Drops on Leaving Adventure

For about 5 years now maybe 6 Samius has been one inventory slot shorter then most other players. Back when my wife first joined me playing DDo we where running some quest or another, one that had a “junk” (for the quest) item: a Wedding Ring. And she gave it to me and told me to never lose it! And for years i was able to keep that ring safe.

Believe me it was a challenge at times. Every time i had to choose between some piece of loot or that ring, the ring won out. So much so that it has been locked down almost from day one! When TRing was added to the game it was another slot to make room for before the burning. I hoped that when Cannith Crafting was added that maybe just maybe,  i would be able to use it as an actual ring but nope…. It said uses one inventory slot so your wife knows you love her.

I will admit that i tend to leave it in the bank or in the TR cache when able but it always makes the cut when it comes time to make room before a TR. And today was no exception.

However, today i loaded up my banks and made room got everything packed away cached in my last 20 tokens of the twelve, i will need to make some D-assault runs this next life, spoke to the only not evil glowball and logged out.

Just as the screen was going out i saw it, Wedding Ring as been dropped or whatever it says when an item is lost. I jumped back in and yep one more free slot then before. It is gone.

Going to say stealth changes some time this last week because i didn’t have an issue when TRing the time before this one on Sunday morning. I want to say it wasn’t flagged to drop like that before this week. Was this ring key to some hidden exploit? Was i getting the uber loot because of its magic powers?

Oh, well…. Guess if that is the worst thing to happen this week then i am good. What are the odds?


And There Was Much Debate

This last week/weekend was a bit of a challenge. The Gurobo’s have been passing around something making each other sick or we knock the illness down only for it to climb back up and try to take us down again. The wife is recovering the slowest but i think once she is mostly over it she will be done. I have more training this week Tues-Fri and it is currently -0.1 . Aka fuckin cold. I thought i was over all this shit last week then i spent the day training, 7+ hours out in the cold hardly moving as the main carrier had the heater blowing on him and jumping in and out of the LLV. Burrrrr.

So lets just say other then laying on the couch watching Stargate: Atlantis and wrapping up  Rescue Me; I have been rocking the xps on Butterz. I really like where she is right now, well except in the DPS area but I just need to deal with that as there is not a ton more i can due in that department other then a few hard to handle tweaks.

So time for another project. I am thinking Java.

For whatever reason he went from being super fun and almost unstoppable to not so much in a single TR, TO THE SAME BUILD. Tobril keeps trying to convince me that it has to be something to do with the enchantment changes but I just think that maybe the melee/caster hybrid dog is not going to work any longer. So it is time to pick a horse I guess and go with it. And i am thinking melee, that was Java’s original role so time to get back on it.

So to that end i swapped out of the skullsmasher that i was not proficient with without help and looked to my Raid box for help.  First of all i had an Toughness feat that i could swap if i wanted to pick up a proficiency. Sure i could have taken simple weapons and gone back to the Skullsmasher but i want to try something “more powerful” at least in a vacuum.

Tinah, looks good and there is the benefit of having one or two other long swords in my pack pocket, but it feels less strong combaired to some of the other weapons. Tobril is currently using a Celestia on his current life and while it seems powerful I would rather keep open the idea of a bard doing CC for EEs. Right now about the time i have everything hit with a song Tobril has run in hit his 18 cleave buttons and woken the whole area with the Sunburst effect. Balisarde, would do a ton of work. Java is mostly way under geared (like most of my alts) so it wouldn’t be a bad call. But the dps would be a joke. Mornh, isn’t bad at all, but I have stunning/seeker covered in the off hand. So then there was the dagger and the bastard sword. Both are good, Agony wouldn’t need a feat swap but is less good then Nightmare. Which is all upside other then that whole the only bastard sword i have is it thing.

Okay so debate; what one handed web weapon is the best for a melee dog?

Also keep warm thoughts in mind for KS this week. Damn it is like hell is freezing over.


Crafting for Others, Not Me

So last night I got to help an old friend out by making him some starting level 7 gear. He is a long time player on another server and due to his gaming circle drying up he is moving to Sarlona with more or less nothing. Guess he played some back then the cap was 14ish but he has little to no gear over here and decided to do the whole start over thing, “for the fun”.

His new “main” he is working on a dual wielding scimitar elf pally and he goes hey can you do some crafting for me? I say sure and we head to house k.

I ask what he wants and he says, Acid Burst x2, bleed x2 and +1 x2. Okay… I offer up some lesser vamp shards, which he takes and I precede to try and make this list. But my elemental is only at 100 so no acid burst. I counter with holy, which he takes. But not before explaining that acid burst is more dps on more guys assuming that you bypass good dr which he has found flametouched blanks to craft on. And I am dumb founded… Have I been wasting my time on holy/(lesser) vamp weapons at low levels?

Bleeding I understand but not over vamp at low levels but I would rather not have to drink a pot vs take one more attack. Different strokes for different folks.

But this last one got me +1 shards. I don’t plus anything for low levels. Plus 1 to hit and damage is not worth the overall higher level of the weapon to me. But as he is already level 7 thanks to Vet2 and dual wielding so maybe the +1 is to off set the dual wielding pen some…

But I am so not used to crafting low-level pluses I end up making two +1 Enchantment shards and not Enhancement shards and end up having to make some things again because we didn’t catch it in time. I found the whole thing funny and aggravating at the same time.

Once the weapons were sorted, we moved on to armor where I offered up an Invulnerability Shard which he takes and then asks if I can make an +3 Enhancement shard which I run over to make but again being low level crafting dumb I end up crafting up an armor 3 shard which is not the right thing at all. Once that is pointed out I start looking for the correct ritual and I can’t make it because I don’t have any +3 spirits…. Look I have like 10 +1s and 20000 +5s okay! Not really that many 5s but everything else is just taking up room in my bag. Well until last night when I needed them… Doh!

Any way Jay is all geared up and ready to rock. Well not really but he is well enough for now I guess. The thing is the whole time I was thinking wouldn’t he be better off finding some AH weapons with 2 or 3 properties (like flaming of Lacerating) adding just a normal icy dice and then letting me give his the mats for a stone of change force damage? That would be like d6 + str + 1 + d4 + d8 + d6 +d6 + 1 to bleeding guys?

Anyway think he is moving his crafter over so in a few weeks I don’t expect it to be an issue but until I guess we will all muddle threw.

Okay back to the grind.

Once a Strength

One of the things I have always felt was a strength in my gearing was how I spread out my gear effects. The idea was when I need to make a swap I can do so with minor losses. But now I am having issues making room for other things that my build wants to work in by my diverse gear set up is causing me headaches.

I hope that the Epic GH will make things work for me again. Looking at http://forums.ddo.com/showthread.php?t=404940 for my eGH info/ what I can remember from my visit to Turbine in November, the Stormreaver’s Tablecloth is a must have for Samius. Int/Cha/a yellow/ Greater Spell Pen/SFM +2 all in a simi unused slot for me atm? Well it is a clikly slot, mostly Jungle cloaks. But it would make things easier again at least stat wise.

Looks like a blue helm might not be the worst place to move +3 insightful int and get it off my body slot. But that is where my Min2 lives now… So I might have to slot Fort someplace. But 2 epic slots would be a huge help for other things. Hell I could do a epic blue armor maybe.

Okay RL is knocking so i need to get. Hopefully i will have a cool story for tomorrow, have to see how tonight plays out.