Drops on Leaving Adventure

For about 5 years now maybe 6 Samius has been one inventory slot shorter then most other players. Back when my wife first joined me playing DDo we where running some quest or another, one that had a “junk” (for the quest) item: a Wedding Ring. And she gave it to me and told me to never lose it! And for years i was able to keep that ring safe.

Believe me it was a challenge at times. Every time i had to choose between some piece of loot or that ring, the ring won out. So much so that it has been locked down almost from day one! When TRing was added to the game it was another slot to make room for before the burning. I hoped that when Cannith Crafting was added that maybe just maybe,  i would be able to use it as an actual ring but nope…. It said uses one inventory slot so your wife knows you love her.

I will admit that i tend to leave it in the bank or in the TR cache when able but it always makes the cut when it comes time to make room before a TR. And today was no exception.

However, today i loaded up my banks and made room got everything packed away cached in my last 20 tokens of the twelve, i will need to make some D-assault runs this next life, spoke to the only not evil glowball and logged out.

Just as the screen was going out i saw it, Wedding Ring as been dropped or whatever it says when an item is lost. I jumped back in and yep one more free slot then before. It is gone.

Going to say stealth changes some time this last week because i didn’t have an issue when TRing the time before this one on Sunday morning. I want to say it wasn’t flagged to drop like that before this week. Was this ring key to some hidden exploit? Was i getting the uber loot because of its magic powers?

Oh, well…. Guess if that is the worst thing to happen this week then i am good. What are the odds?


Sticks and Stones

Have you ever been just mindlessly doing something in game having a little fun and then you glance over and see stupid being flung around your chat box? I know you have. Infighting, name calling and epeacocking; in that moment i normally just feel sad for the people spewing such nonsense. But once and a while i wish more then i should that i had the power to reach through the internet and choke the live from some stupid ass little ebitch.

Case and point, yesterday I saw someone post that they were now playing again after about a year break. Then for 15 mins people poked fun at him for sucking. What the hell people? Is that how you would like to be welcomed back?

But most of the time i let things roll off my back because i know that words only have the power i grant them, but that is easier when the werdgun is pointed at me vs someone else and easier said then done for most. I am not sure when that new person went quite as i was busy running something that took most of my focus at the time. But when i went back and looked at the log i he was active in his replies, then less then less then finally none. When i had the chance to send a welcome back tell he was offline or at least didn’t show in the who panel.

I don’t know what it is i am trying to say…. It just stuck with me over night and that normally means something. Like i said most things (in my current life) roll off my back, so if i see something sticking around i want to try and process it out.

I have another story that goes along these lines,  but i am not sure how i want to share it yet, so i will save if for another day.



New Personal Rule; One you MIGHT want to Think About

One of the things i had forgotten from my original TR/Completionist Train was how important it is to have access to DDoor for a hand full of quests to get an good return for xp per min. To that end i have devised a new personal rule/s.

New Rule

  • Carry my Hireling folder at level 11+
  • Always keep at least 3 Mikayl the DDoorer in stock.
  • Profit?

Seems like a easy thing to do right? Well let me tell you it is not. I always almost always for get until i go to run one of the DDoor friendly quests and then i am like “WtF? Where are my hirelings? In the bank! /Faceplam!” and back to the boat/bank.

I guess you might notice another personal rule of having access to Deathward at a few different levels but i don’t remember ever leaving a quest to pick up deathward, now i might have died due to picking up too many negs and not reentered until after i picked up a few DW hirelings.

Who is in your Hireling folder?


Pew Pew vs Boom Stick

Think you all know that i have been rocking the TR Train, thanks to being unemployed i have the time to rock out a life about once a week. I am TRing for two reasons first not to go completely insane via being trapped in my own mind all the time and two i am looking for a better fun build for Samius at the moment.

The flavor of the week in the DG is ninja stars all ranged builds vs staff monk/rogues. So in my normal fashion i have chosen to take the middle ground this life and do neither as good as a more focused build. But also as normal i am enjoying the option to switch as the mood hits me. But i have to say i am really impressed with the power of the staff. I am rocking 230-300 point hits plus a trail of following numbers per hit if i incap or trick a mob into taking my sneak attack dice then things gets real nice.

But at the same time throwing a few dozen stars with my massive dex is hot… I don’t know where i will end up yet but i know i have a few lives to knock out before i sidestep from caster to dps.

Well xps wait for no Halfling.


Posted in DDo.

An Idea Worth Stealing!

Right off the bat, i know this is a special kinky numeric post but i am going to play it not overly dirty as i think there is a new CtH on the books for taping so i want to save up my lewd comments for that.

On with the real post.

I think everyone by now knows that i am a big fan of Magic the Gathering. For a while now i have talked about stealing and using their design ideas in DDo. Namely creating a set of psychographic profiles to target different types of content. I think it would really help in the development of everything from quests and items to class abilities and spells, but that is not the idea i want to steal today. No today i want to steal their “You Make the Card” idea. 

How it works is simple. They start with one of the core definitions of a card, color/type/etc and then allow a vote and the winner goes on the card. Okay lets go in to a little more details here. Lets say we were voting on making a new card here i would say lets vote on color of the card. black/white/blue/red/green/brown. From there we would start to add things like card type, powers, names, etc…. 

So what i propose is Turbine starts a you make the item. Start simple, with weapon/clothing/armor/jewelry/augment/etc… then we can vote level range then we can start to tweak said item with things like properties, slots, binding, icon…

It might take 6 months or more before a final item is selected.


Basically, i was just chilling here catching up on DDoCast/reading MtG articles when they started to talk about some of the new items in U21, namely the helm and how it was unusable and it got me thinking about item design and how that is like card design. 

Seems like a good idea to me. You?




I just want to be FABulous!!!!111!1! Like all the time.

But sometimes i want to have visual clues as to what armor i am wearing. And while i am at it i know i was in the minority here but i also liked the old style of bound to armor,skins. Don’t get me wrong i also love the new style of skins but i spent money on those old skins as well and some times i want to see them again.

For example what i am wearing right now.

Base Skin

Base Skin

Bound to Armor

Bound to Armor

Bound to account super skin

Bound to account super skin


What i want is to one bring back the bound to armor skins in addition to the new super skins. Maybe don’t make any new B2armor skins unless it is easy to do so and the sales are worth the hassle. (I would think it would be both fast and worth wild but i dont have access to the data to know.)

In addition to bringing things back i want a drop down not unlike how metamagic feats now interact with quick bar icons, but per armor.

First remove this skin on of toggle and replace it with the following functions at the top level with matching over rides on each piece of armor. Always use Base, Always use B2Armor, Always use Equipped Cosmetic Skin. Set Always use Base as the default. If you really like the main toggle being like what it is have it change color, Transparent for base, Silver for B2Armor and Gold for Cosmetic.

Okay so that might sound hard, but it is not really. I have two armors in my pack that i tend to swap between say Fire Rest 30 (more like an Icy Regiments) and Cold Rest 30(Dragon Touched set up for amp but you get the idea). I don’t know about you but i tend to forget what armor i am wearing if i say look like image 3 all the time. So i buy a B2Armor skin for one of the armors and set it to always on. Ergo when i swap between them i get the visual of the swap.

Another issue i have with how having a Cosmetic Skin equipped is currently working is say you are wearing something like the Garments of Equilibrium, Ie something that has 3 hitpoints and is always falling off. With an  Cosmetic Skin you have to look and see. The other day after a rough couple of quests in a row in a chain (where i didn’t what to run back and sell/repair) I was naked for i am not sure how long. Then once i repaired i didn’t notice that i was naked and did another quest. Good thing i needed to swap armor for some reason and i noticed that i was in the buff.

Well what do you think? Base/B2Armor/Cosmetic toggle for armor skins?











Did you know according to the ddowiki there are 21 named throwing weapons in ddo? Out of those 21,  6 are Alchemical X or Green Steel X and then there is 6 versions of The Morning Star which is fine and all but come on…. I guess darts are also throwing weapons so lets add 2 more for 23. But you can only have Alchemical and the Nightforge Spike which isn’t all that bad as it is 1.5[1d4 ]+5 18-20 X3. According to the game that means its Base Damage Rating is 11.05 damage a hit. Now the Epic Elite The Morning Star is 2[1d2]+8 20X2 or BDR of 11.55.



Okay so lets back up a second and also add the Spell touched throwers but does that even help? Here is a random pile of stuff, does it look good? No please try again, or this:

Ha Ha. Like the loop ever finishes.

Or more like this:

Hint: You are the mouse!


So what do we want/deserve in a a good thrower? I am not 100% sure but personally i would like to take to boost the weapon dice and or the weapon values,  ie x[ydz] then we can also play some with the threat range and critical value.

Now we have to keep in mind that this being a ranged weapon is a factor so kitting is a possibility ergo lets not make the uber ranged weapon but it would be nice to have a fair thrower when some of the mobs in EE quests have 30k (300k) hp.

So for a level 20+ (eN) lets say star i would want 2[2d2] 20 x3 with step ups of 2.5 for eH and 3 eE or improving the critical profile 18-20×3 is what a level 8 fairly easy to come by throwing weapon has, why is this too good for a Epic Elite item? Or if you really want to make me excited lets do something like 2[2d2] 20 x4, 2[2d2] 20 x5 for eH and eE versions. Pew Pew Pew CLANG!!!!!

As for magical properties, i would like to hear from you.

Personally i have felt that the magic items in the last few years have become unimaginative and often not worth the hassle for the amount of grind to dig up. I want something BAD ASS like the Glaive from Krull!

A weapon so bad ass you can’t help but flip off the baddie as you throw it. The last insult!




Battle of the Undeads?

My brother and I kinda have this thing going on where we are trying to convence the other to give up their MMO and jump ship to our MMO. To this end my brother posted this on his Facebook for me to see.

SamiusGruobo – just think you could have a badass undead priest like me..

So i am going to counter with two shots of As400 on the boat.

As400 p1


Now i dont know much about WoW or Undead Priests… although i do love Looking for Group (even if i am more then a year behind…) but As400 here is a

  • Melee
  • Wizard
  • Wraith
  • Dual Wielding DWar Axes
  • Did i say Power Werd Spells?
  • WEARING PLATEMAIL (not really)

As for healz? I hope you people have twisted Cocoon, or else you might just join my undead army.




I don’t know about you but i am getting excited for new movies. This month has a few that are at the top of my personal list.

LEGO movie – Starting to look i am going to this one alone as the wife and boy have zero interest. It might just become a wait for dvd movie also. 😦

ROBOCOP! I love the OG Robocop movies yes even 3. Okay well maybe 3 is more for the cheesy factor then the griping badassness that was the first two films. So yes i am excited to see this new future for Robo and maybe if we are lucky this film will reboot the films and we can see a good version of Robocop 3.

There are also a few dvds out this month like the new Thor film and Ender’s Game which i haven’t seen yet as again no one wanted to go with me. 😥

But this year is just another year of (potentially) amazing movies all year long. And just to wet your whistle a little.


Fat Halfling-Duergar

Fat Halfling-Duergar

How GD Smexy is Samius now! Notice that was NOT a question. Sooooooo Smexy.

Yes, I TRed Samius a few days ago and I am racing him back to 20 just to TR him again. But this life i wanted to spice things up a little.

Please notice:

  1. Badass Wendell beard as pink as i can get with out hitting up the store.
  2. Man Skirt, need i say more?
  3. Your go to Samius’ party hat (Now upgraded to include a stacking 10 cold)
  4. I found a way to explain away my massive size now, my mama was a Duergar. Hence my perma-tan and massive… jump shot.

Even Tobril has to love this look. Hell i am even showing off my footwear in this image, just the right amount of gay for Tobril, aka mister “I’m not gay but my shoes might be.”

Yep, fairly pleased in general and rocking the low-mid levels think i could be 20 again by the weekend. But i am having fun so lets not rush things too much.