Dhakaani Shield?

So last night Javabot took level 11 and the normal 5 min gear up happened when I realized that I was still using the Dhakaani Shield. A simple +2 wooded shield with a blue slot (heavy fort slotted), why is there not a better shield for a druid at this level?

So I have been looking at shields today, with a few requirements to keep in mind: Heavy Fort and cool effects that will work in dog form (no metal).

So first of all, there are not a lot of named shields that are not made of metal between levels 1-15. I count six. Out of those six clearly the Carved Bone Shield is the best, +5, Neg Energy Absorption 20% and a purple slot. Not bad.

But I started thinking what if I crafted something myself with a red or a blue slot?

Tendon Slice 8% stands out assuming that it would enchant all my attacks.
With Takedown being one of my main attacks Vertigo is worth wild.
The shield might be a cool place for a sneak attack bonus or greater false life or native fort allowing that slot to handle fort if blue or a spell power if red.
Seeker 8 also is a real contender… again assuming a blue slot for fort.

What am I going to do? No idea.



3 thoughts on “Dhakaani Shield?

  1. I doubt Tendon Slice would work as it’s an offensive proc…not positive but most offensive procs don’t work in the offhand. Seeker is great but Takedown is amazingly good…I’d go with Vertigo.

  2. Just looked at the builder and seeker (prefix) is actually on a separate slot from vertigo (suffix). You can make a +2 seeker of vertigo +8 w/ a blue slot with a min level 11 w/ the masterful craftsmanship shard. Obviously the seeker could go up by 2 every couple of levels as well up until +8 seeker of +8 vertigo at level 17.

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