A Wonderfully Long Weekend

Man I love it when holidays fall in the middle of the work week giving me an excuse to take an extra day and go for a mini vacation. My office had Thursday off (paid), Friday was a mandatory ETO day and the wife was able to get Wednesday off so I took Wednesday off also. So I had a sweet 5-day weekend. I played some DDo. Okay lots of DDo. Might say I was on a bit of a bender.

When last we spoke I had just taken level 13, last night logging post Litany and Missing xp farms I am in the middle of rank 89. So I am level 17 with a rank and a half to go until I am forced to take 18. So it doesn’t seem like I did all that much playing, unless you pop over to Grim’s page and you see that the DG and our British friends were able to team up for much EEs. Some of those quests were my first runs of those quests. But I don’t want to get in to the EE’s right now other then we did really very well and I am more pleased with the Brits after each week. To the point I am tempted to move to share a time zone with them and most of the time my dick/fart/gay/slightly racist jokes bring lolz over the team speak. For the record the land of Loth is full of black people (drow) covered in sticky while stuff/huge sperms and when a drow dies they become “white” ghosts. I am not a hater but I can’t help but see things sometimes and if I see it the group will hear about it.

Today I want to list my tips for rocking benders.

1, Fluids, dehydration a good player does not make. And I am not talking about soda, but real fluids. Water, juice, tea, rum, and milk you know the important ones.

2, Food, thankfully Thursday and later I was mostly able to live off leftovers. But I made a real breakfast each morning and I was able to take advantage of the wife wanting to do some shopping to get her bringing me dinner at least once.

3, Sleep, when tired you play sloppy. Plan on at least 6 hours of sleep. Me I would go to bed around 12:30 1:00 and wake up about 7:30 and not want to waste the day. Jump up do some basic daily chores, shit, shower, clean underpants etc… This is a good time to plan for number 1 and 2. There is an upside of having kids they can bring you 1 and 2.

4, Teammate/s, I this week I mostly had Tobril but I did have lots of time with the kids over seas. But having a team really helps keep you motivated and moving. Catch yourself just once just running and jumping around for 30 mins and you will know what I mean.

5, A Positive Outlook, this weekend had some really aggravating moments. I don’t even want to think of all the lost xp due to the ground just randomly eating me. Looking in the combat log and I would just take massive damage and die from now discernable source. Once and a while I would make a real mistake and miss time a jump to avoid a trap or forget to fire up my deathward. But the real story of the week was this: (Combat): You attempt to save versus hold person. You roll a 1 : save failure! 25 SR all the time, Bard past life, not a horrible Wisdom score, Wizard good save is WILL but still if I can roll a 1 and die to a hold or a sound burst that is when I will roll a 1. Never fails. So it is important to keep a positive outlook because you will have out of the blue punches but you can’t let it get you on tilt.

6, Mix things up a little, If you plan to grind 15 hours on your TR straight you better plan to take some time and do some slower quests for fun. 15 hours of mindless xp per min is draining. Pause to be carefree some times. For example “force” a Brit to heal your tank on EE quests you have never done before, trust me it is lots of fun.. ☺

Okay kids hope that helps you out on your next bender. Me I plan to use these tips again next weekend. XPSSSSSS


2 thoughts on “A Wonderfully Long Weekend

  1. I like how you slip “rum” into “the important [drinks]”, though not a big fan of it myself (it’s ok, but I prefer a nice, well aged whiskey [10-year+], even though I rarely drink alcohol).

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