about level 15 at best
  • Be the guy that gets things done
  • Don’t die, or if i do it better be because the odds were very overwhelming
  • Getting gear is a crap shoot so plan on nothing ever
  • Have a list quest with cherry gear to “farm” for when the cry for momentum happens

With those goals in mind and the lack of jhealz in the email train i decided to be the jhealzer. Keep in mind most of the group planed on secondary heals or being mostly able to heal themselves so by being the healer to me means when the shit hits the fan i swap from dps to spam as much as i can and keep people moving. The rest of the time i am captain of my own ship. Also anyone that has been around the last few CtHs knows that ranged is just where the game is in my opinion. So i wanted a ranged clr that has no idea if any gear/plat will make it into my hands.

Arcane Archer was a easy call, most of the tree is good with or without gear. Warpriest like was was a easy call for the gearless, Resilience of Battle is really really good. And the race was really decided by wanting to use the Tharashk dragon mark to help with chests. The plan is 4 ranger for Paralyzing Arrows and Soul Magic then max out on Clr levels.

Knowing that spell DCs will never matter i did enough Wisdom to cast all my spells with an item or wand/spell boost, ie 14. Then focused on Con and Dex (we do want IPS i think… ). You can kill almost anything if you have the hp to live and the Dex to hit it if you are ranged. The details of the build really don’t matter unless people want to keep this going after the summer, but i am hopping by then my play times will have had to change back to a normal schedule.

So that gear list, quest rewards will be more likely then chest items but some chest items are good enough to hunt. Also he happened to hit the cove so some pieces from there is huge.

  • Silver Longbow – The Church and the Cult – Got it!
  • Stalwart Trinket – Treasure of Crystal Cove – Got it!
  • Cavalry Plate (8) – Treasure of Crystal Cove – Got it!
  • Cove Hat (Wisdom/jump) – Treasure of Crystal Cove – Got it!
  • Splinterskull Acolyte Ring – Splinterskull
  • Serpentbranch – Delera’s Tomb
  • Quicksilver Cassok/Bubble Belt – Cult of the Six
  • Spectacular Optics/Rabbit Gloves – The Abandoned Excavation
  • Ring of Balance – Invasion Tokens
  • Nightforge Gorget/Nightforge Plate/Nightforge Armbands – A Relic of a Sovereign Past (Adamantine Ore collectible) – Soon i will be able to casual farm for these.
  • Giantcraft Plate Armor – Turn in 10 Ancient Giant Relics – Also can farm soon
  • Collapsible Shortbow/Firestorm Greaves – Sands of Menechtarun Explorer

So looking at my list you might notice a few things, first i am looking for good weapons and armor to build my toolbox but other slots are generally good stuff.  Also most of the things on my list have good drop rates or can be solo farmed once cracked by the team. Finally i didn’t list any of the xp boosting items. Not because they are auto includes but because on first live guys where will be farming some items i will end up playing catch up almost by happenstance.


Well that is the over all plan, things like this are made to change. In a static group there is a lot of going with the flow and this char is one that is the most easy to shift and role fill. Sure she can’t trap or umd but she can switch things around otherwise simi easily and cover that role fairly well.


Okay hope to see you in the chat on Wednesday.



One thought on “SheSamius and the Springfling

  1. That is a fine heroic build. I helped one of my guildmates do something similar – we called it a battle medic – but she found she liked hjealing more and TRd back into full cleric mode.

    Yet it was a great build.

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