That Bi-Monthly Argument

About every other month, Tobril and I have what amounts to the same argument about guild renown. He feels we should cull the guild and make the bigger small size bonus work for us. (I like how that last line read.) I feel we need the accounts that are in the guild to pull more renown.

Anyway, here is the deal. Tobril, the wife and I all have piking accounts, some in the guild others not. I also have the info for Phlor’s account which I am slowing working on; it is also in the guild. So on weekends and some quests our pikers are busy bodies, the rest of the week not so much. But still doubling or almost doubling renown for some quests has to be better then getting a few more % but gain less over all, right?

Math people get me a good answer once and for all…….. I can wait………

Hmmm, no one chimed in to finish this post for me. Guess I will jump to my version of the renown test.

Starting tonight I will screen shot my alt piking account’s current guild renown earned and then I will play him like normal for the week and take a follow up SS at the end of the week and see how he did. Thing is will it even matter?

A normal week for my piker is 4-5 wizkings, how ever many Devil Assaults the wife wants to do, the 3-5 raids we do on the weekends and tag along for whatever item I am grinding for that I can hunt up solo. Example it was that account that finally pulled that Seal for the Antique Greataxe for Darth Samius. I just happened to ransack the chests on 3 guys hunting for that seal last week.

I should also point out that my main alt account guy has capped his epic levels and is working on capping out his 3rd or 4th destiny just from piking.

Tobril, asked in one email and I will ask you all, as this question should get you all chatting, “Do chest pullers need to be in the guild?” I counter with “Aren’t the pikers more active then some of our active accounts (for renown purposes)?”

Use the box below and get your rant on.


5 thoughts on “That Bi-Monthly Argument

  1. I saved this for the first comment, as I wanted everyone to read the post before seeing this:

    For the record my thought is, if we had more simi to mostly active accounts I would 100% agree with Tobril that 20-50% would be worth it. But as we have like 3-4 active accounts the pickers help pick up the slack from others who can’t play like they might want too.

  2. Is the Defense Guild a democracy? Or is Tobril the Leader? 😉

    Unfortunately I have no real hard evidence of the math… but now that the decay has changed (especially for the bigger guilds) I don’t think that kicking off the semi-active accounts will change things… and unless you can chop yourselves down to 6 accounts… probably the loss from booting people will outweigh the gains!

  3. Yeah we’ve hit that 6 account level so do quite nicely for guild renown.

    Of course, that doesn’t help you and your plans for recruiting 🙂

    But I do agree that the pikers do seem to get good use & can only be helping pick up renown, offsetting the loss from less active accounts

  4. Unless you can do some *serous* culling and gain a huge boost to your bonus, I would think that as long as your piker-alts are getting some decent renown, it’d be worth keeping ’em. What I’ve noticed, though, is a distinct lack of renown dropping in chests and end rewards in a lot of quests.

  5. Mine are only raid helpers and pick up the “freebies” when monsters are killed. As such I leave them out.

    Serious farming maybe they pay for themselves.

    I still think the main accounts would pull in more if a bigger bonus happened.

    We will see.

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