Samiusbot, A Lesson in TRing

Tuesdays are “my” days to piss off, well now that Tobril is doing his get his life in order thing anyway. Ideally this time would go to the wife’s projects that she feels are neglected. Like farming challenges for mats or leveling up really off alts for the hell of it. But some how I spent the night at negative hps or dead a lot…

Rolling back the start of the night, I log on and Dis asks if I could help on an Abbot run. After some careful food negations with the wife I can help. There were some deaths on my part. Some planed others just failed a saving throw really bad. There was even a right/left moment where I almost entered the wrong door but I caught myself and managed. But we won, just as dinner arrives and in the end and all was well. My bard is up to 12 completions; a sweet 20 is in sight…

While eating the wife and I talk about projects and whatnot. But she doesn’t have anything in mind so I start getting a personal project ready. Samiusbot. I realty like my off account arty and the arty life I did on Samius. Even if that life had a few issues, like not enough self-healing early on, being a fleshly/melee/caster hybrid build. So I have been excited to get a full love arty on my main account just to feel like I have all the main classes covered. As I am gathering some basic loot I notice that Tobril has logged on AND has TRed his FvS…. WTF?

Doing some catching up he has training for work all week so his brain is to full for more personal study this week so he is free to game and he is already level 2. Woot! I pull a heart out of the bank, grab as much of the shared bank/hording loot I can out of the bank and TR. Into an Arty with out really taking the time for a plan or proper gear. 😉

So level 1, skipping the snow, I run to the bank and I have a haggle 10 hat, a set of +5 tools and a ring of feathers. NP! Boat up thinking that Korthos is cake.

We start with the get the scroll quest. Tobril zerging like his barb/fighter fully geared for level 2 guy can do (80ish hp) vs my 39 hp arty with starter gear can not. But we complete and I start to run out of the quest take a crit realize I am at like 10 hp, hit my repair light spell, get hit again and fail to save the spell (4ish hp), run cast fail to save it again fail to neg 1. Tobril runs over to save me from the rat that has eaten my ass off convincing it to attack me one last time, crits and I die… First quest out of the gate, if I was a permy I would be rerolling after the first quest. We have a good laugh at my expense.

But as I didn’t bind yet, I am right there. Everything goes well enough until the bar quest were I once again fall to neg 1, but this time Tobril gets the agro from mobs and I recover.

This where Tobril asks about my gear… I explain that I had just started to prep for a TR and that I had nothing at all ready to go but as he was off I wanted to tag along. How big of a deal is levels 1-4 anyway?

I fall incap twice more last night, and die two other times in traps. In my defense I thought 30 resistances would cover the lighting traps in the lighthouse quest, I was wrong. And I think some lag killed me in the missing pack as I shot across the spike traps and was around the corner before my death triggered and my stone was about were I was standing so very far away from the trap. But Tobril with his invis clicklies and fast movement had already finished the quest.

Sooner or later I took level 2, moved from the fire touch started repeater to a BtA holy heavy repeater I had planed to icy burst. Asked the wife for a kit and got one, took a min to get 3 or 4 rune arms and stopped by the pot vender for some Repair pots. And things smoothed out. So some gear helps after all, oay pots were the main thing…. Healing for 20 vs 5…

After an hour or two of play I had taken level 3 put on a fair docent and life was good again.

So the moral of the story, take a min before TRing or starting a new alt and get some pots and some basic gear ready. But the most important think you can take from this story is DON’T THINK YOUR SHITTY 2ND LIFE GUY IS AS GOOD AS YOUR COMPLETIONEST/MILLON LIFE GUY. I might have gotten a little lazy having done a millon TRs on Samius both for gear and just static HPS.


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