Shatter Shot March29 (my.ddo going down)

And the list of options grows and grows. So the powers that be finally decided to let go. Have to say while I didn’t “know” know I was fairly sure that I did “know” that it was going to be on its way out. At the different Gencons and talking to some of the devs that I have befriended and even more when I was visiting turbine during a convince I got the impression that my.ddo was just something that a higher up thought was a good idea and no one every really championed it. As a web dev my self I know what it is like to build/implement a tool that some manager things is a good idea but no one wants to take on. It stalls and then dies. So I am not surprised that it is going, but I am surprised that it will just be gone and I am surprised that a replacement will not be ready to go right away…

And between you and me I have been thinking of leaving my.ddo for a while now….

I was hosting for a long time. And I had my blogs located over there before moving to my.ddo. It was not cheep. I was over playing and was locked into a deal I didn’t really love. But looking at some other hosting services I could do a 3-4$ a month service easy enough. So I could host my own thing, solo. But I let it go for my.ddo because of the cost and because the traffic was just not super high when there was a free service that could do a lot of the same thing.

I could team up with some of the other bloggers like Grim (one of my Brits) and start our own thing. That would be lots of content to port and handle but more people to share the load of making content and building the actual site. But we haven’t really talked about that yet.

I could and from the sounds of it a lot of you all could team up with Geoff over @ gamergeoff/ddogamer. I like this idea a lot. 1, being lazy most of the work is done already I would just need to edit my back log of posts or import or just start fresh even… 2, forming a network is just a better strategy for maintaining content writers and readers. That was one of the main issues with the old DG website, just not enough writers and readers to justify the cost. 3, someone else is the boss. I really like not having to BE the boss. Most of the time I would rather let someone else drive but be ready to take over as needed if something important comes up. And while I wouldn’t be able to takeover on DDogamer I wouldn’t have to worry about going off a cliff that would be on Geoff.

Now an option I have be texting and emailing back and forth with Lessah that a lot of you can’t do is move my blog to It has lots of the same perks that joining Geoff and breaking out on my own has but I don’t think Lessah and I would want to bring the Brits along…

I don’t have a clear plan yet, I will know more after talking to some people this weekend and maybe a phone call with Lessah and Clank. But in the mean time I am going to keep posting here so watch out!

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