I just want to say that i am fairly please where Samius is heading at the moment. I have returned to epic levels,  almost 27 actually and the new build is working out fairly well even though i am super under geared. The style is a little different but once i get a few key gear slots filled i should be fairly solid to stop kiting everything in sight forever. I have been able to keep my EE streak going even though i am soloing for the most part now during the weekdays. With my new job being in the afternoon i only get an hour or so to team up with the Brits if they even get on before i need to go. But it is not so bad. Maybe once i get a little more geared up i will even try my luck at a pug or two…. if i am drinking… of feeling overly generous.

Speaking of gear my trusty vorpal of rightness star now with icy burst, has been working over time. And i am trying to decide if i would rather hunt for a cool spell touched or start the Thunder Forged crafting… Maybe both?

I will leave you all with an image of me doing the first bit of the Lords of Dust. Yes i am giving people the purple ball of take less damage… I am not sure if it is Colors of the Queen or a new “perk” in double rainbow. But Dis used to get a ton of tasty ham barrels, i make my guys take less damage. Really who is the winner here?




Drops on Leaving Adventure

For about 5 years now maybe 6 Samius has been one inventory slot shorter then most other players. Back when my wife first joined me playing DDo we where running some quest or another, one that had a “junk” (for the quest) item: a Wedding Ring. And she gave it to me and told me to never lose it! And for years i was able to keep that ring safe.

Believe me it was a challenge at times. Every time i had to choose between some piece of loot or that ring, the ring won out. So much so that it has been locked down almost from day one! When TRing was added to the game it was another slot to make room for before the burning. I hoped that when Cannith Crafting was added that maybe just maybe,  i would be able to use it as an actual ring but nope…. It said uses one inventory slot so your wife knows you love her.

I will admit that i tend to leave it in the bank or in the TR cache when able but it always makes the cut when it comes time to make room before a TR. And today was no exception.

However, today i loaded up my banks and made room got everything packed away cached in my last 20 tokens of the twelve, i will need to make some D-assault runs this next life, spoke to the only not evil glowball and logged out.

Just as the screen was going out i saw it, Wedding Ring as been dropped or whatever it says when an item is lost. I jumped back in and yep one more free slot then before. It is gone.

Going to say stealth changes some time this last week because i didn’t have an issue when TRing the time before this one on Sunday morning. I want to say it wasn’t flagged to drop like that before this week. Was this ring key to some hidden exploit? Was i getting the uber loot because of its magic powers?

Oh, well…. Guess if that is the worst thing to happen this week then i am good. What are the odds?


What would you do?

You are level 12 holding xp for 13 for a few days so you can build up a few runs of the Sands walkups trying to make the new xp changes work for us and you loot a junk cursed ring. Looking at your gear list you are still wearing your bta lvl 7 greater false item ring aka time to level up.

Once you add the GFL it is now level 13 so you have a few days to think things over, what is the play?

You have a yellow and a colorless to work with. I will stick an image of captan smexy pants so you can’t skip down to my answer too easily.

The answer is fairly simple I think. Fear Immunity is huge. Sure we have fairly good will saves, but as we have FoM as a spell; fear effects and greater command are about the only spells that we are worried about. And I don’t know about you but if I can fail a will save I will. And then with Vitality as an option we might as well hit it and make this a huge Hp ring.

Other allowed but less good answers include a combination of the above and Blindness immunity and a +7 skill like heal or spell power. But again I think the above is the right play.


Gear Up: McPlunderer @ 20

So Monday night the wife took her Dps/survival build to 20 and a few runs of raiding the giants vault and an explorer or two in the devil’s battle field I had also reached even more epic levels!  Shit, my amazing lvl 12 and 14 gear is not so amazing now….  To the epic sheet and the!

First thing I did was gather all the bits to make an epic Midnight’s Greetings. This guy is most likely a staple for most of my adventuring. As almost max INT rogue build (1 point went into DEX to hit 21 for future things) the eMG is amazing: +10 uses my slightly higher DEX for hit/dam and a score of other key abilities including a RED SLOT! Like I assume many of you, I started to use a red slot even in my melee builds for devotion to power my healing from the epic destinies. A +10/11 weapon would have a 30/33 implement bonus and that is huge if you’re trying to lessen the use of scrolls and wands; every point counts!

So what else did I grab real fast? At 18 I crafted a 6con/GFL ring with a yellow slot. But my maths were off and it is a lvl 20 item… grumble. But I have it on now. And I was able to slot 6 CHR. By doing that I was able to free up my cloak and belt slot. On the other finger I nabbed a tear 3  lvl 20 Ring of the Buccaneer were I went ahead and slotted Fort to free my helm. While nabbing that ring I also nabbed one of the Treasure Hunter’s Spyglasses that is a tear 3 lvl 20 item and filled its green slot with PRR which does a lot of cool things for my rogue, including cutting back on item swaps for skills. Chasing that thought of reducing item swaps I took my Gnoll Hide gloves and slotted Str and vitality letting me but my +6 STR gloves back in the bank.

In an attempt to fill now empty body slots I grabbed a Drow Piwafwi and my 2/3rds finished CordOp helm. And yes my belt slot is still empty…  And my boots are practically empty. Thing they are dex boots with 20% striding slotted in a yellow slot. AKA junk now.

So I am looking at belts and boots today as well as things that are simi long-term items. I can limp along like normal until more permanent items are ready to go. So I am leaning towards making a list of handy FR commendation items when we start the web flagging as well as a list of GH and High Road items I would like to have as options….

If you had a gear list for an assassin or dps or ranged rogue let me know other wise I know what my left side of my brain is doing as my right side gets some work done.


When Sam Says:

Last night was the DG’s normal Wednesday a Web run and an Abbot run. Well I think we are back to normal Abbot runs for a while… I will but this out there again if you are on Sarlona, play during the US evenings and want to try your hand at running the Abbot you need to get in the Defense channel. That could apply to any raid really and soon it will apply to LoB as well but for now Webs and Abbots.

Anyway post raids; Tobril asked me what I wanted to do as I did the raids he wanted to do. I said I was up for almost anything but I would be all for Xping on my Arty some, namely in the FR area, as it would be cool to be running the Web on an Alt that gives a shit about Web loot. Right now that is the Arty and not much else…Right now in most webs I end up taking Samius so I can contribute to DPS while herding the cat… aka Anna. Or Java to help heal while herding Anna. Think you might be starting to smell a theme, I herd Tobril and Anna and he herds the pug unless things start to go pear shaped and then I start to yell. Yep I am turning into Oncler. There are worse people to mimic I guess.

So I swap and join the remains of our Abbot run that is going to tag along with us. Want to say Lost Legion guys/gals and had a good time. I let everyone know that I am way under geared for epics but I am a helper and link my lvl 10 repeater that I am still using because I can’t find anything else as good. I know crazy but Icy burst/blaze/pure good plus rune arm/deadly/Int damage equals a ton of dps with out needed a lot of gear and really what good would it be to farm/build a Hellfire when the Needle is floating around…

Soon as we steam roll the eH quests, the topic of conversation moves to gear and rings. Before long everyone starts linking rings and I link a +6 con ring with a yellow slot filled with +100 sp augment. Yep rocking the gear.

More time passes and we are making good progress burning through the Lord of Dust chain.  In the end fight of the Servants of the Overlord I shrined off my Death Ward and asked Tobril for a new one when the caster end boss starts spamming me then harms. There was some fun poking about being a level 20 arty and needed a DW (not to forget the whole being a WF I had to remind them about the massive harm spamming). Guess I should have dug up a DW goggle clickly. While I am at it I need to get the Haste goggle clickly also and a shield clickly. Maybe some other clickies…

During the Spinner of Shadows quest Rest, makes a comment about being slow because he had to drink a silver flame pot and that I could have scrolled him a heal. I say that I could if I had a heal scroll and laughs start to roll. Tobril says something like “When Sam says his guy has no gear he means it!” and that stuck with me some because it is totally true. On double plus life TRs I worry about gear a lot. Just because you will be playing that alt so much longer to reach 20+ again, but a second life guy?? I just don’t much bother with grinding loot out unless he is sitting on a pile from his first life. The guy has been a bank alt for a long time and going from Wiz to arty has some over lap but less then one might think.

Anyway other then Loth, webbing and killing me in that last quest it was all-good we ran all 3 quests before people’s ship buffs wore out. I picked up a few shards still no repeater (no base or parts). Went from 1 rank in Draconic to the second level in it so very nice xp. I haven’t really worked out a gear list for my Arty. Right now I am just trying to get some options to get some options (:-)) and I am mentally building a trapping/all ranged/thrower/buffing build to pair up with the wife’s dps TR project that she wants to play.

Lolz and <3s

I am a Mild Screw Up…

Okay sometimes I feel like I am not so mild of a screw up. I started gearing up my newly lvl 16 arty last night post taping of the and I started looking at things.

First off I have a few Dragontouched docents. Nothing amazing, but a con 6/ GFL/ 100 sp one that I have used a lot. Doing a test swap I notice I am not wearing a con item. No wonder I failed all those disintegrates in GH… sigh.

So I start to juggle. I can just leave the DT docent on and try to find room to fit in what I am missing from the docent of Quickening. But I quickly dismiss that idea for a plan B.

Replace the Wrath of Sora Kell set with 3 different items. First a 150 sp hat simple upgrade although the 100 sp from the docent would stack easy enough… My gloves swap to an old stand by of the Spectral Gloves.  And I make an easy con 6 yellow slotted ring.

This is a good spot for a tangent. The new augment system for crafted items are a lot like trash loot to me now. Before I would have used a guild slotted item and devoted it a slot either on my gear list or in my bank for TRing when I finished with it. These new slots unless they are on just amazing gear they are super easy to use and throw away. They seem to drop well enough and if I can handle the higher potential then it is just as usable as a BTA item and I don’t have to go and farm one up.  😉

So my current list is sp hat, UMD necklace, voice, DQ goggles, docent of what is haste, GFL ring, Con 6 ring (yellow slot), Fort belt (med guild slot Sp), Wind howler bracers, FF/divine power clickly boots oh and the Stormreaver cloak!

More or less happy with my gear list I think I can slot some SP in that yellow slot and start putting HP in my belt. Run to the AH/SH and find a 100 sp augment for a price I am not unwilling to pay (6 shards) and get the puppy slotted. When I realize/remember that the augments are all enchantment items and I just slotted that 150 hat into my gear setup…


Guess in the short term I can use my hat as a swap slot… As if I had an item to swap too right now… Long term I just burned 6 shards unless I want to use a jeweler tool to pop it out?  Which seems a little worth less. Going to chalk this all up to a learning experience. But now I am down to 3 of my free shards left…


You will be Amazing or Else!

This weekend was full of DDo. There was a little yard work done but mostly it was too windy to really get into it, so the wife and I stayed in and played DDo.

But as it can do (shit I am starting to sound like the Brits now..) the weekend turned into what do you want to do? Sure we did a few raids and a few item hunts but until we stumbled into EE Tor we were mostly unfocused.

The first quarter of the quest, the quest itself went very quickly and smoothly. I even broke out my new playthings; I was able to pick up the new Dreampiercer and Sireth, Spear of the Sky very nice! I would have preferred the new cloak from FoT but mad loots for Samius is good loots.

We started to stumble on the dragons however but we pushed threw the Black and the white ones easy enough. The Blue on the other hand still causes us issues, after 3 tries at the blue dragon lots of them real close to winning it was like 3 in the morning for the Brits and one last push was out of the question. Besides how many time do you hear 4th time was the charm?

Next day we do a gear/twist check and we find some areas that can use some help. Samius might have to adjust his twists for energy sheath but when we all look at our EE healer we find some holes.

Like a focus we start to hunt xp and gear for this key person. She needs xp because she has more or less worked up Exalted Angel destiny and never left it. Why would she? The character mostly is pulled out to heal us all in EEs and doesn’t do much else. Although she has the purple knight favor AND lots of good toys at her disposal… So working her down to Draconic for energy sheath is about to be key for EE blue dragon hunting.

Also we start hitting the Giant Hold chain for any djinn rings for some electric absorption. Turns out Javabot was one or two quests from completing the chain and got a normal on in the end list… We might even need to make a few shroud absorption items even tear one and two would really help reduce the damage of those traps. I know a few mins in to the fight as soon as I failed to save vs the traps I was dead and Sam has about 700 hp 1000 if my queen likes me so I will be making a tear 2 absorb item for the blue dragon for sure!

The thing I felt was the funniest comment of the whole weekend was Rach (our EE healer) saying that one of her guildies (the tank at the time) needed to cap out her healer and would be doing so EVEN IF SHE (Rach) HAD TO LEVEL IT HER SELF!

Well I will admit that cord struck true and I think once I have gotten my arty up into epic levels I will try to break out my healer and maybe get him EE ready. I am not sure how well a first life mostly under geared Clr will do, maybe I should lesser my first live FvS? I am sure when the time comes I will talk it out with you all here…. So very exciting.


Shatter Shot Mar29 (Gearing up)

So last night the wife and I went to the farm supply store to buy a stock tank. Like this:

So I could make some thing like:

For my aquaponics system, this winter I decided I needed a larger tank and more fish.

Instead of buying the tank I ended up buying this:

Yes it is a chicken coop. It is fairly lightweight so we will be able to move it fairly often and it looks like a million times better then anything I would ever be able to do on my own. Think we will be real happy with 4-6 little guys laying eggs.

In game I logged on with the goal of gearing up my rogue with the Threnalian War stuff. I ended up taking Samius and my piking account and soloing the Threnal west quests. More or less just zerged the hell out of them and then did the get the blade quests and boom matching long sword and dagger. Have to say the first damage number is not super impressive in the 20-30s but as I am not a str/power attack build going from a +1 heavy pick of I, X, Y and +1 short sword if X, Y to these guys I have the feeling that once I get them slotted and stone of changed ritualed I will be real pleased!

Then I took my stockpile of ore and hit the Nightforge, key was in the first room so luck was on my side. Cleared the path for my rogue and made a helm, chain shirt, and the choker. I wasn’t going to use the Chain but thought for like 9 or 10 ore why not have it as an option. And it was a good thing I did as I adding life shield to my current armor made it level 12.. I forgot that they moved Invulnerability to a power 3 so adding the life shield also power 3 shard made my item lvl 11 -2 from a masterful shard is level 9… So I am wearing the chain shirt. I need to decide how to fit in some fort. I have a heavy blue fort gem that I could slot for now but as I only plan to use this armor for less then a level seems like a waist. Guess I could craft a mod fort item real fast someplace…

Anyway didn’t get to do any playing with my new gear, but I will have some play time tonight and this weekend.


Melee Weapon for a Ranged Build

So Monday afternoon, on twitter, I started asking about rogue builds and was debating pausing Samiusbot for some other easier to level sans invis build. I have been really inspired by a few of the Brits to try my hand at a full time rogue. But I was mentally building and gearing out this for fun build I started wondering if there was something I could do to push Samiusbot on into the post BB/Recon levels. And I started thinking about pasting on some mild melee skills for some encounters…

So I started looking at weapons, focusing on the Sora Katra stuff at first. I had a few reasons; first I had a ton of the different items clogging up my TR cache on more then one alt making it hard to find items in said caches. And second I know that at some point real soon I will be ready to go back to more of a ranged arty (maybe) and I want to be able to throw everything away at any moment.

So after much debate with myself and looking at the mats I had on hand I made a Maiming Rockspliter and a Petrifying War Axe. I wanted both a one handed and two handed weapon, my thought was the Rockspliter would be good for most of my melee needs, leaving me a trail of numbers behind it and using insightful weapons an elemental d6 as needed for monster type the force rune arm it would be good enough for solo work. Where the War axe would be more for times when I have one or two guys to clear and I want to use the axe for more of a CC weapon. If I could have made a Petrifying Rockspliter (which you can’t) I would have made one of those. But over all I really liked how they handled.

What was funny was I took all that time and made those weapons and half the time I ended up using the xbow for the quests I was doing. (Attack on Stormreach chain) but when I did use them they worked as intended. Well enough I have even been thinking about making a main one handed dps weapon for this guy.

Now that I am 14 and Tome turn ins are both so much better/ easier to get I am thinking about making Samiusbot one of them for leveling. No one a Skiver, believe it or not there is more then one option in Tome weapons now depending on your needs. I am leaning towards making a Phosphor.

+5 Heavy mace (1.5[2d4], 18-20×2): Sun Burst, Righteous, Coruscating, Red Slot

I can add a spell power boost to it and make a fairly solid melee/caster stick or go more damage and add an d4/d6 of some other element. I also really like how it has an extended crit range with out being keen so I could work in IC:B and have a simi solid dps simple weapon that can grow with my guy. Also the artwork is Bad Ass!

But I will hold off making anything that is not super easy to replace for a little bit as I have lots of old Reaver loot to look at and possibly use as a make shift melee weapon… although none of them are as smexy as the Phosphor….

And yes I would just try making a green steel xbow, but I hadn’t picked which one to make before TRing but I did check that I had everything to make a double shard green steel weapon before TRing but the middle shard is either hiding in the TR cache or got lost in the TR possess. I have lost many items in while tring, but most of the time missing items are just hiding in a full cache and as the bot had all my scrolls/dragon shard stockpile his cache is super full. Much time will be wasted soon digging through the bank…

Anyway back to work,