Augments, More Questions then Answers

So as some of you know I got so see a little bit of Turbine HQ a few months back when I visited Boston for work. One of the few things that I got a little peak at was the new augment system. Should say an early look….

Anyway I have had a few thoughts floating a round in my head ever since and a few new ones now that we have gotten a few new details.

1, Good by new Guild slots??? Sure it will nice to have a one over arching system for once in DDo history but wont this just make guild slotted items super $$$ in a few months? Hint buy them now and anything with med-large slots are now an investment like never before.

2, Epic items with slots are kings again. The option to put a +7 stat in off slot is huge. So in stats where +7s or +2 are good enough dual sloted items can free up gear slots in a big way, Lion Headed Belt Buckle any one?

2, Shields are about to become a casters best friend again! Or I should say shields with Red slots are. Epic Weathered Targe for example, Blue and Violet slots aka a missing spell power and PRR or more hps.

3, Hps are blue now… So why do I need yellow slots? Resistance? Striding??? Oh as another colorless slot!

4, Guess my Antique Greataxe can get another d10 of something???

5, Wonder how those tmp time based augments will work? Will they only work on the old epics or will there be a way to make them useable in the new system? UPDATE: “New versions of these couldn’t make it into the initial launch of the system, due to time constraints.
We wanted to remove anything that is temporary- as we’ve decided to change that aspect of the old system’s design.

While these won’t be in initially with Update 17, we do intend to add new versions of these augments in the future as named treasure, and without the temporary duration.” – Feather of Sun

6, Guess stacking skill boosts are heading out of favor with the devs. What do guilds loose now that turning on guild slots at least for TRs and some super high water marks skills (intim) are gone???

Over all not the worse change I ever saw. But I am worried about adjusting the new system to a slotting system. Some of this might fall in to stuff I heard at Turbine so grain of salt/ I could just miss remember/ don’t really know what the hell I am talking about… Like instead of plain FF boots we could/will see new boots drop with a yellow slot pre-slotted with FF augment. Sure that is cool in the sense that now I can make Fear Immune boots and loose the FF part but how does that make new players life any easier?

How will this hit Cannith crafting? So now I go and craft FF on these yellow slotted boots and then slot Fear Immune… Seems good?

Long story short, go buy Guild slotted items now!


4 thoughts on “Augments, More Questions then Answers

  1. One previewed named augment will be imperial globe something – +1 exceptional to every single stat in one slot. Colorless too. I’m guessing that’ll be a very desired augment.

  2. I’m a fairly new player to ddo. Just got my little guild to level 10 and quite pleased that I can now use tiny guild augments. Reading your post however, I now feel like I have a +7 confuse the hell out of me gem slotted somewhere.

    • I would think that as long as there are guild slotted items the vendors will stay. That said there could be a point in where there is just not enough guild slots out there for Turbine to bother burning that space and pushes a move to this new system.

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