Magical Monday 7.7.14

Have you ever had a brewgasm? Like an orgasm but over brewing a mtg deck?

No me either. What a strange idea……

Yes, I am telling a stupid lie, Sorry…

The other night something hit me and i realized that if i swapped my aura and your enchantment dude with Daring Thief then i got to keep them both. Well you control the aura that is enchanting my man so if it has abilities then you get access to those but if says “Enchanted creature has “…” then it practically has no loss of value other then devotion count. And my brain went spinning.

At first i was all like Banishing Lights/Detention Sphere and other strange enchantments like Claim of Eberos. What I think claim is underrated, cool? Lets move on….

But then i slightly more formed list started to form, one with some other bodies to trade off:

16 mans
4 Daring Thief
3 Hero of Iroas
3 Battlefield Thaumaturge
3 Vanguard of Brimaz
3 Triton Cavalry

14 tricks
2 Cyclonic Rift
4 Retraction Helix
4 of some combination of Gridlock/Glimpse the Sun God
4 Triton Tactics

4 things that do things
2 Fate Foretold
2 Ephara’s Enlightenment

4 mana tapper
4 Springleaf Drum

22 lands

We have a few things going on here, first Daring Thief plus a million ways to tap him outside of attacking, aka good news. A sweet couple of heroic interactions to draw cards, make 1/1s or huge attacker/s.

I wanted to add (and might still) a few Sage of Hours, seems like this is close to what we want in a deck to support him but we are not quite there yet, but i could see a singleton or two just to see.

There are faster heroic decks, this is more of a take control deck mid-range deck. There is no counter spells but you could play like you have 0 and have 15 of them in the board siding out some of the cuteness for game 2 or if needed 3.

I need to do the match ups but i think other then mono red this deck is in good shape.

The night i had my bright idea, i hit Facebook to message a friend of mine about my idea. Think he ran with the idea into a much more con-troll-ing version of the deck. He keeps posting winning on Mtgo with his ” poor boy version” of the deck. Think that Daring Thief could go in a few different directions, but i <3s me a good control list with trading posts. Want to trade your Polukranos/Master of Waves for my goat token?


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