Shatter Shot Mar29 (Gearing up)

So last night the wife and I went to the farm supply store to buy a stock tank. Like this:

So I could make some thing like:

For my aquaponics system, this winter I decided I needed a larger tank and more fish.

Instead of buying the tank I ended up buying this:

Yes it is a chicken coop. It is fairly lightweight so we will be able to move it fairly often and it looks like a million times better then anything I would ever be able to do on my own. Think we will be real happy with 4-6 little guys laying eggs.

In game I logged on with the goal of gearing up my rogue with the Threnalian War stuff. I ended up taking Samius and my piking account and soloing the Threnal west quests. More or less just zerged the hell out of them and then did the get the blade quests and boom matching long sword and dagger. Have to say the first damage number is not super impressive in the 20-30s but as I am not a str/power attack build going from a +1 heavy pick of I, X, Y and +1 short sword if X, Y to these guys I have the feeling that once I get them slotted and stone of changed ritualed I will be real pleased!

Then I took my stockpile of ore and hit the Nightforge, key was in the first room so luck was on my side. Cleared the path for my rogue and made a helm, chain shirt, and the choker. I wasn’t going to use the Chain but thought for like 9 or 10 ore why not have it as an option. And it was a good thing I did as I adding life shield to my current armor made it level 12.. I forgot that they moved Invulnerability to a power 3 so adding the life shield also power 3 shard made my item lvl 11 -2 from a masterful shard is level 9… So I am wearing the chain shirt. I need to decide how to fit in some fort. I have a heavy blue fort gem that I could slot for now but as I only plan to use this armor for less then a level seems like a waist. Guess I could craft a mod fort item real fast someplace…

Anyway didn’t get to do any playing with my new gear, but I will have some play time tonight and this weekend.


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