TR Weekend Report, Milking the XPs.

Yep, we did it. We did the TR to cap thing rocking an Otto box’s leveling stone to make a huge level jump, have to tell you it was very sweet. Levels 1through 8 took about 7 hours so a little slower then I would like but there was some little sister action, you know when you have to wait for your little sister to catch up, but that was 3/4s due to someone waiting until the last min to decide what to do. But wanting to partake of the TR Train. Hey I am all for leaping with out looking as long as there is a team of people willing and able to help you as you get your footing, which we all had.

I want to say I was death free until we were doing Elite Jeets, and only then I died when the kitter dropped and I rushed in to take kiting duty while the kiter got back on her feet. I took a finger of death and my DW had just run out…. But I had placed myself in a place were I could self-res via the shrine and took one or two more deaths while buffing/helping the kiter get control back. Over all for all the crazy that was fling around at the time I think we did fairly well. Tobril’s parents were punking him right at the moment claiming that they were mins away from a surprise visit when he was happily chilling in my basement 7 hours away from his house… The wife and I were trying and failing to not bust out into laughter. His frustration at his parents joke was complete. Don’t think things would have been that bad had they not actually surprised visited him once or twice…

The chest (via Tobril) was good enough to leave me a Terror, which I had just added to the gear list I should have moved over for post stone pre epic gear.

In the very next quest I just plain messed up and didn’t have quicken set up for all my repair spells and failed an important concentration check and fail to -1. Thought I would recover but the melee mob that I had been fighting ran off when I went down and then turned and finished me off…. Grumble. Followed not long after with death by slipping onto spikes to rescue a party member. I apologized to everyone and promised to stop being a fuck up while I rebuffed. Thankfully we had a few deaths in that quest and I was not the only one that needed to rebuff.

The rest of the afternoon went very smooth, including the back end of IQ and elite Kobold and Monastery. Then I needed to try and be a good friend and called it a weekend. Tobril had a 7 hour drive after all and it was already around 3:30 my time or 9:30 for the brits. Looking at twitter the brits kept going and hit 20+ last night. The wife is also at 20 on her fighter, so looks like tobril and I will need to rock a few things on Wednesday to put us all ready for epics this weekend.

Will save how I feel about the Jug build for later in the week. But I do have a lot of mindless Challenge grinding to do in the next few weeks I want to make a Master Artifice Ring and maybe a few of the Elemental weapons…

Also I will be swapping a feat or two and maybe working in the two weapon chain and or the Shuriken Expertise just to see if I can get the Stance/s proc % rate per min equal to or grater than my Evoc Archmage Wiz….


Change in Plans, Time to Make some NEW Decisions….

Due to a schedule conflict and a number of people sending in messages saying (xp weekend should be this week) plans are shifted to TR Train this weekend, aka no time for double TR Doctor Jones!

*While Writing Update*
DDO Bonus Days brings you +15% Heroic and Epic XP, now through Wednesday, May 22nd! #DDO #TonsofXP

Glad we (you and I) talked a few things out with my double TR plan and thanks to everyone that sent in your XP weekend guess is off.

So today I am trying to decide on a few things, like what build do I want to land on and how can I turn salvage the TR train if I am wrong now and right before and the bonus xp weekend is in fact in the following weekend… (Which we now know the 17th starts the xp weekend)

So Tonight I will TR/ first level gear up Java and gear layout for levels 2-6, there is not a lot of gear changes between 6 and 8. More or less prep the weapon upgrades and basic gear swaps like level 5 gear and low level trap stuffs.

So for build this life, could say “F it” and do another druid life, but we talked though all that and I think I will stick to the plan of trying the Juggernaut build for a while.

Which means I need to pick a version of the build I think I will like the most, the Pally splash or the Ranger splash.

Pally = Higher saves with less work
Ranger = More burst dps and sprint boost…. Sprint boost….

Okay that was not that hard. Sprint Boost…. Sorry I’m back. Lets copy the planed build and get a forum link if you haven’t seen it already.

Juggernaut Ranger
Level 20 Lawful Neutral Warforged Male
(2 Monk \ 2 Ranger \ 16 Artificer)

Strength 16 25
Dexterity 15 20
Constitution 17 23
Intelligence 13 18
Wisdom 11 16
Charisma 6 10

Level 1 (Artificer)
Feat: (Selected) Point Blank Shot

Level 2 (Monk)
Feat: (Monk Bonus) Power Attack
Level 3 (Monk)
Feat: (Selected) Cleave
Feat: (Monk Bonus) Toughness

Level 4 (Artificer)

Level 5 (Ranger)
Feat: (Favored Enemy) Favored Enemy: Evil Outsider
Level 6 (Ranger)
Feat: (Selected) Great Cleave

Level 7 (Artificer)
Level 8 (Artificer)
Feat: (Artificer Bonus) Quicken Spell
Level 9 (Artificer)
Feat: (Selected) Manyshot
Level 10 (Artificer)
Level 11 (Artificer)
Level 12 (Artificer)
Feat: (Artificer Bonus) Improved Critical: Ranged Weapons
Feat: (Selected) Improved Critical: Slashing Weapons (Or Bludgeoning)
Level 13 (Artificer)
Level 14 (Artificer)
Level 15 (Artificer)
Feat: (Selected) Mithral Body
Level 16 (Artificer)
Feat: (Artificer Bonus) Precise Shot
Level 17 (Artificer)
Level 18 (Artificer)
Feat: (Selected) Precision
Level 19 (Artificer)
Level 20 (Artificer)
Feat: (Artificer Bonus) Improved Precise Shot

Thinking about what gear Java already has and I think I will lean more towards the un-centered style but I will need to look at what Bow/XBows at his disposable because I don’t think he has any…

Well think that’s a plan, unless I decide when TRing tonight to do druid at the last sec… Could happen.


Time to Man Up and Make the Call

All of you know I have been caption wibbly wobbly on this TR proposal that Tobril and I are going to go for to do a double TR in a weekend. To work the True Heart of Wood timer and fit in the playtime in our schedule this means we have to TR tonight! But I don’t have a plan……

But Tobril is on board and has a rough plan so I need to shit or get off the pot real fast and being that I put the idea in his head I feel responsible and need to make this happen.

So lets make a plan, starting with goals and wants.

I want to do this on Javabot. He is working his way to completionist and I want him to make it as long as I am enjoying his builds on the way. Him making completionist is not like Samius getting it. It is a good long term goal not something that I want to get to as soon as I can stand it. That said I really like him as a druid, right now.

Since this first live is mostly skipping the live I should get something out of the way that I don’t enjoy playing like barb or sorc… And I do like the Druid and I wonder if I can make 9/10 levels of druid work like I could make 9 levels of monk work, aka carry the build. Which I think it will.

So lets just put this bonus life in the nasty life pile but make a quick list of the classes I don’t enjoy playing and plan to do one of them.

Now the question is do I go back to druid or do I pick another class? I am not ready to move away from the druid life and I think that is my holdup but right now it seems like a waist not to go for the Arty (Jug) live before the Devs do something to kill the build. Doing an arty life also gives me a lot of bank for the buck on future TR lives with the UMD bonus….

Lets say I stick to this plan of ending up as a Jug, if I don’t like it guess I can TR again and solo back to Druid easy enough. I mostly soloed it to 20 the first go around after all. So what life would be the best bang for the buck on the Jug? My personal don’t enjoy list is Sorc, barb, ranger and to a lesser extent bard. Of that list I think the Jug build would get more bang from the +2 damage from ranged. I could/would have very similar burst ranged DPS as my pure 20 has, slightly better even, between Endless and Manyshot I might never swap to melee. Okay I would but come on…

So that is the plan I guess. 10/10 Druid/Ranger for this junk life and one of the 2 main Jug builds next life.

Guess it is a plan if I chicken out and go back to Druid right away the extra resists will be some help even if the ranged damage is mostly wasted.

If I am not thinking of something please let me know.


PS, Anyone that is offended by the title… Man up. J Aka know that I ❤ you and I only mostly a sexist pig.


When Sam Says:

Last night was the DG’s normal Wednesday a Web run and an Abbot run. Well I think we are back to normal Abbot runs for a while… I will but this out there again if you are on Sarlona, play during the US evenings and want to try your hand at running the Abbot you need to get in the Defense channel. That could apply to any raid really and soon it will apply to LoB as well but for now Webs and Abbots.

Anyway post raids; Tobril asked me what I wanted to do as I did the raids he wanted to do. I said I was up for almost anything but I would be all for Xping on my Arty some, namely in the FR area, as it would be cool to be running the Web on an Alt that gives a shit about Web loot. Right now that is the Arty and not much else…Right now in most webs I end up taking Samius so I can contribute to DPS while herding the cat… aka Anna. Or Java to help heal while herding Anna. Think you might be starting to smell a theme, I herd Tobril and Anna and he herds the pug unless things start to go pear shaped and then I start to yell. Yep I am turning into Oncler. There are worse people to mimic I guess.

So I swap and join the remains of our Abbot run that is going to tag along with us. Want to say Lost Legion guys/gals and had a good time. I let everyone know that I am way under geared for epics but I am a helper and link my lvl 10 repeater that I am still using because I can’t find anything else as good. I know crazy but Icy burst/blaze/pure good plus rune arm/deadly/Int damage equals a ton of dps with out needed a lot of gear and really what good would it be to farm/build a Hellfire when the Needle is floating around…

Soon as we steam roll the eH quests, the topic of conversation moves to gear and rings. Before long everyone starts linking rings and I link a +6 con ring with a yellow slot filled with +100 sp augment. Yep rocking the gear.

More time passes and we are making good progress burning through the Lord of Dust chain.  In the end fight of the Servants of the Overlord I shrined off my Death Ward and asked Tobril for a new one when the caster end boss starts spamming me then harms. There was some fun poking about being a level 20 arty and needed a DW (not to forget the whole being a WF I had to remind them about the massive harm spamming). Guess I should have dug up a DW goggle clickly. While I am at it I need to get the Haste goggle clickly also and a shield clickly. Maybe some other clickies…

During the Spinner of Shadows quest Rest, makes a comment about being slow because he had to drink a silver flame pot and that I could have scrolled him a heal. I say that I could if I had a heal scroll and laughs start to roll. Tobril says something like “When Sam says his guy has no gear he means it!” and that stuck with me some because it is totally true. On double plus life TRs I worry about gear a lot. Just because you will be playing that alt so much longer to reach 20+ again, but a second life guy?? I just don’t much bother with grinding loot out unless he is sitting on a pile from his first life. The guy has been a bank alt for a long time and going from Wiz to arty has some over lap but less then one might think.

Anyway other then Loth, webbing and killing me in that last quest it was all-good we ran all 3 quests before people’s ship buffs wore out. I picked up a few shards still no repeater (no base or parts). Went from 1 rank in Draconic to the second level in it so very nice xp. I haven’t really worked out a gear list for my Arty. Right now I am just trying to get some options to get some options (:-)) and I am mentally building a trapping/all ranged/thrower/buffing build to pair up with the wife’s dps TR project that she wants to play.

Lolz and <3s

14 xp short

After Monday’s exercise in tilt dodging and xp grinding I logged 13k xp short of 20 on Samiusbot. Don’t get me wrong Monday was a huge push like 200kish push, but when I hit 13 short I was mentally done even though I wanted to push through. So I hit an untouched explorer zone for me the Erie Forest. My slayer was about 130 for the Reaver’s hidey-hole… I thought the 400 kill slayer xp + the explores + hit a few of the rares would put me over no problem. I was rightish… but that is what happened last night not on Monday.

Monday I ran out summoned the Vamp got 12 kills and failed a destruction spell and died… Reupped my ship buffs and got back in the zone swapping out the Alchemist’s Pendant for what I meant to be my Silver Flame Talisman aka a death block item but turned out to be my Golden Cartouche aka not a death block item…  But I was able to quickly defeat the vamp who was still spawned from my first attempt to clear the zone.  Which I totally do on my second crack at it but I get no other rare spawns. Reset, which you need to do the old break and reform tick on this explorer btw, and repeat run one were right out of the box I fail a destruction spell fighting the vamp and die.

I start to see red as I put on a death block item, which in my rage I noticed that I had swapped around as I talked about above… But I was done the rage machine was running on all accounts.

Last night DDo started late.

First of all it was snowing again Tuesday morning, late in the year for snow but totally out of the blue. But this nice 2-4 days then snow/ice for a day or two then nice again thing is getting old.  Spring can just take hold already. Any way a friend of mine had an accident and needed my help in the morning and needed a place to wait out the day until his wife could rescue him, about 6 pm… It would have been rude to have logged on while he sat totally still as to avoid the dogs barking wrath.

Second of all as I said it was snowing so Monday night in the rain the family and I bundled up the green house to ready for the cold… again. And as I really love to do I went into the green house with snow and the wind blowing and just am amazed at how warm it is with very little light and no outside heat. It was about 25 degrees (f) warmer inside then out. And I found it very comfortable. Although the wife thought it cool.  So that took time.

So at about 7 I finally logged on and finished my runs in the forest. Hit the slayer mark and the vamp and the wagon train a few times and found myself 14 xp short of 20. Isn’t that always how it works….

Anyway I debated on running something WAY under level for that last tiny bit of xp. But instead the wife said just goes find a rare some place else and shut up! Unable to argue with her logic I saved some dwarfs from some dogs and became a hero just in time to realize I have 0 gear plans or play goals other then to have a main account arty ready to go… But I really enjoyed leveling it up for the most part. And I think I can come up with a gear list soon.

While my brain is doing that I also have a ton of work to do and I need to find another project to play while dualing with the wife’s dps alt she is gearing up for a TR at any moment….

Anyway back to work/planning/gear listing…


Oh and not that I think he reads this but if he does one of my younger brothers turned 30 yesterday and while I knew it was yesterday on Monday (thank you Facebook the exact date always escapes me..) I got swamped at work and helping a friend and then getting that last little bit of xp it slipped my mind. So happy belated Bday little bro. I think this will be a banner year for us all.

I am a Mild Screw Up…

Okay sometimes I feel like I am not so mild of a screw up. I started gearing up my newly lvl 16 arty last night post taping of the and I started looking at things.

First off I have a few Dragontouched docents. Nothing amazing, but a con 6/ GFL/ 100 sp one that I have used a lot. Doing a test swap I notice I am not wearing a con item. No wonder I failed all those disintegrates in GH… sigh.

So I start to juggle. I can just leave the DT docent on and try to find room to fit in what I am missing from the docent of Quickening. But I quickly dismiss that idea for a plan B.

Replace the Wrath of Sora Kell set with 3 different items. First a 150 sp hat simple upgrade although the 100 sp from the docent would stack easy enough… My gloves swap to an old stand by of the Spectral Gloves.  And I make an easy con 6 yellow slotted ring.

This is a good spot for a tangent. The new augment system for crafted items are a lot like trash loot to me now. Before I would have used a guild slotted item and devoted it a slot either on my gear list or in my bank for TRing when I finished with it. These new slots unless they are on just amazing gear they are super easy to use and throw away. They seem to drop well enough and if I can handle the higher potential then it is just as usable as a BTA item and I don’t have to go and farm one up.  😉

So my current list is sp hat, UMD necklace, voice, DQ goggles, docent of what is haste, GFL ring, Con 6 ring (yellow slot), Fort belt (med guild slot Sp), Wind howler bracers, FF/divine power clickly boots oh and the Stormreaver cloak!

More or less happy with my gear list I think I can slot some SP in that yellow slot and start putting HP in my belt. Run to the AH/SH and find a 100 sp augment for a price I am not unwilling to pay (6 shards) and get the puppy slotted. When I realize/remember that the augments are all enchantment items and I just slotted that 150 hat into my gear setup…


Guess in the short term I can use my hat as a swap slot… As if I had an item to swap too right now… Long term I just burned 6 shards unless I want to use a jeweler tool to pop it out?  Which seems a little worth less. Going to chalk this all up to a learning experience. But now I am down to 3 of my free shards left…


Pew Pew

So I haven’t had a ton of playtime so far this week as I have been busting ass working on the greenhouse. Last night we did a little planting even. I will add some pictures at the bottom.

Anyway as I said I haven’t had a lot of time in game, about 45 mins on Monday night and about 3 mins last night. But that was enough time to play some with now level 15 Samiusbot!

Level 15 on a pure arty is huge; Blade Barrier is up no more caster level checks on Reconstruct scrolls and the most important thing for my build eating a +4 dex tome just in time for level 16 and its bonus feat! Tasty, tasty dex tome allowing IPS…

Knowing that I had limited time Monday I decided to just relax and do some Vale explorer zone work.

I had a real blast. I moved my draw settings last week up a notch to very super special high and now I feel like those archers in the Sands. I can shoot you from waaaaaaaay over heeeeeeere! The Dps is not bad almost 50 on avg on the first number then blazing, good, icy burst, and rune arm for normal hits. I started wearing Wind Howler Bracers for the shrieking bolt and using a bold trinket when xp is not about to roll in…  Over all the dps is not bad at all assuming I can shoot at the mobs from a distance.

But now with BB on line I am ready to jump back into the heavy content again. Right now fairly ungeared they are hitting for about 300ish range crits are fairly huge think I can work in a spell power item fairly soon. Might have to work in a Spell Power item real soon…

Also I need to remember to move some rune arms around/farm up a Tira’s Splendor. It would be a permanent rune arm in my arty’s toolbox.

Well I think tonight baring Tobril having work issues again this week I should have lots of game time tonight. This long on for the Daily Dice roll and not much else is crazy…

<3s and a few pictures with plants in the ground.


Growing Begins!

Wife planting some Poison Fruit aka tomatos.


I like Mondays

Well I like Mondays after work anyway. Mondays for me is Samius time, not that every other moment of my life isn’t Samius time… But Monday is really Samius time. I don’t have any other plans and can just be care free with my play.

Last night my Monday was spent in game, it was too cold for a nice bike ride or working on the green house. Give me 2 or 3 days of fair weather and I will knock it out and get my grow beds rocking. So my in game time was more or less split between my Arty and my new rogue build. And they couldn’t play more different even though they are very similar.

My starting plan was to start on McPlunderer and hit Ghost of a Chance until I was burnt out. I logged on my alt account and shared the quest using him to open the quest. Don’t under value the helpfulness of an opener. I was almost to the quest, 3bc is a big open explorer with no ports after all, just then the wife says, “Lets do something.”

I say sure and inquire what she wants to do. After watching her switch alts for 10 mins while I just wonder around the explorer zone she finally decides she is willing to play her clonkish alt so I can use Samiusbot.

We do a few runs in the House J graveyard, about the time I remember how to play Samiusbot well, she is ready for dinner and thinks she is done for the night. I tell you there are not a lot of builds out their with a greater ability to change combat styles mid stream then a (simi-well equipped) WF Arty…

Also it was nice playing the arty in a quest where invis wouldn’t have worked anyway so I didn’t miss it. But I would love for it to work again…. In any case I got to use my new mace a lot and still got to rock my Xbow. Took me awhile to get in the swing of things with all the different layers of defenses the Arty has, Stoneskining the turret while I lit the funeral pyres in Beyond the Grave was a big help once I remembered I had those spells…

Anyway post dinner, I was back on McPlunder who doesn’t have the option to be good at ranged damage yet, but he will… So for Ghosts he was using his heavy pick and shortsword. The guys were tough enough that I could play with the bluff skill and got to see my sneak attack damage for a change. I can really see those sneak attack d6s doing their job as I climb the ranks some. Think once I get a little higher and start grouping more then I will really like this guy a lot. Right now I am wondering how come he is not stunning everything! Blinding weapons can not come soon enough.

All right you all! Hope you all had a good Monday and remember only 4 days left until the weekend.

Samiusbot, A Lesson in TRing

Tuesdays are “my” days to piss off, well now that Tobril is doing his get his life in order thing anyway. Ideally this time would go to the wife’s projects that she feels are neglected. Like farming challenges for mats or leveling up really off alts for the hell of it. But some how I spent the night at negative hps or dead a lot…

Rolling back the start of the night, I log on and Dis asks if I could help on an Abbot run. After some careful food negations with the wife I can help. There were some deaths on my part. Some planed others just failed a saving throw really bad. There was even a right/left moment where I almost entered the wrong door but I caught myself and managed. But we won, just as dinner arrives and in the end and all was well. My bard is up to 12 completions; a sweet 20 is in sight…

While eating the wife and I talk about projects and whatnot. But she doesn’t have anything in mind so I start getting a personal project ready. Samiusbot. I realty like my off account arty and the arty life I did on Samius. Even if that life had a few issues, like not enough self-healing early on, being a fleshly/melee/caster hybrid build. So I have been excited to get a full love arty on my main account just to feel like I have all the main classes covered. As I am gathering some basic loot I notice that Tobril has logged on AND has TRed his FvS…. WTF?

Doing some catching up he has training for work all week so his brain is to full for more personal study this week so he is free to game and he is already level 2. Woot! I pull a heart out of the bank, grab as much of the shared bank/hording loot I can out of the bank and TR. Into an Arty with out really taking the time for a plan or proper gear. 😉

So level 1, skipping the snow, I run to the bank and I have a haggle 10 hat, a set of +5 tools and a ring of feathers. NP! Boat up thinking that Korthos is cake.

We start with the get the scroll quest. Tobril zerging like his barb/fighter fully geared for level 2 guy can do (80ish hp) vs my 39 hp arty with starter gear can not. But we complete and I start to run out of the quest take a crit realize I am at like 10 hp, hit my repair light spell, get hit again and fail to save the spell (4ish hp), run cast fail to save it again fail to neg 1. Tobril runs over to save me from the rat that has eaten my ass off convincing it to attack me one last time, crits and I die… First quest out of the gate, if I was a permy I would be rerolling after the first quest. We have a good laugh at my expense.

But as I didn’t bind yet, I am right there. Everything goes well enough until the bar quest were I once again fall to neg 1, but this time Tobril gets the agro from mobs and I recover.

This where Tobril asks about my gear… I explain that I had just started to prep for a TR and that I had nothing at all ready to go but as he was off I wanted to tag along. How big of a deal is levels 1-4 anyway?

I fall incap twice more last night, and die two other times in traps. In my defense I thought 30 resistances would cover the lighting traps in the lighthouse quest, I was wrong. And I think some lag killed me in the missing pack as I shot across the spike traps and was around the corner before my death triggered and my stone was about were I was standing so very far away from the trap. But Tobril with his invis clicklies and fast movement had already finished the quest.

Sooner or later I took level 2, moved from the fire touch started repeater to a BtA holy heavy repeater I had planed to icy burst. Asked the wife for a kit and got one, took a min to get 3 or 4 rune arms and stopped by the pot vender for some Repair pots. And things smoothed out. So some gear helps after all, oay pots were the main thing…. Healing for 20 vs 5…

After an hour or two of play I had taken level 3 put on a fair docent and life was good again.

So the moral of the story, take a min before TRing or starting a new alt and get some pots and some basic gear ready. But the most important think you can take from this story is DON’T THINK YOUR SHITTY 2ND LIFE GUY IS AS GOOD AS YOUR COMPLETIONEST/MILLON LIFE GUY. I might have gotten a little lazy having done a millon TRs on Samius both for gear and just static HPS.


A Long Weekend’s Thoughts on the Arty part 1

Lets jump straight into some thoughts on the weekend’s play. First most of the time the group was Fopo and myself but there was ample time when Tobril also got to jump in on his arty. Watching the two different kinds of arty’s play has given me some basic thought to share. I do really like the arty class as a whole and I think they have a hidden depth. Remember I said the same thing back when Helfs came out and now they are the other master race.

Casting focus Artys seem to be the way to go, at least if you like casters at all. The Blast rod spell is just as amazing as my wife said it was. If not more so. Empowered with a Superior Lighting clickly running I am seeing 300-500 points to as many guys as you can fit into the cone and it always castes right unlike cone of cold…Add in Lighting Motes, which other then the cloud not lasting as long as I would like it quite nice, To rake up the damage another tear and those 400-500s are fairly normal. A can hardly wait to fit in Maximize. But the surprise winner for me so far is Prismatic Strike.

Prismatic Strike’s summary in the ddowiki doesn’t do it justice.

A brilliant ray of multicolored light projects from your finger, causing the target to be afflicted by three different effects. The spell does 1d3+3 points each of fire, force, and sonic damage per two caster levels, up to a maximum of 10d3+30 damage (per element) at caster level 20, and the target’s melee and ranged damage is reduced by 75% on a failed saving throw, this spell has double range.

I hit up to see how Turbine has the description written out as and I get the following:

A brilliant ray of multicolored light projects from your finger, causing the target to be afflicted by three different effects.
The first deals 4 to 6 sonic damage per 2 caster levels (up to a max of 40 to 60 damage at caster level 20) and knocks the target prone; a successful Fortitude save halves the damage and negates the knockdown.
The second deals 4 to 6 force damage per 2 caster levels (up to a max of 40 to 60 damage at caster level 20) and dazes the target; a successful Reflex save halves the damage and negates the daze.
The third deals 4 to 6 fire damage per 2 caster levels (up to a max of 40 to 60 damage at caster level 20) and reduces the target’s melee and ranged damage by 25%; a successful Will save halves the damage and negates the penalty to attack damage. This spell has double range.

Which is a lot more clear. You get 3 rays per cast a sonic, fire and force. Each ray does a d3+3 every other level so if it is your first level 5 spell it will be 6d3+18 points per ray or 18d3+54 base. But the crazy part is that each damage ray has 3 other effects to try and trip up the target if it doesn’t kill it out right, which it will a lot. Sonic as a knockdown effect, force dazes, and fire reduces damage by 25% each one against a different save and most likely against the hard save for the kind of target. Knock a caster on its ass, make a melee swing a little less hard etc. And there is no reason that all three can’t happen at once. 🙂 Running around in the sands I used this spell a lot and it if it didn’t one shot the mob it would often leave it dazed and triped and a quick melee swing on the way past it finished it off.

Looks like a good place to stop for now. I will knock out part 2 later today I hope. Fleshy vs Bot.