Three Hours of Sleep

I am bone tired this morning folks, think I caught Tobril’s insomnia that I thing he may have caught from Grim… Insomnia just one of the MMO transmitted illnesses. According to Tobril he can pass on the herp also, be careful of DG members shadow humping you. 1 in 4 America,1 IN 4! Time to wear latex gloves when playing, I know I do, can’t give me the herp…..

Okay that was slightly off, man I am ¾ asleep at the wheel.

So what kept me awake? Mostly work stuff and gear stuff, but there was some migraine stuff and general life stuff thrown in for fun also. If I can I just say, “I couldn’t shut my brain off last night” would that be a viable option?

But lets look at the game stuff as ideally this is a DDo blog post….

Level 18, the last feat on the current build pre epic feats and the last tear of items pre epic levels.

ToD Items: Pale Master and Wild Mage rings no belts…. Really I threw out my belts?? Speaking of belts, I went ahead and equipped a con+6/GFL belt. How is it I kept this belt and lost both set belts again….

Armor: By using the Con/GFL belt I was able to free up my Dragon touched for an amp/amp/guard one and a possible swap of Regalia of the Phoenix. Swear I have an unlocked one, but it not BtC so I am thinking not… Will need to look again tonight.

Implement/Spellpower: But my DT had my generic potency on it so I got to play hunt around for potency game. I found a lvl 16 cove dagger t1 I think (not horrible) and a scepter of the ogre magi. The dagger has less potency but a higher implement bonus then the scepter I will use the dagger most of the time and work on making a few more shields and make swaps for bigger spell power a given element.

Quick Side note: Why and the hell is the Staff of the Petitioner/Fleshshaping/Arcane Power not implements? Other then Cloak of the Dragon every other implement I know of is a weapon… All caster driven staffs need this bonus….

Well I am going to take a nap under my desk, wake me if my boss is looking for me.


2 thoughts on “Three Hours of Sleep

  1. Holy Symbol of Lolth is a spellcasting implement too.

    Now they just need to make more Holy Symbols and variants at lower levels.

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