New Personal Rule; One you MIGHT want to Think About

One of the things i had forgotten from my original TR/Completionist Train was how important it is to have access to DDoor for a hand full of quests to get an good return for xp per min. To that end i have devised a new personal rule/s.

New Rule

  • Carry my Hireling folder at level 11+
  • Always keep at least 3 Mikayl the DDoorer in stock.
  • Profit?

Seems like a easy thing to do right? Well let me tell you it is not. I always almost always for get until i go to run one of the DDoor friendly quests and then i am like “WtF? Where are my hirelings? In the bank! /Faceplam!” and back to the boat/bank.

I guess you might notice another personal rule of having access to Deathward at a few different levels but i don’t remember ever leaving a quest to pick up deathward, now i might have died due to picking up too many negs and not reentered until after i picked up a few DW hirelings.

Who is in your Hireling folder?


How the Hireling …

I so wanted to complete that title with “Fracked Me” but I am not sure how turbine would like that. So I will just stick it in the first line so you can get the feel for the ton of this post.

Last night I was on the newly TRed Javabot, I just wrapped up the level 2 and 3 quests that I do for favor and leveled to 4. A fast zerg of the back half of the Water Works and the first half of the Splinter Skull chain I decided to do the Sharn market chain.

The first few runs were simple enough nothing my dog army couldn’t handle. Btw when push came to shove I went with FinFangFoom, just too good of a name not to use. And then I hit Book Binder and what I call the Jumping on the Bed Quest. What? You know you take a sec and jump on the beds also.

So I clear Book Binder, call my hire rogue and set about disarming the traps and then opening the doors. Get to the very last trap box tell the hire to disarm it and it runs to the door nearest to the trap. Hits the door, some how one shoting its, setting off the fireball one which opens and agros the room across the hall. The alert goes nuts the hire starts to die super fast. In other werds, fan + poop….

I can’t keep the hire, FinFangFoom and myself all up so I dismiss the hire. She has done her damage. Just then Fin dies. I take the pet had died hit. One of the Npcs dies failing the quest for me and before I could be booted or make it to the exit I take a lighting bolt and a fireball to the back.

And things were going so well until that point. Sigh.

Rebuff and take extra care to line up the rogue so it is really unlikely that it would try to path threw the door to get to the trap box. And we win handily.

The arty didn’t have any of these issues. I miss trap skills some times.