Helfs are Failures

How is it possible that the master race could be ruled out of so many of my future build plans due to a simple over looked feature? Simple, they lack the master beard as an option. Boom! Dead to me.

I went home ill at lunchish yesterday, Think I might have pushed cooking something a hair further then I should have. All I can say is sometimes it sucks not being able to smell and I cooked it really well and it tasted good? Long story short after a trip or two to the restroom, I was to wiped to return to work and I feared a return restroom visit, so I jumped on to ddo and looked for low stress options. I knocked out a GH explored loop and then I decided to go ahead and TR McGoggles.

Yes, I don’t have a real detailed build plan. But for what I am doing I really don’t care. It is something for me to fiddle with in my spare time. He is a second lifer so I am not worried about XP and as he hasn’t been played in months before TRing he won’t be missed in epics.

I hit the rez button and fill in his name; lets do this thing! I start as a Helf Ranger. Stats look good, Skills look better then I thought. Get to look and it hits me, McGoggle has that boss “Wendell Beard”, but that is not an option for Helfs…

Let me side bar, Wendell is a guy I know from the local DnD/Card scene. He is the Hollywood nerd. Always dirty, stinky (as I understand it) and always knows just enough about any topic to comment but then be completely and totally wrong. But for years he had this amazing beard that shot out in all directions. So when I see that ddo beard option I think “Wendell Beard” though technically think it is called the Winnfield. Want to know a little secret? There are 2 beards I wish I could have in RL, the Winnfield and the massive biker beard. You know the goatee that goes to your belly button and you braid into huge braids. You know like how Clankenbeard draws me. ☺

Realizing this over sight I back out and start over as a human as to get the proper beard. Yes I know that it will effect the over all power of my build a LOT. No AA for me on the back of Helf. But come on, some alts just need the right look. Now I need to buy some funky color hair dye; last life McGoogles rocked a bright blue, maybe this life that Acid Green out of the store?


EE Alts?

Yesterday, Tobril and I were talking and as it often does our topic of conversation wondered over into DDo land. We ran down the basic plan for the night (we did a teaching Abbot raid last night for example) then via TR plans for Tobril’s Fvs the idea of the roster of EE capable alts came up. Some how this talk finally got me to understand the logic behind some of the things Tobril has been saying/doing.

His active roster is meant to be EE capable in the role they are intended and he wants to cover what he feels are key/hard to fill roles.

He has:
Tobril – heavy dps/role filler/random light tank (as needed)
Syg – Tank
Holy – Healer/Dps
SQL – Caster/CCer
Tennie – Monk (set at a lvl 20 cap for challenge farming/helping guild with the 17-20 push)

And that is his active roster as I remember it. Which is strange to me. I know he has other guys he enjoyed playing and at least at one time had plans to tweak for todays needs. But even before and durning his massive DDo bender/s he was starting this pull back. Wanting to spend more time doing other things in his day other then work out -> work -> DDo -> Sleep-> repeat.

Got me thinking, what of my active roster to touch up list is currently EE ready or are simi close and what do I need to do to get them EE ready.

Samius – clearly my most EE ready guy, arcane/most traps (Some skill gear wouldn’t suck)
Samyus – Tank – Already has rocked most quests on EE, is mostly geared could use some Web stuff but Epic GH shouldn’t be that much further out…
Darth Samius – DPS – He has a list of wanted gear, but he is far closer then any other of my random DPS guys (has a lot more EEs then i would thing looking at him).
Butterz – Buffer/Trapper – she has like 1 epic level and is hardly in to her first destiny. She just needs played and Xped but I think she could do EE in her role as is. Just everyone else will need to be on the ball as she will not be able to pick up much slack.
As400 – not quite there, will always be second fiddle as long as Samius is an arcane.

Java – on the project list, will TR in to a Druid at some point. So he is just in the oh you need x healed… Sure I got a guy. I hope to that once I am done I can use Java as my EE not arcane caster but I am not 100% sure he will be able to do everything I have planed for him.
How EE ready is your roster? Who needs work? What roles do you feel are important in EE?


What is MAIN?

Welcome back world. I know some of you never left but I only post on workdays. Lets me take 20 mins and try and get all the DDo out of my system out of my head so I can get things done. Well that is the goal anyhow. More often then not it just puts some ddo thought into the forefront. Works out today as I am only taking a half day then off to DDo land!

Anyhow, hope your enjoying your holidays. And now I ask What makes a Main?

Yesterday (??), Tobril and I were playing. I was leveling Darth Samius (who I am liking a lot but he is not as well rounded in the survival department as I would like if is worlds easier to keep alive then the WF barb version) and Tobril wanted to know why I was really bothering as I Samyus is not as far behind dps wise as I might think and this time could be used to finish fleshing out his gear.

When I said I really like Samyus where he is but he is not really a main for me, he tore into a well though out rant as to yes he IS in fact one of my MAINs.

He started listing gear and some of the gear I have planed. He went on to say how much I play him and how I often say other then X or Y he is more or less the perfect melee (if not character) for me. And the list went on. And I had to agree as he didn’t say anything that wasn’t true.

Then later last night wraping up the last of the flagging quests to get Darth into the Web raid we picked up a channel friend and while my audio was not set up for grouping I caught Tobril’s side of the conversation and something came up about getting me to train on tanking something so some channel would have a worth while tank…

So when does a side project become a MAIN? Is there a time amount? Or maybe it is by gear? I would have said by love before last night and that my MAINs were Samius and Javabot.

But I can’t argue that Samyus is not all that fair behind in the love department. Tobril pointed out that Samyus got my first GS item and not just the first but also the second; maybe the third even… If you enjoyed my segment on DDocast, back when I did them. They his original build and play experience spawned the idea to join the cast to talk about strange builds. So you have Samyus to thank for Cocktail hour also in a round about way.

So maybe he is a main and I should start treating him like one. But to me I will only have one MAIN and that is Samius. Maybe I need a Main, First, Second, Other classification for my alts.

Main- Samius – Full on love
Frist – Java, Samyus – Heavy play simi-loved
Second – As400, Darth, Healz, SamiusJr, Samiusbot – Mild play/ side projects, to fill some roles and general loves
Others – everyone else…. – Who are these guys??

What is your definition of Main, and how many do you have?