Dhakaani Shield?

So last night Javabot took level 11 and the normal 5 min gear up happened when I realized that I was still using the Dhakaani Shield. A simple +2 wooded shield with a blue slot (heavy fort slotted), why is there not a better shield for a druid at this level?

So I have been looking at shields today, with a few requirements to keep in mind: Heavy Fort and cool effects that will work in dog form (no metal).

So first of all, there are not a lot of named shields that are not made of metal between levels 1-15. I count six. Out of those six clearly the Carved Bone Shield is the best, +5, Neg Energy Absorption 20% and a purple slot. Not bad.

But I started thinking what if I crafted something myself with a red or a blue slot?

Tendon Slice 8% stands out assuming that it would enchant all my attacks.
With Takedown being one of my main attacks Vertigo is worth wild.
The shield might be a cool place for a sneak attack bonus or greater false life or native fort allowing that slot to handle fort if blue or a spell power if red.
Seeker 8 also is a real contender… again assuming a blue slot for fort.

What am I going to do? No idea.



Crafting for Others, Not Me

So last night I got to help an old friend out by making him some starting level 7 gear. He is a long time player on another server and due to his gaming circle drying up he is moving to Sarlona with more or less nothing. Guess he played some back then the cap was 14ish but he has little to no gear over here and decided to do the whole start over thing, “for the fun”.

His new “main” he is working on a dual wielding scimitar elf pally and he goes hey can you do some crafting for me? I say sure and we head to house k.

I ask what he wants and he says, Acid Burst x2, bleed x2 and +1 x2. Okay… I offer up some lesser vamp shards, which he takes and I precede to try and make this list. But my elemental is only at 100 so no acid burst. I counter with holy, which he takes. But not before explaining that acid burst is more dps on more guys assuming that you bypass good dr which he has found flametouched blanks to craft on. And I am dumb founded… Have I been wasting my time on holy/(lesser) vamp weapons at low levels?

Bleeding I understand but not over vamp at low levels but I would rather not have to drink a pot vs take one more attack. Different strokes for different folks.

But this last one got me +1 shards. I don’t plus anything for low levels. Plus 1 to hit and damage is not worth the overall higher level of the weapon to me. But as he is already level 7 thanks to Vet2 and dual wielding so maybe the +1 is to off set the dual wielding pen some…

But I am so not used to crafting low-level pluses I end up making two +1 Enchantment shards and not Enhancement shards and end up having to make some things again because we didn’t catch it in time. I found the whole thing funny and aggravating at the same time.

Once the weapons were sorted, we moved on to armor where I offered up an Invulnerability Shard which he takes and then asks if I can make an +3 Enhancement shard which I run over to make but again being low level crafting dumb I end up crafting up an armor 3 shard which is not the right thing at all. Once that is pointed out I start looking for the correct ritual and I can’t make it because I don’t have any +3 spirits…. Look I have like 10 +1s and 20000 +5s okay! Not really that many 5s but everything else is just taking up room in my bag. Well until last night when I needed them… Doh!

Any way Jay is all geared up and ready to rock. Well not really but he is well enough for now I guess. The thing is the whole time I was thinking wouldn’t he be better off finding some AH weapons with 2 or 3 properties (like flaming of Lacerating) adding just a normal icy dice and then letting me give his the mats for a stone of change force damage? That would be like d6 + str + 1 + d4 + d8 + d6 +d6 + 1 to bleeding guys?

Anyway think he is moving his crafter over so in a few weeks I don’t expect it to be an issue but until I guess we will all muddle threw.

Okay back to the grind.