Buying Tomes UPDATED

Turns out that the new +4 tomes were in the store last night, WOOT! So I start to load up my shopping cart with A (one) super upgrade tome 3 to 4 and what I thought was a 2-3 super tome and ran out of TP for any thing more, at least tome wise.

Hang on; I might be jumping ahead some. Turns out that Java doesn’t have any +3 tomes in him just +2s… So I thought I would go to 3s and then look at maybe buying points for a 3-4 upgrade if I had room in the budget after payday… So I was looking to buy +4s for Sam and +3s for Java.

Want to say I have 700ish TP left, which assuming the sales this month don’t get me to buy something extra should last me for a few months, unless I pick up some +4s for Java. Other then an armor skin/s for new post 20 armor/robes I think everything else I need/want is bought or I can get in game.

So what I ended up buying was a single 2-3 strength tome (i am guessing a miss-click?? But a happy one it turns out) and the 3-4 tome set. You don’t get one super tome like you might think. You really get one tome of every verity when you buy the super tome “pack”…

I don’t know who made this decision, but it was a good one from an end users point of view, but a horrible one from a marketing POV.

How do I mean?

Because of this I will be buying another super pack for sure. Being able to part out the super pack is really handy.

For example in my life right now just using Sam and Java I wanted a con and Int for Sam the rest are nice and have some real nice benefits but all I really need on Sam is Con and Int. Meaning I could pass the rest to Java who could really use Str, Dex, Wis, Chr for my druid life. Sure more Int wouldn’t suck as +1 skill point is nice and who would argue that more hp is bad??? Answer should be: No one. But is it really needed? Not really.

Same deal for As400 or Samiusbot and another of my divines/monks. I can easily divide up a set of tomes among 2 or even 3 alts. Even if that means sitting on a few 3-4s until I pull/trade/AH some +3s…

So from the marketing POV say the end user might want 1 or 2 single stat 3-4 tomes. For just a few more TPs they can get a whole set which might come across as a better deal and generate more sales but that end user doesn’t know that he could get the six tomes…..

Fix, call the upgrade tome of supreme ability a upgrade tome pack and update the store description to reflect that they will get one of each of the tomes.

Hope this gets to any of you have haven’t made a purchase but are thinking about it….

Btw, yes this means Samius is rocking that +5 Int tome. 🙂


Buying +4 Tomes

So on Friday, Turbine will be getting back a lot of my points i bought during the last sale. I am telling you right now I am planning to pick up a few upgrade super tomes. I know there are a few people that don’t like getting items from the store and I can’t blame them, it is their call as to how to use the store. But for me and the alts I have in mind that will use these tomes, it is worth the price. Assuming i have enough to make the buy….

My plan right now is to get only the Supreme upgrade +3 to +4 tome and only two of them, as they are super pricey.

The one for Samius is so easy it is almost a no brainer. The alt that get more then 50% of my play time and has a 4 to 5 INT upgrade tome sitting in the bank and happens to be on a INT based build…. Too good. The other is for Java as the other big guy and he is next on the TR/”final” build train.

Also it happens, right now they are the only two guys I have with full sets of +3 tomes on. Mainly because I was able to pick up singles to flush out their pre-store-tomes sets.

I am really glad that I went ahead and nabbed the 50$ bundle of DDo points when I did. Otherwise don’t know if that second set would get bought. To be honest I don’t have the points to get both anyway… l might not…. Honesty, don’t know how many points I have as I picked up a few xp pots while they were on sale and I could nab that extra 100 points off from the deal of the week last week.

That said I have lots of guys that just don’t need bigger then +3 or even the +2 stats they already have in them. And I have no plans to buy them anything from the store, even though I have a +3 supreme tome in the bank incase i want to role up a new alt…

I have often said I don’t understand the price point/realize on some of these items. I get that they needed a little time for the game tomes to stir some shit and get people wanting them. But right in the middle of the holiday buying swing?

Now if they had a way to buy these tomes as gifts it would make a lot more sense to me. I know, I know you can gift points now but they (the tomes not the points) are only on sale right now for like a week.. And the straight up +4 super tome is 4495 points that means buy a point code for someone I have to shell out 50$… And while that makes gift buying for some people easy when my in-laws ask my wife “What should we get Sam, that he will use and really like?” And she says DDo points and they go buy a 30$ code I wouldn’t even be close…

If it was me:
One I would let people know that the “big” tomes will be back for the post Christmas point cash-ins.

Two, I would make it where non-ddo players could buy points OR the person that is redeeming the code could get a given item/s. Say I buy a +4 supertome code for Tobril but he already has gotten himself all the +4 tomes he had plans to ever use. Then he could cash that code out for TP. But this also lets me get the in game item now that is only around for a limited time and sit on them for real world gifts.

Three, I would lower the price point down just a little. Right now coming off a TP sale I can see a lot of people might be sitting on 5kish or so of points. As a “Turbine store guy” I want to empty out people’s TP reserves as quickly as possible so the next sale makes them want to restock up on points and/or daily store use requires picking up a few more points. I think over all this would boost TP sales.

With me (Samius here not Turbine guy) able for sure only to buy 1 tome with the points I have right now, I will be sitting on a good reserve of 1-2 k.

If I could make some price point changes, my out right +4 super tome would cost 3995 points (just over the mark that the 30$ bundle alone can get) and I would drop the upgrade tome to 2495. With the idea, that we will boost TP sales a week or so after the tomes are gone as well as boost sales now for people that didn’t buy durning the sale… More stuff for everyone and more $$ for the last quarter.

Okay what do you plan to buy +4 tome wise? Anything?


Understanding Spellpower Implement Bonuses

To be clear right from the jump 90% of the issues i had with understanding Spellpower in regards to getting an implement bonus was due to my understanding. And if I have issues in my understanding of something, I assume some of you do too. Hence this post.


I also want to start off with a special thanks to the guys and gals that maintain the DDoWiki. I said it just the other day, they make me look smarter then I am. And I will also list this as my first new years resolution to make time at least once a month to try and update something I might think it out of date.

As I think most of you know I am working on Samius’ “final” life, but spell power has changed a lot on me while I was living life as a melee. Sure I have a few other casters but like As400 being a PM Dc are more important then spellpower or Java who is more of a melee that can heal/some spell damage again spellpower is second to melee dips.

What does that mean? I am going through spellpower growing pains. What goes where? How can I fit in potency, and the 3 main elemental damage types? Why don’t these staffs have an implement bonus?

Man, life was easier when I could just run a few of each clickly and wear a potency item and just boost as needed….

So I did some research asked some questions, generally made and ass of myself in some circles I would rather not have that asshole stigma already and may have offended some of the good people that try to keep the ddowiki up to date. And for that last bit I am sorry.

So lets jump to the stuff I learned about implement bonuses: (stay with me as it took me a while to “GET IT”)

“Spellcasting implements, such as Thaumaturgy staffs, grant an implement bonus to Spell Power, increasing the damage dealt/healed by spells. All weapons that grant any kind of equipment bonus to Spell Power (e.g. Potency or Devotion) also grant implement bonus. Implement bonus increases your universal spell power (all spells), even if the weapon enchantment is not universal (e.g. Combustion).

The implement bonus is equal to 3 * enhancement bonus of the weapon, e.g. a +4 weapon grants a +12 implement bonus to spell power. Effects that increase enhancement bonus of a weapon, e.g. Artificer infusion Enchant Weapons, also properly increases the implement bonus.”Ddowiki implement bonus page.

What makes this unique from any other DDo buffs is this is a living bonus. If you have a “weapon” and it has any kind of spellpower it should have or gain an implement bonus. In my trials this worked 3 out of 4 times on weapons while I did some testing via the Cannith crafting (and i bet you that lag or how i looked at the item prevented me from seeing the bonus). I have a theory that there is a script that runs when an item is put in your backpack so it is possible that you could have an item that should have an implement bonus and it might not have one until it enters you backpack. Say something sitting in bank, viewing it in the crafting window or maybe already hanging out in your back from before the spellpower change. Try moving it once so it goes INTO your inventory and i bet you it will be fixed.

How this all started for me????

I had all these wonderful named staffs for casters and I didn’t want to use them because I wanted to have an implement bonus. It seemed silly not to use clearly amazing leveling staffs. And I mean mainly the Staff of the Petitioner and the Master Transmuter’s Staff.

But looking at them either in the Cauldron of Sora Katra or in the case of my SotP in my backpack they were missing that implement bonus and I just didn’t get it.

…Much Confusion Followed..

But now that I understand lets take everything and put it to work and what it really means.

Staff of the Petitioner – Once unsuppressed gains what was potency 6 now I think that is around 56 or so potency. So unlocking it also nets you 15 spellpower implement bonus.

Master Transmuter’s Staff – once it hits your inventory it should gain 15 spellpower implement bonus do to being a +5 weapon with potency 48. Making it the best bang for your buck at level 12 and for a long time beyond unless you have an unlocked SotP….

Cannith crafted stuff – you can make yourself a cheep big implement bonus item but its min level skyrockets, as the weapon’s enchantment bonus is the main fuel for the bonus. Also SHIELDs DO NOT gain an implement bonus even if they are mostly treated as weapons for Cannith crafting purposes.

Artys- Casters asking your group’s arty to cast Enchant Weapons on you when you have your implement item equipped will boost your spellpower by 3…

So what after all that did I do to fix my gear?

Hit the AH found a lvl 18 Thaumaturgy staff with impulse and corrosion, added my Regalia of the Phoenix to my armor swaps against my amp/amp/rad guard DT and dug up a cove dagger at level 16 and kept my magnetism +66 (best I can craft) on my buckler…

So for me when the Cove next returns I plan to upgrade my lvl 16 dagger to tear 3 to add all the lores for the next caster I level.

Next time i level up a caster, I will make Master Transmuter’s Staff at 12 and not and just not worry about it until much later in the life….

I know that was a read but if you stuck to the end I hope you learned something. I know I did through the whole process and I think it will make future leveling much easier.


Three Hours of Sleep

I am bone tired this morning folks, think I caught Tobril’s insomnia that I thing he may have caught from Grim… Insomnia just one of the MMO transmitted illnesses. According to Tobril he can pass on the herp also, be careful of DG members shadow humping you. 1 in 4 America,1 IN 4! Time to wear latex gloves when playing, I know I do, can’t give me the herp…..

Okay that was slightly off, man I am ¾ asleep at the wheel.

So what kept me awake? Mostly work stuff and gear stuff, but there was some migraine stuff and general life stuff thrown in for fun also. If I can I just say, “I couldn’t shut my brain off last night” would that be a viable option?

But lets look at the game stuff as ideally this is a DDo blog post….

Level 18, the last feat on the current build pre epic feats and the last tear of items pre epic levels.

ToD Items: Pale Master and Wild Mage rings no belts…. Really I threw out my belts?? Speaking of belts, I went ahead and equipped a con+6/GFL belt. How is it I kept this belt and lost both set belts again….

Armor: By using the Con/GFL belt I was able to free up my Dragon touched for an amp/amp/guard one and a possible swap of Regalia of the Phoenix. Swear I have an unlocked one, but it not BtC so I am thinking not… Will need to look again tonight.

Implement/Spellpower: But my DT had my generic potency on it so I got to play hunt around for potency game. I found a lvl 16 cove dagger t1 I think (not horrible) and a scepter of the ogre magi. The dagger has less potency but a higher implement bonus then the scepter I will use the dagger most of the time and work on making a few more shields and make swaps for bigger spell power a given element.

Quick Side note: Why and the hell is the Staff of the Petitioner/Fleshshaping/Arcane Power not implements? Other then Cloak of the Dragon every other implement I know of is a weapon… All caster driven staffs need this bonus….

Well I am going to take a nap under my desk, wake me if my boss is looking for me.


A Wonderfully Long Weekend

Man I love it when holidays fall in the middle of the work week giving me an excuse to take an extra day and go for a mini vacation. My office had Thursday off (paid), Friday was a mandatory ETO day and the wife was able to get Wednesday off so I took Wednesday off also. So I had a sweet 5-day weekend. I played some DDo. Okay lots of DDo. Might say I was on a bit of a bender.

When last we spoke I had just taken level 13, last night logging post Litany and Missing xp farms I am in the middle of rank 89. So I am level 17 with a rank and a half to go until I am forced to take 18. So it doesn’t seem like I did all that much playing, unless you pop over to Grim’s page and you see that the DG and our British friends were able to team up for much EEs. Some of those quests were my first runs of those quests. But I don’t want to get in to the EE’s right now other then we did really very well and I am more pleased with the Brits after each week. To the point I am tempted to move to share a time zone with them and most of the time my dick/fart/gay/slightly racist jokes bring lolz over the team speak. For the record the land of Loth is full of black people (drow) covered in sticky while stuff/huge sperms and when a drow dies they become “white” ghosts. I am not a hater but I can’t help but see things sometimes and if I see it the group will hear about it.

Today I want to list my tips for rocking benders.

1, Fluids, dehydration a good player does not make. And I am not talking about soda, but real fluids. Water, juice, tea, rum, and milk you know the important ones.

2, Food, thankfully Thursday and later I was mostly able to live off leftovers. But I made a real breakfast each morning and I was able to take advantage of the wife wanting to do some shopping to get her bringing me dinner at least once.

3, Sleep, when tired you play sloppy. Plan on at least 6 hours of sleep. Me I would go to bed around 12:30 1:00 and wake up about 7:30 and not want to waste the day. Jump up do some basic daily chores, shit, shower, clean underpants etc… This is a good time to plan for number 1 and 2. There is an upside of having kids they can bring you 1 and 2.

4, Teammate/s, I this week I mostly had Tobril but I did have lots of time with the kids over seas. But having a team really helps keep you motivated and moving. Catch yourself just once just running and jumping around for 30 mins and you will know what I mean.

5, A Positive Outlook, this weekend had some really aggravating moments. I don’t even want to think of all the lost xp due to the ground just randomly eating me. Looking in the combat log and I would just take massive damage and die from now discernable source. Once and a while I would make a real mistake and miss time a jump to avoid a trap or forget to fire up my deathward. But the real story of the week was this: (Combat): You attempt to save versus hold person. You roll a 1 : save failure! 25 SR all the time, Bard past life, not a horrible Wisdom score, Wizard good save is WILL but still if I can roll a 1 and die to a hold or a sound burst that is when I will roll a 1. Never fails. So it is important to keep a positive outlook because you will have out of the blue punches but you can’t let it get you on tilt.

6, Mix things up a little, If you plan to grind 15 hours on your TR straight you better plan to take some time and do some slower quests for fun. 15 hours of mindless xp per min is draining. Pause to be carefree some times. For example “force” a Brit to heal your tank on EE quests you have never done before, trust me it is lots of fun.. ☺

Okay kids hope that helps you out on your next bender. Me I plan to use these tips again next weekend. XPSSSSSS


Fun and other Frustrations

Lets just say last night was a mixed bag for the Gurobo family. The night started off well enough, I got half an hour or so to adjust my gear set up and spell list for lvl 13 and swapped to my Dps alt that I have been leveling in my “spare” time.

Think I need to pause here and talk about the wife for a sec. A few weeks back (think I talked about it) the DG did some epic Devil Assault runs and Tobril and I used our alt accounts to double our pulls. Ever since then Torrance has been working on HER alt account. At first she got a fresh F2P account and was trying to level up a wizard more or lets for nothing. She did use a few guest passes but for the most part that account was living off earned TP, way less then 250 points across her and my account. Then she started to stumble some with the limits of F2P. But before she invested money to go premium I suggested taking a look at a friend’s old account he turned over to me.

This account has 3 slots, a drow ranger, a human fighter and another low level melee, no one above level 16. In fact I powered up the fighter into stoning range and stoned that char to 16. The other thing is that account only has a few hundred hours of playtime in it. So the gear is not great. But very useable even if it is from, as Tobril would say the time when “we would have killed for something like XXX” which is vender trash now….

So rewind back to me switching to my dps melee at level 15 having ran most of the GH walkups into the dirt solo on elite, when the wife says want to finishing running through the GH walkups. A few days back we did the first 4 on my walkup loop.

I of course would love to help; and we where off to XP land. Tobril logs on while we are finishing up the first one, letting him know I will be 10-15 mins before the TR train can resume, the quests go smoothly.

Wrapping up the GH walkups I swap to TR train XP land and do a some XP runs in the Sands. Normally Tobril and I would do a nice outer loop hitting all the walkups+ OOB and then recalling back to town for our 5 or 6 end rewards per loop and I would be a happy camper. But Tobril had soloed the easy tomb walk-ups for the Wiz king so we skipped them in addition the plan this life is to skip everything that can be ran epic to make the 5 epic levels very quick ie no Wizking or OOB…. So we ended up spending a lot of time running in the explorer zone running between the 3 walk–ups that we could both do. Not good for xp per min… But lots of time to hang and BS.

Once Tobril was done for the night, I switched back to Darth Samius for some xp, but Torrance started a hard RitSack. Which would both break my streak and jump my content a lot. So I hit a Elite Madstone with my hire FvS.

As I am doing my own thing I hear the wife getting frustrated. Why are earth ellies messing with me here? I think I am lost. Why do I bother, this quest is taking forever…. Last thing I remember about her game play last night was a HUGE lag spike that more or less froze her client until she just god buttoned the machine and went to bed. It was a every frustrating night for her.

Mean while my hire died in the 3rd sear fight and I lost 5% xp…. What can I say? I was able to complete my quest. If my game locked up like that I might have thrown a mouse into a wall. I would have been so angry.

Anyway, tonight should be better, looks like there is much epic xp to be had as well as the return of the undead hoards. Catch you in game. Oh and before i forget enjoy your Turkey day USA and to the Brits i will see you a few nights this week but i might be 3/4 asleep/stuffed with tasty bird goodness.


Gear Swap Maddness

This weekend was a good one, spent lots of time playing with the B (British) team. Did lots of the new quest pack both core DG on Eh and with the B team on EE. What a difference 3 more quality players make. We even pulled some good stuff, Tobril got all the pulls on our Eh runs and the EE orb and a set of armor, Grim I think got a set of the bracers and there was one or two more named loot drops but they don’t come to mind as I can’t be a jealous dick as I pulled a INT upgrade tome to +5…. What you need a +4 tome to make this thing work…. Shit! ☺

Got a lot of xping in as well, logged off after taking lvl 13 due to xp cap. So making progress. Assuming Tobril and I get to play at our normal rate this week until the holiday we should be around level 16-17 by Turkey day.

But that is not what I want to talk about, I want to talk about how my gear changed up over the weekend.

If I remember correct I started off with fire/acid sticks and an electric trinket. For the most part that covered my main spells. I was mostly using Acid blast/web/lighting bolt for damage. Then once I had firewall I would wall and then acid blast. Meaning gear swaps and gear lag….

So cleaned my trinket and made it an acid boosting trinket. Lighting bolt got pulled from the spell list trying to save a casting swap and Acid rain got more play. And life was fine until level 5 spells aka Ball lighting. And lets not to forget Green steel items coming on line shaking things up even more…

Okay… Green Steel on and now lets swap out my life shield 5/magic buckler for new a better lighting sick in my off hand. Incoming damage went up a so I drank a few more pots, but for the most part quest time was lowered. As now I could just acid blast/ball lighting and move past most mobs like a sorc.

Then Saturday night I had a window to fix my SF enchantment error and I took it. Now I am a proper evocation Archmage forcing me to reworking my stuff for more force damage. Out went some APs for hps along with some APs that where making crits happen more often and they went in to force damage. So now my main element types (Force/fire/acid/elec) have 5 or more APs in them meaning I need to fit in 4 element items + Green Steel/Torc + Hp items – my SP helm (with large guild slot).

So this is how I set right now, Force stick, Ele shield (Crafted a new one with a large slot for SP but turns out that you can’t slot SP in a shield as the game things it is a weapon) and a fire/acid trinket/ring I can’t remember what element is in want slot.

But as always the only real truth is “change is constant.” With the level up to 13 last night all my old raid gear comes on line now also. So the first hour of today’s game play will be gear shuffle all over again.

What is YOUR Favorite “Thing”?

As most of you know, I have been xping/TRing Samius for a long time. Now that I have gotten my completionest feat I am doing a “final” life to get back into the end game some. Those of you that know that also should know that I have leveled as a few different races but according to DDo I am a dwarf and not a very fat Halfling as I intended.

I noticed right away at level 2 when I went to grab one of the items I picked up a while back for low level guys a (icy burst) holy-pure good falcon race required Halfling level 2. Not a deal breaker as I have my BTA (icy burst) holy great axe also at level 2. But I was a little sad that I wasn’t going to be able to use said item…

A few more levels go by and we are level 8. I got just the toy for a wiz/rog who is really just making himself feel better when “helping” when it comes to melee dps; a level 8 (icy burst) paralyzing long sword, again RR Halfling…. This time the umd needed to use it is closer to my standing umd score (at the time of 16) of 18 so with a heroism buff I could use it… I did run two clickies at the time, so it sat in my pack most of the time. Think I used it once… Damn undead quests once I get my extra cool toy out…

At 9, I was able to take completionest (huge skill boost) plus the seven finger gloves even more to umd and plainer girds on line want to say my umd is around 28 want to say I can boot into the 30s fairly easily. I would have to look to be 100% that is true, but my UMD right now is good enough to allow me to use just about anything I want. For the most part it is all about the gloves.

I remember when I first pulled them. Think I did a segment on DDocast about that day. I won them in a roll and I was so pleased I took my headset off to share the good news with my wife while a dickhead scolded me over voice chat because “HE NEEDED THE LOOT MORE THEN I DID.” I got a few tells from party members asking if I was going to let him talk to me like that? When I finally noticed what was going on and checked in on the raid I was surprised that someone tried to begrudge me of my loot. And then he tried to do so again now that I was around for my lecture. He is still the only person on my guild’s banned list, Doppleblock. Don’t even know if he plays any more but he will never play with me again that is for sure.

So I guess I am saying even though I have “better” loot at higher levels these simple level 9 gloves are my favorite item in the game and a quick count of my past lives I am wearing them when I TR 6 times. 4 or 5 other times I am wearing Vile Blasphemy which is like the 7F gloves cousin.

So now you know my favorite DDO “Thing”, what’s yours?


DDo is trying to KILL Me.

I don’t know about you, but for the last 2-3 months I have been getting really strange deaths. There have been a couple of deaths that I lay at Tobril’s feet, but those are okay as I get him from time to time.

So lets roll things back a life, to my pally life. We are level 2 or 3 and we are zerging Information is Key, I don’t have any idea which run we are on but I assume it was one of the elite runs. Tobril is killing the mobs; I jump up on the crate break a box or two, pull the lever and then jump down. The screen freaks out for a second and I take 500points of damage from falling….. WTF?

Fast forward to the other day doing the bloody crypt and I fall through the floor and in to the red nothing that is the out side of the quest. Touched on that in another post but as it more or less auto “released” me from the quest so the team took reentry penalty, I count it as a death.

On Tuesday, Tobril and I were running the Delera’s part 2 and I was trailing behind cleaning up the optionals and I when to hit the chest behind the acid traps. I could see all the little acid sprayer heads and Tobril had been “disarming them” aka setting them off while he loots the chest so I didn’t think anything of it as I ran over to loot my chest. Hit the loot all button and I get that goes in the bag lag, as I want to say I had 10millon gems in that chest, when the trap goes off. I try to move but I couldn’t. Looking at the combat log I took 6 hits most I saved until the end where I rolled a 1. I was at -170 hps with a 30 acid shrine. Post death I was still trying to get everything in the bag, tasty lag deaths. After that Tobril took a moment to get the other trap for sure for me.

Then on Wednesday, T and I were doing Delera’s 3 just running up a stair case, right before the shrine and boom I took 1000 points of falling damage out of the blue. I still don’t know how it happened. As I was running up a staircase, not jumping or falling off anything, when it happened. It was a total shock.

I couldn’t imagine trying to play as a permadeather right now. Any step could just kill you out of the blue. It would be like win the devils attacked the market place a few years back. Just not play any prema alts…..

Oh well I am still having fun so works for me. You have any strange out of the blue deaths to report from the last few months?


What I Really Learned at Turbine HQ

First off I signed a NDA while waiting in the lobby. Can’t really say what it said or if even saying that I signed one is against the rules but I did. So with that I mind I can’t get all spoilery for you all, not that I really saw anything really anyway. What I will do is talk a little about what I picked up on vs what I was expecting.

What I expected was nerd heaven, dice, game books, toys and other “nerdy things” all over. What I got was a lot closer to my own offices with a lot more industrial feel. I know I keep hanging up on this and Glinn/Jerry might laugh at me for hanging on this but they had a drop ceiling and huge areas with no tiles. I should say islands of tiles above desks for lighting.

Also Turbine guys I am telling you right now I will no longer care about your tweets about the office being cold. Heat rises and you have 6ish feet of more ceiling then you should have, it is going to be cold.

Back to the toys real fast, I want to say 1 in 15ish desks had toys or somekind of DnD stuff on it. In my head from tweets from the employee’s I expected that to be a lot higher…

Also they were still cleaning up post Halloween; I was there on Election Day so 6ish days after the fact. I expect their party/hunted house may have been bigger then they let on. There were at least 5 people on clean up at 530-600 pm when I was there.

One of the first things Glinn walked me past was what he called the fish bowl; all I remember seeing was a ton of monitors with line graphs. If I remember correctly he said that they covered different things like server pop and other metrics. He said one really bad day one of data sets lines formed something that looked the batman logo.

I only saw 3 or 4 offices, most people had short walled cubicals when I asked Tolero said they like being able to have a conversation with other people with out getting up, made things “more cozy” (about 80% sure she said “more cozy”). Again very strange… Was she hinting/saying they were like more like a “family” at Turbine???

I am getting long here so I want to end saying I did get to meet a few Devs, as I am not a huge dev forum troll I can’t really say I know any of them with the possible exception of Feather of Sun, who I didn’t kick in the nuts as he was talking up the epic GH loot, which in hindsight I wish I paid closer attention too and Vargoullle. Over all I remember being mostly pleased with the loot, would have been nice to drop some hints on you all but I truly don’t remember. Want to say I had good feelings about the Stormreaver Napkin, for Samius. But most Raid loot is good for someone right?

I had just missed out on meeting Eladrin but that is okay. Have the feeling that he wouldn’t have know who I was anyway. I was kinda surprised that more people there didn’t know me. I have had a lot of emails from the dev team over the years (okay mostly to Lessah and I when we were doing the show on a schedule) and I wanted to put some faces to names. But oh well.

Oh and there were lots of people playing different games as I walked around I did see ddo a few times, but a few I that I had no idea what they were playing. Glinn said it was after hours and the next bus wouldn’t be by for a while so lots of people just hang out until doing what they want until then. Just being able to have DDO installed on my work computer would make my day a total loss. ☺

Well back to work,

Ps, they really did have huge pretzels hanging from the ceiling in one “wing” of the building. Tolero said when it arrived she thought that they might be getting a pretzel machine, but no joy. She has no glue what it is for. Just another mystery of Turbine.